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The next debate is a final opportunity for both presidential candidates. It is their last chance to have all Americans focused on both of their candidacies at the same time. The last chance for any impromptu reactions or unscripted responses that help give any indication of the natural instincts which the next President possesses.
From hereon, after the debate, every word uttered, by either side, will be rehearsed, poll tested and formatted with precision. That is the nature of modern day politics and whether we like it or not, that’s the way it is. Even the debate will be as scripted as possible. The candidates and their responses have been programmed to the very best abilities of their campaign organizations.

 The likely as well as the unlikely questions that might be asked in this debate have already been raised by each respective side behind closed doors. The candidates have practiced a response to those questions that polls have indicated to be popular with the people or segments of the electorate that each candidate is targeting.

So despite the excitement over the perceived opportunity for spontaneity during a debate, there is very little in the way of spontaneous, unscripted reactions during them. Even those answers which may seem off the cuff or spontaneous are rehearsed. In fact, modern day political debates are conducted in such a way that the greatest challenge to each candidate is finding the right opportunity and moment to answer a question with certain, rehearsed talking points that they want to give air time to. This makes the question asked less than something which must be answered and more an opportunity to fit in a charge or provocative point that polls shows hits home with the sector of the electorate that one candidate or the other needs to appeal to.

Given these points and seeing as how none of the previous debates in this election shed new light on the perspectives of either man running for President, what in this final debate could possibly be asked and make a real difference? A difference in the minds of voters? What question and or it’s answer could change the minds of people with strongly held opinions of the candidates for President?

The way this election and it’s debates have gone so far, I do not think there is any question or answer that can achieve such a goal.

All except for one.

In this last official debate, I believe the most important and valuable thing that Bob Schieffer, the moderator, can do or say is:

“Senator Obama, Senator McCain,…I can ask you about the economy. I can ask you for specifics regarding foreign affairs, homeland security, immigration education or your reasons for choosing the your running mates but I wont. Instead I am going to ask you to ask your opponent a question.”

I would like to see the candidates have to ask each other two questions on the economy, two questions on issues dealing with foreign affairs, and two each on energy and immigration. If each candidate came into this forum expecting to just answer questions, it would be interesting to see how Obama and McCain would react and how they would use the opportunity. Would they use this rare and valuable chance to pull off a political gotcha or would they use it as an opportunity to shed new light on policy differences and their directions for our nation?

Would they use the opportunity for political exploitation or honest issue and policy clarification?

In some cases, the type of question they ask could be even more telling and important than the answers given to those questions asked.

Reality dictates that this type of mutual candidate query will not take place but Bob Schieffer can still give John McCain and Barack Obama the chance to ask one question of each other.

Being limited to only asking one question could be even more telling. It would give a true sense of what is most important in the mind of the questioner. Are they more concerned with a politically driven questions that is geared towards electoral politics? Or are they more concerned with the issues facing the people of our nation who do not divide themselves up by class, race, religion, orientation or party affiliation? You know, the average, non-political citizen who calls themselves an American.

This final debate is suppose to be dedicated to foreign affairs. That’s quite an important issue and one that deals with the most essential, constitutional responsibility of our government. Yet, given the information produced from the past few debates, I expect no new information or mind changing explanations to come out of this one too. Surprising the candidates with a chance to ask one question of one another might provide one of the most insightful moments in this entire election to date.




A little boy wanted $100 badly and prayed for two weeks but nothing happened.

Then he decided to write GOD a letter requesting the $100.

When the postal authorities received the letter addressed to GOD USA, they decided to send it to President Bush.

The President was so impressed, touched, and amused that he instructed his secretary to send the little boy a $5.00 bill.

President Bush thought this would appear to be a lot of money to a little boy.

The little boy was delighted with the $5.00 and sat down to write a thank you note to GOD, which read:

Dear GOD,

Thank you very much for sending the money, however, I noticed that for some reason you had to send it through Washington D.C. and, as usual, those idiots deducted $95.00!




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McCain & Obama Square Off In Their second Debate

McCain & Obama Square Off In Their second Debate

Another debate and another disappointment.

McCain is not running against a messiah. Barack Obama and his supporters may think he is a messiah but he isn’t…really he isn’t. Yet John McCain still can not deal any of the blows that Obama’s candidacy leaves open and available for McCain to take.


 Where were McCain’s blows to Obama’s judgment? Where were McCain’s jabs to Obama’s accomplishments? Where were his uppercuts to Obama’s record or initiatives? They just weren’t there.

 Obama is a reckless politician who has spent his adult life seeking higher office. He has spent his career talking about great ideas and never implementing them. He has no recoord of accomplishment or defining moment in his life and he has no real vision for the nation. And even if he did, there is no reliable proof which indicates that he can implement that vision.

Yet with all of that, John McCain still has not been able to articulate the doubts about Barack Obama or the fact that all of Obama’s cited plans are regurgetations of past failed, liberal policies and a reincarnation of Jimmy Carter’s failed administration.
McCain has allowed circumstances to control him rather than him taking control of circumstances. He has not presented his own economic stabilization package. A package that should contain some of the basic philosophies of the party he is the nominee of. He has failed to make the case for why our nation must be on the offense rather than defense in the War on Terror and he has failed to capture the imagination of voters, even those who are fellow Republicans and want to be energetic in their support of our standard bearer.
Instead, John McCain has allowed himself to be tarnished by the mistakes of the current administration. An administration he had no part of and even fought against in many areas. An administration led by a man whom John McCain, himself, opposed eight years ago.

There is much good that this administration has done, in fact more good than bad. They were asleep at the wheel in the case of the private sector failures which threaten to destabilize our national economy. That is a destabilization that they are not responsible for but they are guilty of not averting even though John McCain warned them of the pending doom two years ago.
But despite it all, McCain’s candidacy seems to be struggling to overcome the downside of the Bush administration and unable to take advantage of any of the good sides. Furthermore, through it all, his candidacy has been avoiding the chance to take advantage of any of McCain’s own positive and unique characteristics.
McCain & Obama During Their Town Hall Style Debate

McCain & Obama During Their Town Hall Style Debate

I am coming to the point where I no longer have the strength to defend someone who is not willing to adequately defend themselves or promote their own vision. I will not give up, but I want to. I want to smack around the collective Republican voters who gave us McCain as the nominee and say “I told you, Romney was the one we needed.”

Were Mittt Romney on that stage with Obama last night, we would have seen a totally different debate.
When Obama suggested that he understood why we are where we are in the economy and essentially described his proposed tax increases as budget cuts, Romney could have turned and said “with all due respect Senator, have you ever managed a business, employed people, met a budget or dealt with any of the things that you speak of? Because I have. I have successfully created jobs and wealth for others in the private sector, without any bankruptcies, government bailouts or selfish, golden parachutes. I governed a state and left it in better financial shape than it was when I took over. I know how to help the needy and less fortunate in our society. I provided equitable health care and I have the record and experience that is needed to do the same for our nation at this time of need. However; you Senator, have nothing but the words out of your mouth, a mouth that is the only thing you have experience in running.”
In Mitt Romney we would have had a candidate with energy, enthusiasm and vision. A candidate who’s only association with the baggage of this administration would have been the name of our party and it’s lack of popularity at the moment.
Romney demonstrated the passion and judgment that we needed. He was unabashedly defensive of the right things that President George Bush did, regardless of their popularity or lack of, and equally unequivocal about the wrong decisions that the administration made.
I apologize if it sounds like I am saying “I told you so”, but I told you so.
I was angry when Romney was forced out of the primaries and when my party was seemingly giving it’s
Former Governor And Future Nominee MittRomney

Former Governor And Future Nominee MittRomney

nomination to John McCain. Not because McCain is bad, but because he was not the best we had. Romney was.

But as usual the G.O.P. gave the nomination to the candidate that it seemed it owed the nomination to. Nixon in 1968, Ford in ‘76, Reagan in ‘80, George H. W. Bush in ‘88, Dole in ‘96 and now McCain in ‘08. Our party always gives the nod to the next in line, the guy who served the party and has the battle scars from a previous election. In going that route, we were fortunate only in 1980. After almost defeating Gerald Ford for the nomination in 1976, he became the next in line in 1980 and he got it. For that, we are grateful but what if we gave him the nomination in ‘76 rather than Ford. Could we have been spared the disastrous years known as the Carter term? What if in 1988, we nominated Jack Kemp instead of than Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush? Could we have elected him over Dukakis? We probably could have taken Dukakis by an even larger margin than we did, and he probably would have been re-elected and spared us Bill and Hillary Clinton or at least deprived them of those first four years.
But Noooooooo,…. we always go with the guy next in line.
Well if that’s the case, Mitt Romney is the next in line. He fought a good, hard battle in the race against McCain. Although others besides McCain stayed in the running longer than Romney he still came out with the second largest amount of delegates in the field, surpassing the totals of even Huckabee who hung in until almost the bitter end.
I am not giving up on McCain. Although I see him not as the best person for the job, he is the best choice that we have for the job. He is right on many, if not most, the issues and he is worthy. He has run more than his mouth and he has been right where others have been wrong. Most of all, he is not a false prophet. He has a proven record of achievement and strong record of putting country before party, and nation before self.
Now, if he could only get that message across, maybe I would feel more energized and more enthusiastic about my commitment to advance that message.
As for those you verbose critics, I do not make any concessions except for one. Barack Obama is a good speaker. That is how he got anywhere and everywhere that he has to date. He has appealed to peoples hearts and without using their heads, they are going with their hearts. He has been like a used car salesman who successfully sells you a car but the car has no engine. Unlike McCain, Obama is selling what is not there while McCain has let you see under the hood and kick the wheels. That is all that I concede and that is because I see the need to make the poor rich and that need is not achieved by the Obama policies of making the rich poor and strangling us off from the energy we need and the fuel that energizes our strength.
I wish we had the kind of orator that appealed to our senses by reaching our hearts, a speaker like Reagan, but we don’t. We blew that chance when overlooked Mitt Romney in the Republican primaries. Although I may wish for that kind of messenger, I am still pleased with the truth of the message that John McCain brings to the table.
So for all you naysayers out their I offer you this, I may be pessimistic about the results of this election but I am not pessimistic about the content of John McCain. I am confident in his judgment and knowledge and I am comforted by his experience and direction. That is what provides me with the will to forge ahead with my continued support for John McCain. That and the fear of Obama’s ultimate destination for our nation, keeps me focused and committed in this quadrennial American competition of ideas and leadership. It’s not over and neither are my efforts. Four weeks may seem short but it is a political lifetime and in it many things can and will change.
Many others have come back to win the election when the polls had them down by even more than McCain is at now. For goodness sake’s, the newspapers even said Truman was defeated when the man actually won. So hope is not lost, it’s just taking a power nap.

Years ago, there was an old tale in the Marine Corps about a lieutenant…  

… who inspected his Marines and told the ‘Gunny’ that they smelled bad.

The lieutenant suggested that they change their underwear. The Gunny responded, ‘Aye, aye, sir, I’ll see to it immediately’

He went into the barracks and said, ‘The lieutenant thinks you guys smell bad, and wants you to change your underwear.

Smith, you change with Jones, McCarthy, you change with Witkowskie, Brown, you change with Schultz. Get to it’.

The moral:
A candidate may promise change in Washington, but don’t count on things smelling any better.
Submitted by former Emmitsburg Mayor Ed




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