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National Review & POLITICS 24/7 Join Forces. Of sorts.

Bookmark and SharenroNational Review, a magazine which I have always greatly appreciated, just moved up a few notches in my book. 
Through their internet  site which mirrors their magazine, National Review Online or NRO , recently linked to POLITICS 24/7 in order to convey a  message about the 2009 elections.

Author Jim Geraghty posted the image of a billboard that POLITICS 24/7 took a photo of and unveiled un a piece  I like to call “Jonnie Obama” .  The post was actually entitled ” Governor Corzine Tries To Appeal To Voters By Changing His Name“.  

It told a funny tale based on the billboard which featured New Jersey Governor-Deject Jon Corzine behind an image of  President Obama and made the soon to be gone Governor toNational Review Magazine look like President Obama’s running mate.  The story I created out of it claimed that Governor Corzine was legally changing his name to Jon Obama.  I suggested that Corzine was trying to do as much as possible to make his election all about the President, including an attempt to pull a Michael Jackson in reverse by darkening  his skin.

NRO’s Jim Geraghty tapped expanded on that point by using the examples I offered in POLITICS 24/7 and a another example of how Virginia Democrats tried to make the election there a referendum on the President too.

This is how the National Review story appeared; 




Recalling Some Now-Inconvenient Deeds and Corzine Campaign Material

The White House would like you to forget this Creigh Deeds flyer:

A Deeds flyer that is almost entirely Barack Obama.

And they want you to forget this billboard:

An Obama-Corzine billboard.

However,  with New York’s Special House election looking very close but the Democrat leading, Vice President Biden would like you to remember this CNN:

Joe Biden, campaigning with Owens.

Remember, whatever happens on Election Day, no result could possibly ever suggest that Barack Obama and his administration is not as popular, as persuasive, as well-liked or as influential as he was a year ago. Never, ever, ever.

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Thank you NRO.  And thank you Mr Geraghty.  Your ability to drive nome the right points that conservatives in America must get across never fails and I am truly honored to have been able to provide just a little added assistance in enabling  NRO to make it clear that the 2009 elections most certainly did make a statement about the national opinion of the President and his policies.

Again, thank you Mr. Geraghty!  It made my day!

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