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President Obama Turns The Legal System Upside Down

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As Thursday approaches,  so does the date in which Arizona’s new anti-illegal immigration law goes in to effect.

The entire process leading up to the implementation of the law has been one of utter chaos. First critics lambasted the law but failed to read it. Even the former Governor of Arizona and our now sitting Homeland Security Director came out attacking the law and then when asked if she read it, the answer was no. Even the chief law enforcement officer of our nation, Attorney General Eric Holder, lent his critical analysis of the Arizona law and went as far as to say that he may challenge it in the courts. And when asked if he read what he intended to challenge, his answer was no too.

In fact most political leaders who jumped on the bandwagon to denounced Arizona and its new law, had failed to read it. The entire process was an exercise in ignorance and it never ended. One liberal politician, organization, and interest group after the other came out denouncing the bill that they did not read. The endless onslaught began to embed itself in local governments, sports franchises and even local school boards.

The City of Los Angeles proposed a statewide boycott of Arizona, professional sports teams decided not to play in the state of Arizona and in one case, a girls high school basketball team from the Midwest was not allowed to play in their national championship game because it was being held in Arizona.

By orchestrating an immediate and intense smear campaign against the Grand Canyon state because of the new law, the left put in motion that which  is all a part of a political process that is more concerned with votes than issues. That is why the left and its leaders jumped on this before they read the bill. They did not have to. What exactly was in it did not matter. What mattered to them was a political opportunity they could take advantage of. That is why even after they did read the bill and discovered that it simply mirrored federal law, they still forged ahead with their smear campaign and attacks.

The left is sorely in need of ways to motivate their base. They are well aware that their base has become demoralized by their Party’s inept handling of the economy, abuse of the legislative process, the existing and lingering high unemployment, and by the President’s numerous missteps on everything from race relations, to the response to the Gulf oil disaster and the economy.

For that reason, they had no need to read the Arizona anti-illegal immigration bill. To achieve their goal of motivating Hispanics to come out and vote for Democrats this November, all they needed to do was jump on this issue with a campaign of disinformation and turn it into what they wanted……….a wedge issue between Hispanics and Republicans.

To a certain extent it worked. La Razza and many unions comprised of large minority memberships are pumped up, and other voters have been swayed to believe that the Arizona bill is just a Republican anti-immigration measure. Far be it for the truth to have anything to do with Arizona anti-illegal immigration bill.

So now, in an attempt to insure that the left can capitalize on the issues among Hispanics, the Justice Department is taking Arizona to court over their bill. The process will drag the issue out and keep it in play for Democrats at least until the November elections. What the final ruling on the Arizona law is does not matter. For the left, even if the DOJ loses their case, the process leading up to that ruling still serves their only purpose behind the challenge to the law…….motivating their base.

But what is truly ironic about this sad episode in politics and justice, is how in their attempts to help the Democrat Party get through the midterm elections without falling too deep onto minority status, the Obama Administration has turned the dynamics of law enforcement upside down and inside out.

While he has ordered his Justice Department to take the state of Arizona to court for mirroring existing federal laws, he ignores the more than 143 local governments that skirt the law and turn themselves into Sanctuary Cities.

These Sanctuary Cities refuse to identify illegal immigrants to the federal government. They refuse enforce the law with as illegal immigrants and instead provide illegal immigrants with services and sanctuary. In my opinion this is akin to the aiding and abetting of law breakers. It condones illegal conduct and works against the federal laws that are suppose to deter illegal entry in to our nation. It is a policy which I have long been an opponent of. In the past I have supported legislation which cuts off certain federal funding to any locale that maintains a Sanctuary City policy, and I still do. In fact I believe it should be a part of any future comprehensive immigration reform initiative.

But while I and most Americans seek to find ways to enforce our laws and prevent people from getting around them, the Obama Administration is going out of its way to sue Arizona and force them to not enforce laws and make it easier to get around our laws. This to me is bass ackwards. While President Obama and the left focus on Arizona and attack, vilify, and boycott the state for following federal law, he ignores the 143 governments which promote the breaking of our laws and work against any attempts to defend our sovereignty.

So this week, as the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law takes effect and as the left uses it as a political football that they hope to keep running down the field till Election Day, I would like to present to you the following list of local governments which the Obama Administration should really be taking to court. They are the 143 locations and local governments that have become safe havens for illegal immigrants.

Thank them for making it easier for so many to break the law and for encouraging a continued flow of illegal immigration rather than legal immigration in to America. Then thank Democrats and President Obama for turning the legal process on its ear by attacking proper law enforcement and ignoring improper ways around the law.

They are:

Anchorage, AK
Chandler, AZ
Mesa, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Tucson, A Z
Bell Gardens, CA
City of Industry, CA
City of Commerce, CA
Cypress, CA
Davis CA
Downey, CA
Fresno, CA
Lakewood, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Long Beach, CA
Lynwood, CA
Maywood, CA
Montebello, CA
National City, CA
Norwalk, CA
Oakland, CA
Paramount, CA
Pico Rivera, CA
Richmond, CA
So. Gate, CA
San Bernardino, CA
San Diego, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA
Santa Maria, CA
Sonoma County, CA
Vernon, CA
Watsonville, CA
Wilmington, CA
Aurora, CO
Commerce City, CO
Denver, CO
Durango, CO
Federal Heights, CO
Fort Collins, CO
Lafayette, CO
Thornton, CO
Westminster, CO
Hartford, CT
New Haven, CT
DeLeon Springs, FL
Deltona, FL
Jupiter, FL
Lake Worth, FL
Miami, FL
Dalton, GA
Chicago, IL
Cicero, IL
Evanston, IL
Wichita, KS
New Orleans, LA
Cambridge, MA
Chelsea, MA
Orleans, MA
Springfield, MA
The State of Maine
Portland, ME
Baltimore, MD
Gaithersburg, MD
Mt. Rainier, MD
Montgomery County, MD
Takoma Park, MD
Ann Arbor, MI
Detroit, MI
Minneapolis, MN
St. Paul, MN
Worthington, MN
Reno, NV
Camden, NJ
Fort Lee, NJ
Hightstown, NJ
Jersey City, NJ
Newark, NJ
North Bergen, NJ
Princeton, NJ
Trenton, NJ
Union City, NJ
West New York, NJ
Albuquerque, NM
Aztec, NM
Rio Ariba County, NM
Santa Fe, NM
Albany, NY
Bay Shore, NY
Brentwood, NY
Central Islip, NY
Farmingville, NY
New York City, NY
Riverhead, NY
Mastic, NY
Spring Valley Village, NY
Uniondale, NY
Westbury, NY
Carrboro, NC
Chapel Hill, NC
Charlotte, NC
Chatham County, NC
Durham, NC
Winston-Salem, NC
Columbus, OH
Dayton, OH
Lima, OH
Oberlin, OH
Painesville, OH
Oklahoma City, OK
Tulsa. OK
State of Oregon
Ashland, OR
Gaston, OR
Marion County, OR
Portland, OR
Philadelphia, PA
Austin, TX
Baytown, TX
Brownsville, TX
Channelview, TX
Denton, TX
Dallas, TX
El Cenizo, TX
Ft.Worth, TX
Houston, TX
Katy, TX
Laredo, TX
Mcallen, TX
Port Arthur, TX
Provo, UT
Salt Lake City, UT
Alexandria, VA
Fairfax County, VA
Virginia Beach, VA
Burlington, VT
Middlebury, VT
King Co. , WA
Seattle, WA
Madison, WI .
Jackson Hole, WY
Washington, D.C.

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One General Strategy I would Use In The Campaign

An Account of One General Strategy I Would Use In The Campaign

With about 1 month remaining to go in this election, I would suggest that the candidates use that time well. If I were managing John McCain’s campaign I would maintain my focus on those battleground states and place a priority on the issues most important to the voters in those states.

At the same time, McCain needs to not only differentiate himself from Obama but also separate himself from the perceived image of a typical Republican, the perceived image. He must also define Obama. All of this should have been done earlier but better late than never.

In doing this John McCain will have to point out that his career has been spent opposing republicans when they were wrong and working with Democrats when they were right and bringing both sides of the aisle together for that which is right. He has to show that he proposed increasing regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac two years ago, when he saw that a lack of regulations and monitoring of questionable recording practices were leading us to trouble. He stood up to Ronald reagan and opposed deploying forces to Lebanon for a peace keeping mission which eventually led to the loss of nearly 300 Americans when a suicide bomber targeted their barracks.

McCain must point to legislative efforts that made him cross party lines in order to work with Democrats like Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, Diane Feinstein, Joe Biden and many others.

This must all be laid out while shining light on Barack Obama’s partisanship and his lockstep, liberal leanings.

In addition to the contrast of Mccain’s bipartisan record and Obama’s partisan practices, McCain should drive home the fact that one can tell a lot from the company that they keep. Obama’s friends are quite telling too. They include Obama’s friends & fellow fundraisers, convicted, Chicago slum lord Tony Rezko and unrepentant domestic terrorist William Ayers. His relationships also include his 20 years of worship under the American hating, racist, religious bigots Rev. Wright. All of which are just a few examples among a long list of radical, socialists and troublesome characters

All of the above are underlying themes. Themes which should be conveyed through television and targeted direct mail advertising and while that is occurring I would simultaneously set in motion a nationwide campaign effort that puts forth one major policy initiative every other day. This is the strategy that I would have the candidate personally conduct in his day to day activities. While overriding concerns with the economy and the war shall remain ever present and should be addressed, go beyond the obvious and tap into the underlying, less addressed, issues which are ignored.



Every other day I would present to the nation a legislative initiative dealing with all the other aspects of our lives. For the sake of time and megabytes I will outline a few examples.

McCain has had a problem with one issue that has fallen off the radar, immigration.

It may not be the priority that it was 13 months ago but it remains as troublesome now as it was than. McCain’s last attempt to resolve the issue was pitiful. The McCain-Kennedy initiative failed and rightfully so.  John McCain has since admitted that he has heard the people and they want our border secured before we make any other attempts to change the legal immigration process.

Knowing this, I would have John McCain present to the people a new and comprehensive plan called OPEN ARMS-SECURE BORDERS .

I would have McCain step up to the podium and declare:

“The fact that America has not enforced our immigration laws effectively and the fact that our border is so openly available to illegal crossings and potential threats is a travesty. That is why I stand before you today to propose OPEN ARMS-SECURE BORDERS . This ten point plan secures our border with a high tech security barrier that is monitored by extensive and coordinated patrolling. The bill also streamlines the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and makes it more efficient. OASB also remembers that the word “illegal” means “not illegal” and in this bill illegal conduct is punished not rewarded. After a set amount of time allowing for implementation of this bill, illegal immigrants will have to comply with the laws that up till now, we have neglected to enforce or face deportation. The bill also increases steep penalties for businesses which ignore our immigration laws and illegally hire cheap labor by placing illegal immigrants on their payrolls”.

The OPEN ARMS-SECURE BORDERS bill, which I have provided a link to for readers, has several other points but you get the point. John McCain needs to address the issue, remind us of it’s importance and stake claim to his commitment to solve the problem when he is President.

Another issue that I would rekindle has a more nationalizing electoral component to it. Taxes.

Taxes are an ever present issue and it is an issue that the McCain campaign can use to help gain Republican seats or at least stabilize losses.

If John McCain were to come out and state “the complete Internal Revenue code is more than 24 megabytes in length, and contains more than 3.4 million words; printed 60 lines to the page, it would fill more than 7500 letter-size pages. Every time the federal government addresses the tax issue it’s code increases size, megabytes and pages. Ladies and gentlemen, this is ridiculous and each additional page created to fix our broken tax code, only complicates it more. We need to simplify this and we need to make it more efficient”

At this point I would like to see John McCain propose a flat tax or as I call it National Flat Tax Equity Reform. I want the leaders of our big nation to think big and be bold. I believe a flat tax is equitable and provides the progressive rate of growth that our national economy needs. However I have no expectations for either of the major party nominees to be so bold.

Therefore I would hope that McCain could at least step forward and say……..“So I intend to go through each page of the tax code and together, with my colleagues and your representatives in congress, we can sift out the unnecessary from the necessary.  We can strike out the ridiculous and replace it the logical “.

I would do this along side of fellow Republican candidates for the senate and house and announce an American Tax Equity Committee comprised of Democrats and Republicans that will eliminate those codes dragging us down and those loopholes that are allowing the rich, powerful and well connected to skirt the system. I would also add a call for reduced taxes. A call that revives John F. Kennedy’s cry and rekindles the high tide lifting all boats. I would articulate the fact that our democracy’s goal is not to make rich people poor but to make poor people rich and that is not achieved by taking money away from the people. 

This has been said before and it has only helped to produce a more complicated and oppressive tax system. This time, with serious diligence and sincerity, it can be approached effectively and it can be made a rallying call that helps get voters behind it and the candidates pushing for it. Short of calling for a fair, equitable and simple flat tax, revamping the arcane old code is the least that can be done.

 While on the economy, I would advise that McCain admit to a tough transition that our economy must face. One that is steeped in a changing of generational attitudes when it comes to money. A change back to the thinking of our greatest generation, a generation that did not live beyond their means. Call upon Americans to deal with real money, not the fake money of plastic or predatory loans. declare that we must not rely on what we don’t have but rather what we do and state that by living beyond our means is one very real aspect of today’s shocking need to pay the piper. I would have McCain point out that the requesting for American citizens to stop living beyond their means doesn’t stop with them, but that under his administration, it will start with government.

McCain needs to demonstrate that Wall Street alone did not bring about the dismal economic picture, but that a government which mandated sub-prime loans to achieve homeownership and a mentality of borrowing for today without saving for tomorrow led to this crisis and that now we must stop borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and operate in real dollars not fake dollars. Such straight talk will allow McCain to take hold of the issue rather than be strangled by the issue.

With 4 weeks remaining such straight talk could be delivered on plenty of other issues. Issues like an energy independence and efficiency initiative and legislative reform process that eliminates the numbers of riders that get attached to bills and provide ridiculous government funding through sneaky measures. There are dozens of major issues that can be addressed in detail every other day during the next month and they should be. It is up to the candidates to bring them up, lay them out and focus our attention on them.

In presenting the issues, in such a way, for 48 at a time, the maedia will digesting, disecting and discussing each of McCain’s iniatives, thereby making “his” campaign the focus and forcing the Obama campaign to respond. 

Instead of allowing each new media cycle setting the agenda, John McCain must take control of the media cycles. Regardless of his positions on the issues contained herein, and others not mentioned, McCain’s articulation on them can capture the agenda and possibly the majority of votes on Election Day.


We, in Ireland, can’t figure out why you are even bothering to hold an election in the United States.

On one side, you have a lawyer who is married to a lawyer.

On the other side,

you have a war hero married to a good looking woman who owns a beer distributorship.

What are you lads thinking over there?

Submitted by Dewey, Pensacola Fl.



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