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Fearful Jersey Democrats Start Campaigning For Chris Daggett

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Frightened Jersey Democrats Trying To Steal Votes......Again!

anyone.  But when an incumbent Governor and his state party stoop down to sleazy tactics in the closing hours of an election, you know they’re losing it———-figuratively and literally.

PolitickerNJ.com, the state’ s premier political blogging web site informs us that the New Jersey State democrat Committee is making robo-calls into heavily Republicans districts.  The calls are urging New Jersey republicans to vote for Independent candidate Chris Daggett.

Most of these calls are going into heavily Republican Morris and Somerset counties.  The tactic is geared at suppressing Chris Christie’s Republican.

As Election Day progresses, turnout in Republican districts is described as steady to heavy.  That’s good for Christie, bad for Corzine.  But in heavily African-American and Democratic Newark, the state’s largest city, voter turnout is lower than hoped for.  That too is good for Christie, bad for Corzine.

Given the circumstances, a call begging New Jerseyans to vote for Daggett is probably the last thing Corzine

Stolen Absentee Ballots 1

Fraudulent Absentee Ballots Discovered. Where is ACORN today?

 Democrats can do.  They know full well that they can’t convince most people to vote Corzine!  To counter this the Christie campaign has  robocalls of their own reminding to watch out for Democrats trying to “trick you into voting   for Chris Daggett“.

It looks like the race for Governor in New Jersey will not be as close as polls show.  I believe Christie may even win by more than the 3% POLITICS 24/7 predicted earlier.

No wonder why the Democrat State Committee is dumping money into campaigning for someone other than Corzine,their nominee.  Democrats are beginning to see the writing on the wall and it scares them to death. 

But wait!

This just in.  There’s word that thousands of fraudulent absentee ballots have been found.   Hmmmm, I wonder who might be trying to stiff those ballots?  Anyone know what ACORN is up to today?

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