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Ted Kennedy Dies. Liberal Lions Legacy Launches

Bookmark and Share  Senator Kennedy’s death makes us all pause for a moment. His name evokes many emotions and conjures up thoughts aTedof his storied brothers Jack and Bobby.

The Senator certainly has his share of devoted fans and admirers and the emotions stirred and thoughts conjured up in their minds are all positive. But their exist many others who do not have such positive sentiments.

I am among those of the former opinion. And so at a time like this, I really do not know what to say. The death of any person, with the exception of the most truly evil and dangerous among us in the world, is not a source of any good emotions and the death of Ted Kennedy is quite sad. I do hope that he rest peacefully and I offer my deepest condolences to the members of the Kennedy family, one of America’s most iconic families in American history.

They are a family which has suffered an inordinate and unjust amount of pain and loss and after losing the their patriarch they deserve our prayers.

None of this however allows me to make Senator Ted Kennedy something that he wasn’t. Although he had a longevity in politics that his two famed brothers were denied, Ted Kennedy did not leave behind a legacy as great as either of his of them.

Chappaquiddick will always be a part of his legacy, a dark spot on his legacy, a very sad and dark spot which documented Ted Kennedy’s lack of integrity and his sense of being above the law.

And while some fondly refer to him as the Liberal Lion, others realize that with that name came a quality that many Americans do not view positively……partisanship. Ted Kennedy was one of the most partisan politicians that the Senate had to offer and some have had to question if his first loyalty was to his country or was it to his party.

In many ways many of the qualities which made Ted Kennedy such a respected man by some are also the same reasons that some did not respect him for. There are those who hung on his every word because he was a Kennedy while others saw him as only having his position because he was a Kennedy.

Some are impressed by his 47 years in the United States Senate while many others were turned off by his being a career politician who spent the vast majority of his life in the Senate. The great liberal legacy that he represents is admired by some whereas others found his championing of only liberal policies as a sign of blind partisanship.

Just days ago, I posted my own harsh words for Senator Kennedy. After trying to get the Massachusetts state legislature to change the law which would have his replacement in the Senate chosen by the Governor instead of being chosen in a special election, I was incensed at the nerve the Senator had. He wanted to undo the very law he helped change when the Governor who would have had the opportunity to fill any vacancies was a Republican. The fact that Senator Kennedy wanted to usurp democracy in Massachusetts for partisan interests was an example of political insincerity and hypocrisy.

Ted Kennedy’s sad passing does not change these things. It does not erase any of his shortcomings  or y anshenanigans he took part in.

Yet I am sure that in death the senator will be canonized and turned into a greater figure than he actually was. There will be bridges, highways, schools, state office buildings, parks, airports and post offices all named after him. I am certain that healthcare reform which had its name changed to health insurance reform will now take on another new name and be called the Ted Kennedy Health Security Act.

All of this is likely to occur as a result of all that the senator influenced and did but none of it will cover all of the scars left behind. While structures and legislation will be named after Ted Kennedy there will be no buildings or parks named after Mary Jo Kopechy.

I will respect Ted Kennedy for the sacrifices that he made for what he believed in. No matter who you are, you do indeed make sacrifices as a public servant. But I will not go with the much anticipated flow, no, make that the flood of praise for Ted Kennedy that we will see and make him in death, something that he was not in life.

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Kennedy Wants Partisan Appointment To Fill His Senate Seat

Bookmark and Share As we all have come to know, sadly, Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts is suffering from brain cancer.

Ted Kennedy.......a partisan prick till the end.This is not something that warrants any response which falls short of our prayers for the Senator’s ability to overcome his cancer and not endure any suffering and pain as he deals with it.

Regardless of my admitted disdain for Senator Kennedy’s personal and political record, his health is not a matter to joke about. Compassion must rule in times like this and it is not to be played politics with.

At least that is what I believe.

Senator Kennedy however does not think so.

Faced with his own mortality and being forced to miss most of this legislative session due to his illness, the seven term senator now seeks to play politics and leave that as his final legacy.

Fearful that the senate seat he has safely held for Democrats for over 47 years might become occupied by a Republican once his body is removed from it, Senator Kennedy has written Democrat Massachusetts state legislative leaders and Democrat Governor Deval Patrick and asked that they enact legislation which would change the state’s existing laws which forces a special election to be held to fill any vacancies.

Currently, upon the creation of a vacancy, a special election must be called within five months and the winner of that election fills out the remainder of the unexpired term of the office in question.

Strangely, Massachusetts use to have a system which allowed the Governor to appoint someone to fill vacancies. But in 2004 when Massachusetts Senator John Kerry became the Democrat nominee for President, Ted Kennedy spearheaded an effort to change that to the current statutes that require a special election to fill out unexpired terms.

At the time, Kennedy was concerned that if Kerry was elected President, upon being sworn into office, Kerry’s senate seat would be vacant and the existing laws would have allowed the Governor of Massachusettes to appoint someone to replace Kerry in the Senate.

In 2004 that Governor was Mitt Romney, a Republican.

So with pure partisanship coursing through his veins, Ted Kennedy fought to have the law changed and adopt the current special election requirement. Back then he justified it as good government, an example of true democracy that allowed the people to choose their representative.

The law was changed and Ted Kennedy’s partisan sentiments were eased knowing that once elected President, John Kerry would not be replaced in the senate with the choice made by a Republican Governor.

Only thing is John Kerry failed to win the presidency so the hullabaloo Kennedy made was for naught.

But five years later it is not Kerry’s senate that is in question. It is Teddy’s own seat that there are concerns over. Five years later and Massachusetts also now has a Democrat governor. So Kennedy has flipped-flopped on what he once saw as good government policy and wants to change the law back so that the Governor fills vacancies instead of the people doing that in a special election.

Two things come to mind here. First, as I always assert, Democrats are hypocrites. They demonstrate it every chance they get and Ted Kennedy’s sudden change of mind on this issue helps to reflect that determination.

The other thing that comes to mind is this. If the liberal lion of the senate is so concerned about who will occupy his seat after him and the service that person will provide to the people of his state, why does he not resign now? After all, his condition has already left Massachusetts at a disadvantage. Senator Kennedy has missed countless votes and is incapable of maintaining a full and productive schedule.

I have heard people use the phrase “over my dead my body” but never quite as literally as Ted Kennedy whose dead body will literally have to be removed from his senate seat before it is vacated.

The man has been in the U.S. Senate for longer than my own age. He has been there for more than 47 years, more than the lifetime of many, and now while unable to fully serve the people of his state, he still refuses to retire.

For all of you have a problem with “professional politicians” Ted Kennedy is your poster boy.

But put aside, for a moment, his addiction to power and think about this.

Does Ted Kennedy really want this drive to change the way Massachusetts fills vacancies to be one of his last demonstrations of public service? Does he really want to cap off his career with a self promoting, partisan maneuver that seeks to consolidate partisan political power?

I would hope that in the closing days of my life, my last breaths would convey and promote a message more noble than a call for some slick and sleazy political maneuver.

It is sad to see a man so representative of the Democrat Party act so hypocritically and insincerely as the curtain gets drawn on the twilight of his career. It is sad that as one of his final acts, Ted Kennedy chooses to be manipulative and partisan rather than sincere and patriotic.

Public service is a wonderful thing. Too bad Ted Kennedy is demonstrating characteristics that give it a bad name. It is too bad that he seeks to leave public office by making it seem like a game rather than a respectful effort.

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