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Wrangling Rangle While Exploring Liberal Hypocrisy and The Democrat-Media Complex

By POLITICS 24/7 guest blogger Michael Duminiak
mikewithdogsBookmark and Share   Oh Charlie, what can’t you do? You’ve told your constituents to shut up and mind their own business on tape when they questioned you. You’ve battled an ethics probe for over a year and still hold the Chairmanship of the powerful Ways and Means Committee. Just tell us you drove your car off a bridge killing a mistress and we’ll canonize you.

There are times when I almost wish I were a Democrat. Ah, the simplicity of the left. If a Republican so much as toasts a hundred year old man, call for his resignation. If, on the other hand, a Democrat calls someone a “nigger” – name something after him. If a Republican has an affair, scream for his resignation or impeachment. If, on the other hand, a Democrat has an affair and lies about it in court committing perjury, attack those who exposed him. If a mikesblogRepublican lies on his tax forms, he should go to prison. If on the other hand, a Democrat lies on his tax forms you can appoint him to Secretary of the Treasury or head of the House Committee in charge of tax law. If a Republican goes to jail for felony crimes, his career is over. If, on the other hand, a Democrat spends seven years in federal prison for felony crimes, he gets an appreciation dinner and support to get back into politics. If I ever decided to be a sleazy, no good, felonious, adulterous racist, I’d join the Democrats where such attributes gain praise.

If it weren’t all true, it would be funny. Instead, it is evidence of a political/media structure so completely deranged that we have good reason to be truly fearful. The subjective and relativistic morality preached by the left is their ‘get out of jail free’ card. They can hold the conservatives to their own standards (and rightly so), but then hold themselves to no concrete standard at all. Instead, Democrats lament the felony convictions of fellow Democrats and talk about all the good that crook had done. It’s like the mothers of murderers who say, “he was such a nice boy”.

Pointing out this serious problem of the Democrat-Media Complex only serves to make whoever points it out into the punching bag of the leftist mobs. Rather than admit to their own problems, they throw the mistakes of Republicans as examples that neither side is clean. They miss the point. Neither side is clean, but at least the Republicans take out their own garbage when they find it. The Democrats try to cover theirs in perfume and flowers and pretend it doesn’t stink.

When the left decides to hold their own crooks to account, maybe then I’ll have some respect for them. Until then, they’re just a bunch of boobs.

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