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Time For The States To Take Control & Ratify A Constitutional Convention

Bookmark and Share  The time has come for Americans to take control of our government. Real control.

For too long it has been controlled by politicians who have had the opportunity to turn elected office into a lifetime position. This has led to a political class that, over time, over 234 years, to be exact, have been able to manipulate the process in ways that allow them to draw favorable districts for them to run in and get elected in, to creating laws that others must follow but Congress does not.

From partisan politicians who appoint activists judges who then end up circumventing the legislative process and creating laws from the bench, to members of Congress who pass spending measures by attaching them to totally unrelated legislation so that they can get them passed through without scrutiny, the federal government has totally sidestepped the people to, in essence, do whatever they want and “deem” it to be legal.

Never before has this been more evident than in the case of the sleazy and illegitimate process that the national liberal-Democrat Party used to pass a government takeover of the free market and healthcare in America.

The bitter taste that liberals have left in the mouth of most Americans, far surpasses any shock at the audacity of any of the 111 sessions of Congress in our nation’s history has ever demonstrated. From attempts to twist the process by suggesting they could pass a law by simply “deeming” it a law without voting on it, to deals that pay hundreds of billions to legislators in return for their support, to a no holds barred, partisan passage of an unconstitutional law, the American people have come to truly realize that the federal government is undoubtedly out of control.

We now clearly see that the American people no longer control our government, and under the liberal-Democrat Party, government is instead controlling the people. And the trend will only continue to worsen as the political class continues to shape the system in their favor and by placing more controls on us, controlling more of our personal finances and acting as though they were above the law.

So how do we get control back?

Beyond trying to sway the elections of representatives who run in districts that are gerrymandered to favor one ideology or another, the U.S. Constitution offers a way for the people to override Congress.

The Constitution acknowledged the possibility of Congress becoming isolated from the will of the people and preventing major structural reforms from being adopted by the government. That acknowledgment came when the founding fathers allowed for the Constitution to be amended through a process that would allow a majority of the states to convene a convention and ratify amendments that would those amendments the law of the land and can not be overturned by either the courts or Congress.

Given how out of touch and isolated the liberal Democrat Party has proven themselves to be and given their utter disdain for the people, freedom and the rule of law, I would say that if ever a Constitutional Convention was needed, now is it. Passage of the recent government healthcare bill was one of the most audacious power grabs we have ever seen the federal government enact.

It steals from the free markets, puts government in the business of loans and healthcare, creates a federal insurance monopoly that they then force Americans to buy into or face prison and in every, way, shape or form, far exceeds any intent of the Constitution or our founding fathers who wrote it.

And yet, despite the will of the majority of the people, the liberal Democrat Party insists that they know better than the people they represent and have manipulated the legislative process to get what they want.

So now it is time for the people to manipulate the process.

It is time for the American people to focus on there state legislators.

Our founding fathers did all that they could to make sure that power was retained in the states, not the federal government., a concept which today’s liberal Democrat clearly does not understand. And our founding fathers were right to do this. For it is the smaller state government and the smaller districts which state legislators are elected from, that best reflect the will of the majority of the people. That is why the founding fathers gave the ability to reform our government and amend our Constitution based upon the initiative and approval of a majority of the states. The states are more in tune with the people and more representative of the true will of the people than the collective representation of the federal government bureaucracy.

With that realized, the existing liberal led legislative slashing and burning of the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution makes use of the Constitutional amendment process through the states, the only surefire way to bring about the reform of the federal government that that the federal officials will not themselves adopt.

Through the states, the people could amend the U.S. Constitution in a way that will circumvent the ruling political class and once again put the people in control of Congress instead of Congress in control of the people.

The problem is, that in order for a Constitutional convention to be held, 34 states must ratify such a move. At the moment, 28 states are controlled by Democrats that make up the majority in both the lower and upper houses of their respective state legislatures. While the same applies to Republicans in only 13 states and 8 states are split between Republican controlling one chamber of the state legislature and Democrats control the other. The remaining state is Nebraska, which is the only non-partisan state government in the nation.

Popular opinion

Under the current configuration of Party control of the states, even though the bulk of them are in Democrat hands, all 13 of the Republican states would easily ratify the call for a Constitutional convention, 7 of the 8 states with split delegations would ratify such a move and 8 of those legislatures totally controlled by Democrats would also ratify it because many Democrats, especially those in the South, are not liberals. A

Add to all those states, Nebraska which has no parties but still remains conservative and that brings us to a total of 29 states that would more than likely support ratification of a Constitutional convention—— five short of the 34 required.

It is for that reason that I suggest Americans focus on their state legislative races.

When looking at the coming midterm elections, not only will the make up of Congress be important, but if control of a majority of state houses and state legislatures can be won by anti-liberal forces, we can easily find 34 states to ratify the convening of a Constitutional Convention.

But the promise of this process does not stop there.

A Constitutional Convention has no rules. It creates its own rules, much like Democrats did during the process that allowed them to have the government takeover our healthcare , our personal economies, our freedoms, the free market and a sixth of the American economy.

The states could allow a Constitutional Convention to take place for as long as they wish and wherever they wish. They could hold it online or at a brick and mortar location. It could hold meetings of itself in each of the 50 or 58 states that President Obama claimed we have. Furthermore, the rules of a Constitutional convention can call for a national referendum on any of its proposed amendments if they desired. Like Democrats, a constitutional convention creates its own rules and after all, Democrats have no problem with such a process. Right? Of course they do. They just defended such a process

It should also be noted that Constitutional conventions are not limited to the adoption of just one amendment. It can produce several amendments.

That point is one in which I take great advantage of and use to build popular, public support by pushing for several amendments such as term limits on federal elected officials.

Term limits are overwhelmingly popular among the American populace. But while Republicans championed the cause during the mid 90’s, it failed and was even considered unconstitutional.

The opportunity to adopt an amendment to the Constitution would make term limit’s the law of land and require the Supreme Court to uphold it against any challenges, will change that once for all. That and the widespread popularity of term limits are two reasons why I would use term limits as one of the major focuses to use in building support for the public to urge their state legislators and Governors to ratify the call for a national constitutional convention. First, it will be the only way to adopt federal term limits. Second, it will help build support for a Constitutional convention and help force state legislators to move towards ratifying a constitutional convention.

Popular support for such a gathering could also be gained by putting on the agenda, an amendment that would ban all federal funding or creative subsidies of abortions and make it forever impossible for liberals to circumvent any existing laws aimed at preventing such a procedure. These would of course all be in addition to an amendment that would essentially repeal the recent liberal government healthcare scheme.

Along with language that repeals government run healthcare, would set an agenda that proposes the ratification of amendments that make terms limit’s the law of the land, puts an end to amnesty for illegal immigrants and rids ourselves of the anchor baby laws that automatically make the children of illegal immigrants American citizens and allows their parents to circumvent the legal immigration process.

The amendment process is not one that ideally, I wish to pursue. It is one that, if abused, could work against the people and produce undesired results that infringe upon our freedom.

However; it has become glaringly obvious that under the control of radical liberal ideologues such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and those in the Obama regime, the current threat to freedom is not the constitutional amendment process but the liberals in government who are trying to circumvent the people and our Constitution. For that reason, I believe that we must resort to amending the Constitution through the states so that we can prevent the liberal political class from doing what President Obama promised———“transform American”, into the type of socialist and Marxist government that America has opposed and rejected throughout its history.

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New Jersey Offers A Perfect Snapshot of the National Midterm Elections

Bookmark and Share    When it comes to New Jersey, the existing congressional district lines seem to make the results of the upcoming midterm elections fairly static in the state. Of the 13 congressional seats that New Jersey sends to Washington, D.C., five are held by Republican and eight are held by Democrats. That 5 to 8 ratio is actually exceptionally well balanced  when compared to other states in the region like Connecticut, New York, Maryland, or Massachusetts. For the most part, despite the anti-incumbent, anti-Democrat sentiment that exists, most of New Jersey’s representatives are on ground that is relatively more solid than some of their other counterparts nationwide.

But New Jersey Democrats are not feeling very comfortable. In fact many are worried. Some more than others.

Some Republicans may also find themselves having a harder time than usual. Leonard Lance, Chris Smith and Frank LoBiondo may face primary challengers after they went and voted for the extreme liberal tax scheme known as Cap-and-Trade. Having declined my own opportunity to challenge my Congressman, Chris Smith, I do know that a challenge to his nomination is being quite seriously contemplated. The same may apply to LoBiondo and Lance. As three of the only eight Republicans in Congress to support Cap-and-Trade, many Republicans feel that we need nominees that better reflect our belief in limited government, less spending and state rights. Voting for Cap-and-Trade was as removed from those principles as one could get.

However, it is not likely that those challenges will be successful.

Smith, LoBiondo and even Lance, a congressional freshman, have a strong following and oodles of dough that will allow them to buy their nomination come the June 8th primary. And that is all they really need, because in their districts, the Republican nomination is normally tantamount to victory in the general election.

The same goes for most of the Democrats in the Garden’s State’s congressional delegation. But none of them are totally confident under this anti-incumbent environment that seems to be hurting Democrats much more than Republicans. Three Democrats are especially concerned………Frank Pallone, John Adler, and Rush Holt.

Pallone’s district is heavily Democratic and he has more campaign cash on hand than any other Congressman…………..$4 million. Pallone is strong in his Central New Jersey district, but as we have seen, the strength that Democrats have normally been able to count on is not there these days. Pallone’s district also produced unusually large pluralities for a Republican when they overwhelmingly supported Chris Christie for Governor over Democrat incumbent Jon Corzine. So he could be in trouble, especially if a decent and aggressive Republican candidate who can tap into the money needed to compete with Pallone materializes. And that candidate might have arrived.

Congressman Pallone has never faced a challenger who could be defined as a serious threat. But that could be different this time.

The millionaire publisher of New Jersey’s  Two River Times newspapaer, Diane Gooch,  is said to be willing to run and invest 2 million of her own money into her race and raise the rest through donations. If that’s true, Pallone could be, at the very least, in  the race of his life. And no one deserves a good challenge more than him.

Pallone is one of the most vocal liberal legislators in the state. He supports anything and everything liberal and when it comes to economic policy, Frank Pallone does nothing but vote for pork and any measure that will spend taxpayer money. Frank Pallone is of the school of hought that believes when we are going through good economic times, it is the federal government’s moral obligation to spend. But on the flipside,when we are going through tough economic times, Frank Pallone is of the school of thought that believes we have to spend our way out of those bad times. In other words, Pallone’s answer to everything is spend, spend and spend more……..accept for when it concerns securing our nation’s borders or our military capabilities. That is where he supports spending cuts.

It is with this fire for spending that Pallone hopes to someday soon run for statewide office, more specifically the US Senate. So it would be nice to see him be taken out now, while he is in the lower house. If Diane Gooch does decide to run, she may be the one to do it.

My suggestion is, if she is serious about winning the office, Gooch should make it a two cycle campaign. 

Diane Gooch is unknown and this first time out will really just allow her to get some of the name recognition that Pallone already has. So if Diane Gooch runs hard, gets known and makes this a real close race, she will have made a name for herself and in two years, when Republicans have a strong presidential nominee at the top of the ticket, she can run again and in that race, she will probably put Pallone out of our misery.

Even more fertile territory for Republicans is another district that runs from portions of South Central Jersey and into sections of South Jersey. That seat is held by John Adler, a freshman elected in the Obama landslide of ‘08. The district is a Republican one. Prior to Adler, it was held by Republicans for over a decade, but the incumbent GOP congressman retired and in this open seat, the Republican nominee fumbled while Adler ran a relatively smooth campaign. The combination of the two, combined with the Obama wave, swept Adler in. But the tide has tuned and John Adler is facing a short lived Congressional career.

To make matters worse for Adler, his likely opponent will be a former Philadelphia Eagles football player, Jon Runyon. For a South JerseyJohn Adler district that is heavily influenced by Philadelphia, there are few things better than the ability to appeal to the legions of loyal Eagles fans who will gladly vote for you over the Congressman whose name most of them do not know. For all these reasons, it is safe to say that John Adler is one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the nation and probably one of the many that will go down in November.

The other of the most competitive races pit’s a popular conservative Central New Jersey Mayor against a six term incumbent Democrat whose greatest claim to fame is that he lays low. Holt is the champion of nothing other than supporting innocuous, feel good legislation and quietly casting his lot with liberals on every hot button issue. From the government takeover of healthcare to Cap-and-Trade, Rush Holt is there. But while Rush Holt has Nancy Pelosi’s back, voters in his district are wondering who has their back?

Answering that question is Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre.

Halfacre is a conservative leader who brings to the table much more than any past challengers of  Holt.

Articulate, believable, experienced, energetic and accomplished, Mike Halfacre, is the type of leader that people want to see representing them in Washington. Republicans see Halfacre as principled but pragmatic, reliable and respectable. Tea Party enthusiasts find Mayor Halfacre’s record exemplary and promising. They see a leader who has streamlined government and reduce debt all while lowering taxes. His Administration reduced Fair Haven’s debt burden by selling off unused property, saved the Borough $100,000 by consolidating the office of Borough Engineer with Department of Public Works.

Those and other belt tightening measures allowed Mike Halfacre to reduce property taxes in Fair Haven for the first time in decades and still abide by the wishes of voters who saw the need for a Recreation Director. Mayor Halfacre was then able to increase Borough programs for children and seniors while paying the salary of the full-time Recreation Director through fees paid on new programs. Not by taxpayers.

In other words, Tea Part protestors have no reason to protest Mike Halfacre. He is the type of leader that believes that government must get out of the way and not be a burden to the people, but rather an asset.

All of this is in stark contrast to Rush Holt who has never seen a government program unworthy of funding and never seen an issue or problem that didn’t need a new government program to fund.

Altogether, the three races highlighted here are typical for the 80 to 90 congressional seats that, nationally, the Republican Party will be assisting to wage the most aggressive campaigns in. They are seats occupied by Democrats who, with the right push, can be taken down quicker than a grass hut in a hurricane. And in New Jersey candidates like Mayor Mike Halfacre are the “right push” we need.

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EPA Declares CO2 Hazardous & Democracy An Endangered Concept

Bookmark and Share    Today the Obama Administration makes it official. Our democracy is an endangered form of governance.

Today the Environmental Protection Agency officially declares greenhouse gas emissions to be hazardous to our health. The announcement is not exactly a disputed revelation. What is disputed is the degree to which greenhouse gasses may be unhealthy to us and our environment.

Recent disclosures have shown that political lobbyists have influenced the slanting of  scientific studies in an attempt to turn hypothetical extremes of global warming into mass hysteria. The attempts to exaggerate scientific results has set both science and the “sky is falling” radical left,  back by leaps and bounds and most importantly blemished the reputation of the scientific community. It has also made many skeptical of the real reason behind the radical agenda for such things as a cap-and-trade bill that would amount to a tax on the air that we breathe and the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. Many skeptics see the whole exaggeration and attempts at generating hysteria over manmade global warming effects, as simply a way of gaining more control over our finances and lives.

At the same time, skeptics are not rushing out to pump greenhouse gas emissions into their homes. They realize that sound environmental policies, which lead to logical scientific advances and practical applications, are desired. But they must be rational ones that do not abuse science and are not used as excuses for controlling us and taking rights away from us.

For those of us who understand this, the announcement by the EPA concerning greenhouse gas emissions is not a sincere attempt at sound environmental policy. It is a power grab that will take our rights and finances away. By officially declaring GHG emissions dangerous to our health and using the endangered species act to combat it, is a  technical measure that triggers the EPA’s ability to act without congressional approval. That means that the Environmental Protection Agency will now be able to freely enact policies and taxes as they wish.

This paves the way for the EPA to go ahead with suggestions they made early this year which would charge farmers  fees for each head of cattle or pigs on their farm all because their such farm animal seemingly produce gassy emissions (farts) that are said to produce lethal lethal doses of CO2 which trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere. 

But the free reign of the EPA does not stop there. The technical declaration that they establish will enable them to dictate and mandate costly regulations and procedures that can amount to taxes and fees  that will help to put businesses and industries out of business and force families into situations where they can be forced out of their homes or taxed into poverty.

It has been almost six months since the House approved the cap-and-trade initiative, by a paper thin margin. The Administration and EPA bureaucrats were quite pleased with this. However the Senate has failed to take up the measure and it looks like they may not do so anytime soon. Which is why the impatient EPA cleared the way to do as they please without any congressional action.

Just as is the case with President Obama’s great appreciation for creating czars, who are unelected officials that remain unaccountable for the federal policies they set, the President has now made it possible for an entire federal agency to  do the same.

The Administrations decision to move ahead with the use of the endangerment act in  regards to curbing  CO2 emikssions  in order to allow the EPA to independently set and enforce regulations, is seen as a sign as President Obama’s  willingness to reach international environmental agreements without  congressional consent. This decision to launch a new EPA dictatorship and the signal it sends, coincidentally comes just as 1,200 limos and 140 private jets gather in Copenhagen to discuss the environment while leaving a larger carbon footprint and release more GHG than most Americans families do in an entire year. Ironically, these fuel consuming environmental hypocrites believe they can save the world by urging the United States to sign on to radical environmental standards that we are not yet prepared to meet without crippling the American economy. In the meantime, nations like India and China, the world’s most egregious polluters, continue to forge ahead unabated and unaffected by environmental regulations. This allows them to continue growing their economies as they produce goods at a far lower rate than the United States which continues to see its economy shrink.

Perhaps the most important message that the Obama Administration and the one world union leaders in Copenhagen are really sending us today is that global warming is probably the least of our worries.  They are proving that our we should actually fear government the most.

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Ayotollah Obama’s Lies and Mischaracterizations of Protestors Fan the Flames of Anger

Bookmark and Share  Americans are becoming angry  as they are being led astray and marched into very dangerous territory by the R.O.P.E. bunch.

R.O.P.E.Who are the R.O.P.E. bunch?

They are the Reid-Obama-Pelosi-Enablers.

They are the liberal establishment and their supporters who are enabling Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to lie to the American people and to deny the extent of disapproval that the American people are demonstrating as it relates to their policy direction.

All across the nation, Americans are getting increasingly angry at what they are seeing.

They have seen a pattern of producing voluminous legislative packages that no one knows what is exactly contained in them and then suddenly commence voting to pass those legislative initiatives before being given a proper hearing.

They have seen Congress quickly pass a Cap-and-Trade bill that amounted to a tax on the air we breathe and that will be the greatest transfer of wealth the nation has ever known.

Now the American people are witnessing the R.O.P.E. bunch rush through an over one thousand page bill to reform the nature of healthcare in our nation and have the federal government assume control of a sector of the economy that accounts for more than 17% of the gross domestic product.

President Obama took more than six months to choose the right dog for his family yet he gave Congress half that time to propose and pass legislation that would determine the quality, affordability and availability of healthcare in America. If you are like me, you might think that people’s health is an issue that is worthy of much more time, attention, consideration and sincere debate than the issue of which hypoallergenic dog is best suited to run around the White House.

So yes! Many Americans are mad!

Admittedly not all Americans are already fed up with President Obama and the liberal leadership of Congress and their tactics. Some are just ignorant and they comfortably enjoy membership in the R.O.P.E. bunch. They are content to enable the administration’s statist and collectivist mindset and they have no concern over the total disregard they show for the intentions of the founding principles of our hopefully still great nation.

Many Americans, even those who did accept Barack Obama’s claim to offer “change we can believe in”, are troubled by the rush to federal control and socialism that his policies are bringing to America. Many more were even brought to tears when they saw the White House take a totalitarian approach to dissenting opinions and asked Americans to report any views that opposed the President’s health control policies to them at flag@whitehouse.gov.

For a vast number of people this was eerily reminiscent of the communist practice of policing information and only allowing that which was vetted by the state to be disseminated to the public.

But this mentality goes beyond just the McCarthy like request to report to the White House dissenting opinions that they indiscriminately define as fishy. The President, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats all over have taken a page out the ruling regime in Iran and labeled those who oppose them as fringe groups, mobs, radicals, dangerous and Republican operatives. In Iran when protestors recently demonstrated against shady election results the Ayatollah depicted the same things of them. That is of course with the exception of claiming that those dissenters were backed by Republicans. Instead the Ayatollah said that those rebel rousers were backed by the American devil.

Through the Democrat National Committee, Ayatollah Obama and the R.O.P.E. bunch even produced an ad depicting those who oppose the administration as violent mobs.

This has been the case with any voices of dissent that the left encounters. For months the liberal leadership of the United States has used these words to describe American who participate in the Tea party protests that take place all across America. They claim that they are all Republican backed operatives, racists and radical fringe groups.

The truth is that there are many Republicans involved. There are even some Republican affiliated organizations devoting time to opposing the direction the nation is going in. However, the G.O.P. as an organization is in disarray. Nationally the party does not have any effective organization mechanism in place. If it had, a few months ago, they would have performed much better in the November elections than they actually did. The Republican Party is not yet capable of mobilizing the vast numbers of people showing up at town hall meetings and organizing Tea Party protests in every state in the nation. I wish they did have the ability and I look forward to when they do, but in the mean time, we are not there yet.

The federal government fails to acknowledge that reality and they fail to admit the truth about these protesters. Instead they simply try to write them off as inconsequential and claim that they are just Republicans.

But they are not just Republican voices.

They are American voices.

They are the voices of Democrats, Libertarians and Independents too. They are people who have never before been compelled to pick up a sign and protest or demand that their government hear them. But after seeing the extremes of liberalism in action, they have been compelled to take a stand and just say “No !”

Yet while the President refuses to call terrorists terrorists and while he apologizes for America to foreign governments and extends hands of friendship to our enemies his administration calls fellow Americans dangerous mobs and characterizes them as inconsequential fringe groups.

The gall and wizardry of President Obama is more than disturbing. It is dangerous and although

the approach may work with the Reid-Obama-Pelosi-Enablers (R.O.P.E.) “it won’t play in Peoria”.

As for me, if this is the change America was suppose to believe in, let me click my heels together three times because “Toto, I have a feeling were not in Kansas anymore”.

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The Political Landscape Is About To Change

Bookmark and Share    In 2010 a political earthquake will take place.


It will not be akin to the magnitude of an 8.0 on the Richter scale but the political landscape will shift and it will not be to the left. This transference will probably be to an extent that will set the stage for a soon to come political U-turn away from the direction our nation is now going in.

Midterms elections almost always produce a backlash against the party in national control and as such in 2010, Democrats stand on ground zero, right at the epicenter of a political tremor that is about to make the land slide out from under their feet.

Liberals may not agree with trickle down economics but they can’t deny the trickle down effects of midterm elections and, after only seven or so months in control, the effects of their ultra-liberal leadership has already surpassed expectations with record levels of spending, deficits, taxes and regulations.

Their promotion of a second and now possibly third “stimulus package” has done little more than give the White House the opportunity to say that, at its best, the historic federal spending bill has helped to make things not as bad as they could be. That claim in and of itself is false, yet despite that far from glowing admission, Washington essentially borrowed nearly $10,000 from every American household to create jobs that have yet to materialize while at the same time the unemployment rate continues to exceed expectations as it soars to distressing heights.

On other fronts, President Obama has been on several foreign tours of apology to the world for our being the greatest hope of freedom the world has ever known and at home, under his orders, his uber-liberal underlings, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been hard at work trying to tax the air that we breathe with an ill conceived Cap-and-Tax bill and now a horrifically rushed measure to socialize medical care in America.

These highlights along with other areas such as slashes in our missile defense systems just as North Korea builds missiles that can hit American soil and as Iran kicks its nuclear ambitions and rocketry muscle into high gear, have all helped to lead 61% of all Americans to conclude that America is on the wrong track. In that same poll, a Rasmussen poll, 46% of the population disapproves of the President’s job performance and while 86% believe that the economy is the most important issue of the day, only 30% trust President Obama’s handling of the economy.

All of this indicates a boom and bust cycle for Democrats that is about to cause the political quake of 2010 and ultimately change the political landscape of Washington, D.C. and the direction of our nation .

The realization of just how antithetical contemporary liberalism is to the founding principles of our nation is slowly but surely beginning to settle in to the American psyche.

People who have never before been inclined to pick up a sign and protest in the streets are being inspired to do so today as it becomes clearer and clearer to them that the rights they have taken for granted for too long are being eroded at an unprecedented rate.

The result is not only a realization that the “change” the Democrat’s messiah, President Obama, offered is not exactly the holy grail that many had sought, it is also making many fear the results of the changes that are being made to the very fabric of our American society.

That realization is responsible for the reemergence of the type of conservative ideological vehemence and determination that helped bring Republicans to control of the House of Representatives for the first time in forty years in 1994. In fact the forces of true conservatism were so powerful at the time that, at that same time, the GOP also wrested control of the Senate and after two years in office, the White House press corps was forced to ask President Clinton if his administration was relevant anymore.

Today the signs of outright rage over years of encroachments on individual rights and personal wealth is at such a boiling point that even the establishment of the Republican Party is about to be purged.

Years of runaway spending and a political culture of corruption that both parties have participated in are inspiring a new generation of conservative leaders to challenge the status of quo of the G.O.P..

In Florida, the once promising governor, Charlie Crist has declared that he will run for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination to replace retiring and inconsequential Republican Senator Mel Martinez.

As governor, Crist has fallen far short of his predecessor, Governor Jeb Bush. He has proven himself to be a pseudo conservative and generic politician. He is far from being fiscally conservative, has endorsed all of President Obama’s bailout proposals and he has never taken a stand for state sovereignty over the encroachment of the federal government.

In other words he is simply a career politician with his finger in the wind as he tries to sail with the tide of beltway politics.

So in comes Marco Rubio to challenge Crist for the nomination.

Marco Rubio is a young energetic man of Cuban immigrants who has served in the Florida state legislature and even at his young age rose to become the Speaker of The Florida House of Representatives. He is also a true believer in the principles that should make one a problem.

Rubio acknowledges that his state’s incumbent Governor has the inside track to the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate but outspent and outmanned Rubio is undaunted in his challenge to Crist for the nomination. His reasons are simple and in his own words he explains that he believes……. “that our country is at the proverbial crossroads and that our future will depend on which path that we choose. Some believe that the path to security and prosperity is a larger involvement of government in our economy, that what we need is a government that spends more money and uses the tax system to distribute wealth and pick winners and losers. That is the view of some of our fellow Americans and it is the view of the folks who are in charge today of Washington, D.C.. But the majority of us don’t agree with that view and we deserve a voice in American politics. And that’s why I want to serve in the United states Senate. Because I want to be a part of offering an alternative.”

Rubio is inspired to represent something more than himself. That is why instead of waiting to win the favor of Florida’s Republican political establishment he is challenging its leader, Charlie Crist.

The outright anger with the current state of affairs in America spans the nation and as the atmosphere of discontent compels conservatives to challenge the establishment in Florida we head north to Ohio where conservative John Kasich has cast his hook, line and sinker into the sea of discontent as he seeks the Republican nomination for Governor in 2010.

Kasich is a former congressman, one of the leading members of the Republican Revolution which took control of Congress in 1994.

After handily winning reelection to several terms, Kasich remained true to the conservative agenda that propelled him into office in the first place and rejected the notion of making his place in Congress a lifetime job. But after several years in the private sector the condition of his state and nation has forced him back into the political arena as he seeks to bring the same sense of fiscal responsibility and conservative activism that he brought to Congress, to his state.

“Let people have their power back and run America from the bottom up.“ Power flows from the individual to the government, not the other way around. The individual is paramount in our society. There should be no individual to lord over other groups of people. Individuals ought to be in charge. We ought to get back to the days when we ran this country from the bottom up” says Kasich.

And with that sentiment John Kasich will likely become one of the most influential, leading conservative Governor’s come 2011.

Heading West Chuck Kozak is another example of the renegade Republican forces that are emerging to challenge the status quo of politics and the G.O.P…

As political novice, Kozak enters the race for U.S. Senate in Nevada. This family man, veteran, volunteer, outdoorsman and highly honored attorney will be taking on none other than one of the three leading liberal faces of government, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Kozak seeks to restore a sense of Federalism to our nation by returning the 85 means tested federal welfare programs that remain, back to the states, and give each state the ability to establish an entirely new safety net system based on work instead of handouts. He also sponsors an optional 15% flat income tax, that gives taxpayers the opportunity to choose either that flat tax or the deductions and credits of the current system and he strives for a 20% reduction in the capital gains tax.

Also on his agenda is a focus on a reliance of the free the marketplace to produce new energy, while still using existing sources such as oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear power, as well as the newer alternative energy sources such as wind and solar in order to assure a reliable, low cost energy supply to boost the economy.

This powerful innovative, conservative, constitutional, freedom based agenda is in sharp contrast to the ever emerging liberal, government controlled, socialistic list of plans that Kozak’s opponent, Harry Reid, is responsible for putting on the legislative docket and promoting.

In Pennsylvania the opportunistic, old guard, career politician Arlen Specter who spent his life masquerading as a Republican will be trying to convince Democrats that he’s as liberal as President Obama. His Arnoldian move has opened the door for Republican rebel Pat Toomey to accept the GOP mantle and carry a conservative agenda as powerful as Chuck Kozak’s over the finish line and finally put Specter’s games to rest.

Allover the nation, a new breed of conservative constitutionalists who understand what the Republican Party is suppose to stand for and are ashamed by the old guard’s retreat from that stand, are stepping forward to slowly but surely push aside the Republican leaders who have lost their steam and taken on a practice of political expediency that promotes their grasp on power more than the cause they should be using their power to advance.

In New Jersey conservatives are preparing to challenge the five Cap-and-Trade Republicans who sided with President Obama and House Speaker Pelosi on the issue of taxing the air that we breathe with the greatest transfer of wealth known to man. Those challenges include one to the Dean of New Jersey’s congressional delegation, Republican Representative Chris Smith.

In California where, next year, a fiscally responsibly, innovative Republican in the form of Ebay C.E.O. Meg Whitman, is likely to become Governor and also whisk Republicans in to control of one of their two legislative chambers.

Also in California, Chuck Devore, a state senator, has been slicing and dicing the demonically liberal and outstandingly obnoxious Barabara Boxer as he prepares to challenge her for the U.S. Senate in 2010.

Devore’s outspoken and aggressive attacks on Boxer are proven more and more deserving as she uses Capital Hill as a stage for grandstanding and dressing down members of the military and anyone who is not as rabidly partisan to the radical liberalism that she subscribes to.

One of his strongest issues is a plan to get dollars flowing into California’s coffers without soaking average state taxpayers. He is calling for an aggressive off-shore oil drilling program that would gain access to 9 billion barrels of oil waiting to be tapped into off of California’s coast waters.

Some of the challenges to the establishment of the Republican Party will not be the only reason for new life and new successes for the party. Some Republican victories in many areas will simply come by default as they win not because of themselves but because of the undeniably devastating performances of the Democrats that they will be running against.

Such will likely be the case this year in New Jersey where the race for Governor will probably be won by the guy who has screwed things up least. In this situation that would be Republican nominee, former U.S. Attorney, Chris Christie.

Christie is nothing special and leaves a lot to be desired but incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine has been a disgrace. With no accomplishments to run on, Corzine’s campaign has one issue that he is going with. It is the fact that he is of the same party as President Barack Obama. But without Obama on the ballot, that campaign issue will ultimately fall flat on the ears of voters who have been punished by Corzine with one of the worst economies in the nation and the greatest tax burden in the nation. That all amounts to a Republican win by default.

In New York where Governor David Paterson has led the state into dire straits and Democrat control of the state legislature has led to a point of chaos and confusion that has stalled legislative actions on everything, Republicans are on the verge of taking back at least one chamber of the state legislature and could have a potential Republican Governor in the form of conservative Congressman Peter King of Long Island. That is a long shot though. There is a better chance that former Governor George Pataki will run again or there is always the possibility of Rudy Giuliani entering the picture. Neither of those two would honor the conservative revolution that the state needs but both would be better than David Paterson or Andrew Cuomo if   he challenges Paterson for the nomination and beats him.

In Michigan the devastating ruin that liberal Governor Jennifer Granholm made of the state will usher in some much needed changes there too. And they will be quite the opposite to the change that President Obama is currently creating.

All together, the cumulative effects of all these pending races demonstrates that 2010 is shaping up to be the precipice of a pivotal political period. On that precipice are the fronts of two battles which are brewing at this very moment.

One battle is for the restoration of a Republican Party that realizes its roots and begins to once again represent its grass root followers. In this battle the Marco Rubio’s who represent the new breed of traditional conservative Republicans will fight the stagnant and unproductive old guard members of the party………the ones that produced the moderate and almost apologetic Republican candidacy of John McCain for President. The part of the party that has forgotten the principles and responsibilities that led to the Republican Revolution of 1994.

The second front will be the fight against incumbent liberal powerbrokers who now control government on the state and federal level because of those Republicans who strayed away from the principles they vowed to advance. On this front, the John Kasich’s, the Chuck DeVore’s and if he wins the first battle, the Marco Rubio’s of the new generation of Republican leaders will have to slay the loyal liberal opposition that is taking this country in the wrong direction that 61% of Americans believe we are heading in.

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