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“Fighting For Our Rights in a Post-Constitutional Era of Government”

Bookmark and Share  “Fighting For Our Rights in a Post-Constitutional Era of Government” is the stated purpose of a new blog fittingly entitled  The Conservative Constitutionalist Movement and it can be found at http://ccvoice.wordpress.com/.
Click on the Constitution to visit the Conservative Constitutionaliust Movement blog

Click on the Constitution to visit the Conservative Constitutionalist Movement blog

Its title  is probably less of a title than it is an accurate  description of an increasing sentiment that is seeping into the minds of more and more Americans as each and every day of President Obama’s administration passes. 

As the current ruling liberal Democrat regime of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid implement more and more of  their liberal concepts, all together they are forcing Americans to see policies  reminiscent of failed socialist states.  They are increasingly realizing that with the appointment of  an endless number of Czars, the troika of Obama, Pelosi and Reid  are growing a larger, more centralized, more invasive and more controlling government that will cost the taxpayer more and more money and ultimately deliver less and less freedom.

Many of those Americans who have come to this conclusion were already unhappy with the former administration and felt a disconnect between their lower taxation policy and continued sustained levels of spending.  They also were not pleased with what amounted to the start of a what has now become an uncontrollable trend……..bailout mania.

But now as one administration passed and a new one took control any unhappiness with the previous President and Congress has only been tripled when it comes to the actions of the new ones.  So much so that unhappiness has turned into anger and anger has turned into a movement.

Hence the The Conservative Constitutionalist Movement.

The creator of this new blog happens to be a man whom I am honored to have as an acquaintance.  I call him Friday. 

No. I do not call him on Fridays.   He goes by the name Friday on the political debate website that we are both active participanst of, U4Prez.com

If you haven’t joined the site yet do so because you are missing out on one of the freeset, fiestiest  formats for open political debate on the internet and it has an intriguing added attraction that actually allows you to run your own race for President among the other candidates on U4Prez.

Friday has always been conservative and with an accomplished backgound in economics he is not just some “country bumpkin clinging to his guns and religion”.  He is a man of faith though and he is also a man of conviction, principle, strong character and a deep and abiding faith in the principles that founded this great nation of ours.

So what it comes down to is that Friday is someone whose understanding and love of freedom has forced him to be offended by the blatant assault on freedom that he sees our own federal government carrying out.  So offended that he is a leader in the Conservative Constitutionalist Movement

He believes in the conservative values which, whenever applied corerectly, have proven to be times of our nations greatest success.  And he also believes in the Constitution of the United States.  Believing in it is an inherrent part of conservatism but these day as we see both Republicans and Democrats stretching the Constitution to a breaking point , people like Friday can’t help but try to pull us back and restore us to the constituitonal form of governance that we were meant to have.

So I invite you all to subscribe to his new blog.  If you have any concerns about your country or find yourself confused as to why exactly so many people in this country are angry at what is coming out of Washington, read the Conservative Constitutionalist blog.  In plain black and white, Friday will explain why if you aren’t angry yet, you should be.

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Click here for the U4Prez.com homepage

Click here for the U4Prez.com homepage

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Maneuvering Through Minnesota Politics


Bookmark and Share   Democrats are maneuvering their way to a filibuster proof majority in the U.S. Senate.

Despite ballot counting irregularities that are still being reviewed by the Minnesota courts, liberal Democrat Al Franken maintains a slim plurality of votes over moderate Republican incumbent Senator Norm Coleman.

The process that afforded Franken this lead is quite questionable and it is why the results continue to be reviewed by the courts.

Although initial returns had Coleman leading Franken, many of the votes which turned things around were found days after the election and some of them were even counted twice.

In one case involving a heavily democratic precinct, 100 votes were discovered days after the election. They were all for Al Franken and according to the time stamp of the voting machine, they were all cast on November 3rd.

The election was held on November 4th.

Most recently, attorneys for Senator Norm Coleman were trying to insure that a few thousand contested ballots were allowed to be included in the vote tally.

For innocuous reasons these ballots were not included in subsequent counts. One blind man who signed his name on the wrong line appeared in court and swore to the fact that he did sign the ballot, that he voted for Norm Coleman and that he wanted his vote to be counted.

Just a few days ago, a three judge panel finally rejected the thought of counting these ballots.

But Coleman’s attorneys have also been arguing the fact that the recount process must accept one set of standards for the entire state. One disturbing part of the recount process has been the fact that less stringent standards were being applied to the counting of ballots in heavily Democratic districts than in Republican districts. Such a random application of standards allowed the same absentee ballot that had a signature in the wrong place to be counted for Franken but not for Coleman. It is a similar argument that was debated during the presidential election crisis of 2000.

All of these irregularities warrant legal scrutiny. It provides a rationale for Senator Coleman to continue contesting the election and taking advantage of every available avenue of legal recourse.

That means he can appeal some of the more questionable decisions regarding ballot counting procedures and irregularities to the Minnesota State Supreme Court and ultimately the United States Supreme Court.

According to Minnesota state law, no election can be certified until all legal challenges have been exhausted. That means Minnesota is left with only one senator representing them at this point in time. It also means that it could be a few more months before they finally have two senators.

But Democrats are foaming at the mouth to seat Al Franken now.

Their leader, Harry Reid, even thought about how he could find a way to seat Franken without certification by the state of Minnesota.

Now, they are trying to intimidate Senator Coleman into dropping his right to appeal some of the questionable judicial rulings made in this case.

They have come out and essentially told Norm Coleman that if he wins, they will make sure that he suffers. They are trying to convince him that he will be better off losing than winning.

Democrats are planning to drag Coleman through the mud if the election results do not go their way. They promise to bring legal and ethics charges against him. In one instance, since the election has taken place, they claim that a businessman with ties to the oil industry funneled $75,000 to Coleman’s wife.

Last month, Democrat campaign operatives even recruited a politically connected, liberal, former associate of that same businessman to repeat that same allegation in a separate civil court deposition.

On top of that, the partisan Minnesota Democratic-Farm-Labor Party has joined the battle against Coleman by filing charges with the Federal Election Commission claiming that he accepted soft money for his campaign.

But the liberal manipulation doesn’t stop there.

Another liberal front group, that hides their purpose behind a deceiving name, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, has filed charges with the senate ethics committee, claiming that Coleman breaks ethical guidelines by renting an apartment in Washington for $600. a month from a fellow Minnesotan who is a donor to his campaign.

Since the election, Coleman has become the most corrupt political figure in the world.

Since the election, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has orchestrated a new campaign that would have you believe that Norm Coleman belongs in the same prison cell as New Jersey’s ex governor Jim McGreevey, New York’s ex governor Elliot Spitzer and Illinois’ former Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Some Democrat operatives have come right out and said that Coleman would be better off if he gave up and got out.

This is not democracy in action, this is an episode of the Soprano’s without a scene of the body being cut up in the back room of Satriales butcher shop. It is intimidation.

It is also a part of politics and a shame.

However, innocence has a way of revealing itself, and the trumped up charges created to deter Norm Coleman from contesting the questionable election results will eventually be seen for what they are. Hopefully, Norm Coleman will see this through to the end.

Hopefully, Coleman will continue to challenge the rulings which denied thousands of ballots to be counted.

But if he doesn’t or if he does and the final results do certify comedian Al Franken as the winner, what will Minnesotans be getting?

Apparently they will be getting a liberal extremist with a host of his own ethical breaches and illegal conduct. You see, Obama cabinet officials are not the only ones with an inability and unwillingness to pay taxes. Al Franken failed to pay some of his own.

Before his senate campaign, he neglected to pay the fees on workers compensation and other taxes for employees of his own corporation, called AFI, in 18 different states. But as we all know, cheating on your taxes is becoming a prerequisite for the new administration and the new congressional majority.

Losing the moderate leadership of Norm Coleman in the U.S. Senate would be a shame. Especially to the likes of a radical like Franken. It would also be incentive for Minnesota liberals to continue their despicable political tactics.

These are the same people who tried to defeat Norm Coleman in his first race for the senate by turning the funeral of his opponent into a campaign rally.

These people will sink to any level in their plight for power and they are doing so again. Hopefully their conduct will not be rewarded.

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Because “Hope” and “Change” Is Easier Said Than Done


Bookmark and Share     Like Charles Schultz’s famous Peanuts character, Linus van Pelt, who literally carries around a blanket as a source of security, President Obama carries a teleprompter around with him everywhere he goes.

A teleprompter is the source of what is suppose to be the first quality that impresses us with our new President. We are suppose to be impressed by his purported speaking ability and his incredibly articulate manner. For the left it is a particular source of pride. They claim President Obama’s command of the language is a terrific counter to the seemingly less articulate dialogue of former President George W. Bush.

Although President Bush did have his moments, he didn’t follow snoopy around with a blanket in hand. He didn’t require a teleprompter to know what he felt or what he knew, in his mind, we needed to do.

Unlike President Bush, President Obama uses a teleprompter to deliver all his speeches. There is nothing wrong or unusual with using, occassionally. But President Obama uses a teleprompter with unusual regularity and consistency. Far more than any of his predecessors. He drags it around like Linus with his security blanket.

President Bush, used a teleprompter only for major speeches, like the State of the Union. He never needed one for occasions like the traditional pardoning of the turkey for Thanksgiving Day events. But not Barack. He uses it for everything from announcing nominees to cabinet positions, to welcoming the Irish Prime Minister on St. Patrick’s Day.

The teleprompter, or as some have come to call it “TOTUS“, is everywhere POTUS goes.

It has gotten to the point where those covering the President are finding it difficult to do without being hindered by the teleprompter. Photographers have a tough time taking a picture of the President without a teleprompter covering his face from one angle or another.

It makes one wonder how confident our President is on any of the issues he addresses. It makes one wonder if Barack really is the great communicator and profoundly articulate individual that his adoring fans make him out to be.

Does he really feel what he says? Does he believe what he says? Are his words coming from the heart? Or are his words merely coming from a teleprompter in a carefully scripted charade.

I do not know the real answers to those questions but I am inclined to have my doubts.

For another opinion on the matter, here is a video for your viewing pleasure.

It comes from the real horses mouth. The teleprompter.

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Recently, Democrats took control of Monmouth County’s Board of Chosen Freeholders. Since 1986 Democrats have long been locked out of leadership in government on the county level in Monmouth County New Jersey. They have not held a single seat on the county’s governing body.  Not since recent years when, slowly, they have managed to elect one and even two new Freeholders. The most recent election helped elect another Democrat. The importance of that third Democrat Freeholder was pivotal. On a board of 5, it meant control of county government. The Republican loss of control in Monmouth may or may not have been deserved. But what is not deserved, is the certain lack of quality that Democrat control is promising to bring.

Since winning their third Freeholders seat, Democrats have gone out of their way to demonstrate that politics, not policy will rule the day.The first thing that the liberal troika of Freeholders did was to discuss who would become their ringleader. The three of them held private conversations that led to a private vote which elected one of them to be the Freeholder Director. Never mind that there were two other members of the board that should have been consulted and a part of the decision. They were Republicans and after all, who really cares about the democratic process?


So with partisan politics at the forefront, Democrats held their own election and released an independent press release that informed the people, including the two Republican Freeholders, of who will be the new director. You would think that the new liberal regime would at least try to seem inclusive and decent but no, not these guys.

Now, days after installing their own leader, the new leadership is promising to cost county residents even more money than their policy initiatives will burden taxpayers with.

They are pushing for the creation of new positions. New, high paying positions. Positions that spread some of their own responsibilities, such as oversight, to people other themselves.

In several areas, the liberal Freeholders want to create new bureaucratic positions that they intend to fill through the time held tradition of patronage.

To make matters worse, the new regime is trying to replace existing county employees, who are Republican, with fellow Democrats simply because they are not Democrats.

That is not unheard of in the world of partisan politics, but what is a bit of real impropriety, is that they are trying to replace those who hold jobs that are classified as civil service positions. Individuals holding civil service positions can’t be removed from the job without just cause yet something as menial as the law is not getting in the way of the Democrats. Without any proof or evidence, they are trying to claim that some of these civil servants have been insubordinate and inept. Proving that is going to be hard, especially since such charges were not levied by Democrats until they took control of the process.

Liberal State Party Boss, Assemblyman Joe Cryan

Liberal State Party Boss, Assemblyman Joe Cryan

To add insult to injury, the new liberal Freeholders have left the decision of who to hire in Monmouth County up to Joe Cryan, an Assemblyman from Union County who represents the towns Elizabeth, Kenilworth, Roselle and Union, New Jersey. Even more important than his Assembly leadership, or lack of it,  is the fact that Joe Cryan is the chairman of New Jersey’s Democrat State Committee.

So not only have Monmouth County Democrats kicked off their reign with increased spending and a patronage driven direction, they have relinquished authority to a state party boss from a different county. Assemblyman Cryan’s own legislative chief of staff confirms this and admits that the Assemblyman has contacted state personnel departments and Rutgers’ Eagleton Institute of Politics about finding candidates for the Monmouth County positions of chief financial officer, directors of the human resources and human services departments, and the newest  new post of inspector general.

Isn’t this great. Not only is a state employee of a state legislator using state time to respond to political party business, his liberal party chief boss is appointing people to posts in a county that he neither lives in or is elected or hired to represent.

But at least the Democrats running Monmouth County’s Board of Freeholders will win favor with the state liberal party chieftain. I mean so long as the needs of party politics are being fulfilled, the citizens of Monmouth County will be taken care of.

Or will they?

The games being played by county Democrats prove that the people of  Monmouth are not the priority. Nor are the problems that need solving or the future troubles that need avoiding. Politics is what these characters have shown us to be their priority and as such, we have to hope that the state liberal party boss, Assemblyman Joe Cryan from Union County cares as much for the people of Monmouth County as he does for the people living in the towns of the district that he represents.


A visitor from Holland was chatting with his American friend and was jokingly explaining about the red, white and blue in the Netherlands flag. “Our flag symbolizes our taxes,” he said. “We get red when we talk about them, white when we get our tax bill, and blue after we pay them.”

“That’s the same with us,” the American said, “only we see stars, too.”

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DEAR MR. OBAMA, We’ve Heard You, Now Hear Us!

Dear Mr. Obama;

I have heard what you have said.

I have heard you call upon ending unfinished wars abroad while waging your own campaign of class warfare here at home.

I have heard your entire presidential campaign pit the working class against the wealthy and used the economic prosperity of some as a scapegoat for everyone else. I have listened to you suggest that the wealthy must fund a larger government bureaucracy that spreads their wealth.

I have listened to you outline plans that deal with everything except the principles of freedom that have fueled our economy and been the backbone of all that makes our nation great. In fact, in listening to your campaign rhetoric, it sounds like freedom is the enemy.

Your Robin Hood economic plan limits financial freedom while growing the size and scope of government so that the federal bureaucracy can determine all that individuals should determine.

Your education policies denounce the use of school vouchers and impair the ability of parents to exercise the freedom to educate their children in the school of their choosing.

Your energy policy invests historic amounts of government spending into achieving energy independence through alternative methods, a decade from now, while restricting the freedom to tap into the domestic natural resources available to us now.

Throughout your campaign I have heard you plot an economic plan that grows the size of a government that decides more for more people by limiting their freedom to make those decisions for themselves.

I have heard your plans to stifle the American entrepreneurial spirit and to make government replace free will by adopting a degree of socialism that more accurately reflects Cuba than our own constitution..

I have heard you promote the government doing more of what it shouldn’t at home while you advance a policy that would have the government doing less of what it should abroad.

When it comes to the international community you oppose pre-emptive actions that would reduce threats from foreign enemies. You have called the removal of Saddam Hussein “stupid” and our efforts to defend freedom “unnecessary .

I have heard you advance Nancy Pelosi’s tea with terrorist policies and your willingness to accept the unacceptable in order to negotiate with terrorist regimes.

I have listened to all your words but I have also listened to the words of others.

Others have not waged class warfare. Others have not called the cause of freedom stupid and others I have listened to have even accomplished things. They have been involved in what they speak of and some have even made sacrifices for what they believe in. In fact, out of all that I have heard from you, none of it has been as meaningful as one man who I have heard from only once in my life. His words are so profound and so poignant that I think it’s time for a change. Instead of me listening to you I want you to listen to him.


So, Dear Mr. Obama,

I have heard your arguments and after careful contemplation I have concluded that freedom is not the enemy and that government is not the answer to all of our problems.

I have concluded that government can however, provide the enemies of freedom with the right answers so long as our government is willing to give freedom the respect that it deserves.

I have concluded that government serves us best by allowing me and freedom to flourish and that government is best served by John McCain.



Obama’s plan to spread Joe the Plumber’s wealth is a plan that dilutes all of our well being and clogs up our free path to opportunity and prosperity.


 Unclog the crap that impedes us in Washinton, DC.Plunge Barack Obama’s plans to send the American dream down the drain. 




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