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Bookmark and Share    I understand that some national policies are  moving us  towards socialism and is  removing incentive from our society.  I realize that rewarding mediocrity is something that, in the long run, benefits no one. But what I did not realize is that there exists a protest movement that is going with the government flow and accepting medicrioty as a means to teach government a lesson.  The movement is accepting the results of national policies and reducing their high levels of productivity which are being penalized more than rewarded.

atlas_02It is called Going Galt.

It stems from a classic American novel written by Ayn Rand called Atlas Shrugged. Although written in 1954, the book is as timely as ever.

It is a story about an America where the innovators and creators in our society have disappeared and we lose those of great talent and abilities. It is a theoretical description of the result of our loss of individuality and our market economy. In the book, the government is the oppressive bureaucracy that stifles success and rewards mediocrity. Government is the looter and it reflects the philosophy of socialism. Instead of rewarding success, government penalizes it.

As a result, a character in the book, named John Galt, covertly leads a movement to withdraw the most talented and innovative from the free market engine of the world economy. Galt leads those, who refuse to be exploited by looting governments, on a crusade that denies the looters any booty to loot.

Prompted by the government’s taking incentives out of success and innovation in order to spread the wealth, those who fuel our economy withdraw and government eventually loses its source of wealth and its means to sustain itself and the people it tries to spread wealth to.

That is the premise behind Going Gault.

One web site writes that “Going Galt is dropping out. Closing a business, leaving your job or just working to survive.”

This, in essence cuts off the funding source of government, otherwise known as the looters.

Without having your endless productivity to tax, the government will have nothing to loot and eventually the socialist desire to spread wealth is killed off by there being no wealth to spread.

Since we are becoming a society that increasingly punishes success and productivity many feel it is time for those who make the money and pay the taxes to take it easy, live on less and let the government looters try to spread wealth with very little available wealth.

Current economic policy directions are making the Going Galt  movement more and more prevalent. After all, rally07President Obama ran and won on a platform that promised to take money from those who are productive and redistribute it to those who are not as productive or successful. So where is the incentive to be so productive? Where is the desire to earn more if that only means that more will be taken from you. 

This leads us to a modern day version of Atlas Shrugged.

Imagine the local supermarket whose owner has more money taken away from them for having a good business. Now imagine that supermarket owner closing his store and putting a sign up on the door that says “Going Galt”. Imagine that sign hanging on those closed doors for three or four days a week.

Under the current system of penalizing success, the store owner may end up with the same amount of money in his own pocket after selling less product than he could have made for selling more products.

Of course the government will also yield less from that store owner and will have less wealth to hand out to the employees of that store who will already be losing out on three or four days of employment and salary.

It’s a vicious cycle that creates a downward spiral  prompted by socialist policies which can’t sustain themselves and certainly cannot sustain our government. It is also the impetus behind Going Galt.

Some ways to Go Galt include stop investing. Capital gains taxes remove your profits and enable the government to continue and expand socialist policies. So dry up the source of the financing of those policies. Stop investing.

HowToGoGalt.com also suggests that you “Visit your local school board, or send a letter asking the economics department to teach free market capitalism. A great book to suggest is Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics. I would also suggest donating Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, A Man In Full and other good books to your local school library. Put the pinch on local looters by voting down new tax levies, and supporting groups that fight new taxes. On the other hand it’s a good time to support vocational education and two year technical colleges. Stop giving money to your college alma mater. Just about every college embraces a socialist ideology.”

Going Galt is not a positive thing to have to do, it is really a last resort. But with the way things are going, many in society feel that we are that point.

After seeing some Republicans equivocate on fiscal issues and after witnessing Democrats adopt socialism, many feel that Going Galt,  breaking the government wealth distribution system and proving the point, is the only way to bring about change that is meaningful.

Going Galt  may actually be the change that we need in order to really give us hope again.

So the next time  a tax is raised, a new government program is created and a new private sector company is taken over by the federal government, send a message, Go Galt and let liberals begin to understand just how unsustainable socialism really is.

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