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antspreadwealthBookmark and Share   With wide spread electoral support for “spreading the wealth” through big government, President Obama and liberal leaders Pelosi and Reid , are well on the way to advancing their socialist conversion of our democracy.
It needs to be mentioned that Republicans have also helped in this effort.
Of course only three Republican federal office holders supported the current American economic socialization package but the sudden unwillingness of many Republicans to allow what they have allowed in the past is to little too late.
In the past a healthy block of Republicans in the house and senate have opposed fascist economic policies but not enough to help save the party from defeat in the past two election cycles. An abandonment of our antiestablishment mentality, the acceptance of political largess and a lack of adherence to conservative policy has helped to undermine the G.O.P.’s purpose and our nations economic and social health.
The fact that only three Republicans jumped on board to the recent multi hundred billion dollar stimulus package is encouraging. It shows that the G.O.P. may have learned a lesson and is getting back on track and back on message.

That is yet to be seen though.

If it is in fact true, it still remains to be seen if they are willing to maintain their rediscovered principles if and when they get back control of government.

But what is heartening to know is that there definitely are leaders outside of congress who are willing to keep their conservative beliefs and principles intact.

Several Republican Governors have indicated that they would rather do the hard work it takes to build a strong, sustainable economy that is based on the principles of our free society and free markets as opposed to selling their political souls for federal dollars that will do little more than place a band aid on an economic gash that requires stitches.

Governors such as South Carolina’s Mark Sanford and Louisiana’s Bobby Jindahl have not exactly signed the mortgage papers for their states with the federal government. Joining them are also Alaska’s Governor Palin, Mississippi’s Haley Barbour and Idaho’s Butch Otter.

These Governors have not entirely looked the gift horse in the mouth. They have indicated a willingness to accept some of the money trickling down from the federal bureaucracy. But the monies they are willing to accept for their states are those which do not come along with strings that are attached to regressive policies that are damaging to their states in the long run.

One example cited is additional funds for unemployment. According to the pork riddled, economic wealth socialization boondoggle, states accepting supplemental federal unemployment funds must extend their state unemployment eligibility to part-time workers.antmoney-strings1

The move would force states to engage in an expansion of a governmental safety net that is meant to help full time employees stay afloat until they can be gainfully reemployed. It is not meant as a benefit to be exploited by teenagers who lose their part-time jobs because of the start of school or due to juvenile, irresponsible, insubordinate behavior and job performance.

The measure would in fact turn the unemployment insurance program into a system that would produce a long term need to drastically increase unemployment withholding taxes and still not be able to sustain the level of unemployment insurance benefits needed to effectively aid those who do find themselves unemployed.

The expansion of unemployment to include part-time workers is just one of many strings attached to the dangerous precedence created by the so-called recovery package.

Yet while liberals in congress attached strings that would expand the size of government and it’s socio-economic reach, they refused to exercise a scintilla of fiscally conservative policy.

They refuse to accept withholding stimulus money from businesses that did not participate in the -E-Verification system that would help insure that these businesses do not hire illegal immigrants and spend American economic dollars on illegal residents instead of American citizens.

Rather than withhold federal stimulus dollars from states that maintained sanctuary city policies, liberals insured that the spreading of the Americans taxpayers wealth was divvied up among illegal immigrants and invading hordes.

Governor’s were not a part of the Capitol Hill fight over the economic socialization bill that liberals passed with the help of three liberal Republican senators. But now that the bill has passed and been signed into law by the President, Governors are on the frontline of the fight.

They will be the ones either buying into the decline of our democratic republic or they will reject many of the federal bribes aimed at reforming our state governments from states where the opportunity to create wealth is endless or to ones where the government is the source of a wealth that they use to spread as they wish.

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“The United States have developed a new weapon that destroys people but it leaves buildings standing. It’s called the stock market.” —Jay Leno

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