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antreaganday1aBookmark and Share    Every February, the month of Ronald Reagan’s birth, citizens of  New Jersey  join together to celebrate New Jersey Reagan Day.  It is a heartfelt, “all-volunteer tribute to the life, leadership, and legacy of President Ronald Reagan“, that was founded by conservative New Jersey Assemblyman Jay Webber.

The event features speeches, displays of classic Reagan memorabilia, video tributes, and even a jelly bean guessing contest to recall Reagan’s favorite snack.

New Jersey Reagan Day has also become a standard stopping point for Republican statewide candidates. As such, this year’s event anticipates appearances by Republican gubernatorial candidates Steve Lonegan, Brian Levine  and Chris Christie.

The featured guest speaker and individual delivering this year’s keynote tribute speech will be President Reagan’s former assistant  for Political and Intergovernmental Affairs and deputy assistant to the President for Public Liaison at the White House, Frank Donatelli.antreaganday

According to the event’s web site, “New Jersey Reagan Day is not about mere nostalgia. What we celebrate most are President Reagan’s great intangible attributes — his forward-looking vision, his deep faith in the essential goodness and wisdom of the American people, and his firm commitment to great ideas and principles. Ronald Reagan saw and appreciated what is best about us. Like a lighthouse beacon reaching every corner of the world, President Reagan projected our nation’s greatness to the rest of the globe“.

Reagan Day creators add “across that globe, in places like Budapest and Warsaw, monuments literally are rising to pay homage to a great man. If former communists in Hungary and Poland can find ways to honor Reagan for his vision and strength in promoting human liberty, then certainly we in New Jersey can do the same”.

So this Wednesday, join us in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey at the Zeris Inn for a celebratory tribute to President Reagan and his accomplishments.

For your invitation click here

or call (201) 602-4468

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“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are:

‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”   ~Ronald Reagan


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