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No Need to Reinvent Conservatism. Just Practice It

Bookmark and Share As the policies of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid regime take hold, it is becoming increasingly apparent that spending does not make one rich or restore us to a path of sustainable prosperity. This is a point that conservative Governor Haley Barbour makes clear in the following speech on conservatism and reducing government spending.

Barbour is leading conservative. He always has been and his leadership is of significant importance during this time of ideological extremes. As a Governor, Haley Barbour proves that conservatism is not properly described when it is called extreme. His leadership demonstrates that conservatism is best described as an appropriate solution to many of our problems. Especially today’s problems.

In the following speech, Governor Barbour presents the facts and arguments which explain why that is so.

In his statement, you will come to understand that conservatism has never failed this nation but those who have applied it wrong have failed us and those who deny its practice, continue to do us a disservice.

I urge you to take a moment and hear what Haley Barbour has to say.   Whether you like what he says or not, Haley Barbour will be an increasingly critical player in the near future of the Republican Party and the nation.

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