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New Jersey Shore Hurricane Irene Information Directory

Bookmark and Share  POLITICS 24/7 is receiving a number of questions regarding the circumstances in the many different municipalities. With over 645 of them, establishing precise and up to date information regarding each one of them is a task too big for one person. I will do my best to answer any questions there may be or direct individuals to the proper entities to contact for answers to their questions.

In the mean time I have compiled what should be a good start for getting information regarding Hurricane Irene that is specific to you and your location.

The very first site that I suggest you take a look at is Jersey Shore Hurricane News .   It is a Facebook page that is being run by a few concerned citizen.  Here you are asked to post information you become aware of, particularly if it is news peratining to conditions or orders made by local authorities.  But you will also find good information for yourself and may find answers to many of your own questions.

Public Service and Emergency Assistance Phone Numbers

3 digit dialing codes provide easy dialing for New Jersey consumers needing to reach various public services or obtain emergency assistance.

Municipal Web Sites

Below is a directory of  New Jersey municipalities in alphabetical order.   To find your municipality’s website, click on the letter which the municaplity begins with.  Then click on the name of that municipality.  These links may or may not be “official” pages for these towns. They contain some useful information about the municipality and its surrounding area and if those that are official sites, will provide you with warnings or at least the numbers of the proper authorities and management teams that can provide you with the information you need.

A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N    O    P    R    S    T    U    V    W

County Government Websites

Click on your county to be taken to their site


Track color-coded maps with New Jersey’s real-time NWS weather forecasts, shore, tidal and river information:

 Community Groups:

For Preparedness Info,
Call Your County OEM or 609-963-6964

Advice, Tips and Shelters Info

What to do NOW, before a Hurricane or Tropical Storm strikes

Basic StepsFor Preparedness

Find Out if You Are In A High-Risk Area

Know How You Will Evacuate Or Shelter-in-Place

What to do when a storm is APPROACHING

  • Pay Attention To Weather Forecasts
  • Listen For Official Instructions
  • While You Are Waitingto Receive Official Instructions
  • Evacuation Orders : Mandatory vs. Voluntary
  • Pay Attention To Weather Forecasts

 The last thing I would like to advise people to do is not panic.  If you prepare your emergency kits and take all the precautions or heed all evacutation warnings now, rather than later, you will be fine.  Stressing out over the material things in your life, is not worth risking your life.  So err on the side of caution.

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Jersey Shore Hurricane News Update

Bookmark and Share  The track of Hurricane Irene is still projected to place the New Jersey shore in or very near the eye of the storm.  Many experts are now preparing for the worst case scenario that there is with a storm like this.

Some of the latest developing information includes a mandatory evacuation in Cape May County, and Long Beach Island, and the Mayor of Asbury Park has urged al residents to evacuate to higher ground by Saturday afternoon.

As of the writing of this post, a mandatory evacuation order was put in to effect in Atlantic County effective tomorrow ( Friday) morning.

Visit the New Jersey Shore Hurricane Page for more information and updates and see previous POLITICS 24/7 posts for links to important information and maps involving Hurricane Irene.

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New Jersey Residents Can Provide and Receive Valuable Hurricane Information on Facebook

Bookmark and Share   With no changes in the forecasted track of Hurricane Irene, New Jersey residents are urged here and also here.  In addition to those links there is now a Facebook page that provides valuable, up to date infortmation for New Jersey residents.  It is called the Jersey Shore Hurricane Page .

On it you will find information from other Jersey residents regarding such things as where there are gas shortages, ongoing storm preparations in local communities, storm tracking data and other such data.  You are also urged to provide any updates or information that you feel are pertinent.

This page is an excellent use of Facebook.  In a society where Facebook communications have become pervaisve, this is an example of just how much good Facebook can be used for.


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Governor Christie Declares a State of Emergency in Advance of Hurricane Irene

Bookmark and Share   As of 1:00 pm, Governor Chris Christie wrapped up a half hour longe press in which he declared a state of emergency in advance of Hurricane Irene.

In his presser the Governor stated that he understood how the people of New Jersey are “cynical and tough”.  He added “So amI.  I suspect that maybe that is why they elected me”.  But Christie warned that no one should be cynical about the warnings he was issuing nor should they think they are tougher than the potential of Irene.

Christie said that at the moment he issuing a voluntary evacuation warning to people in low lying areas of the state and in shore communities, especially those who are on  the state’s barrier islands.  He told residents that while the evacuatuin is now voluntary, the potential exists for him to make it a mandatory evacuation and asks residents to leave now, before such a mandatory order sends a hign volume of New Jerseyansd on to roads all at the same time and thereby creating traffic jams and delaying the evacuation process.

Christie also warned that this storm will impact the entire state, not just the coast and that with recent heavy rainfalls, all of the states rivers and streams are at risk of reaching catastrophic flooding levels due to an additional 6 to 12 inches of rainfall just from Irene alone.

Politics 24/7 urges all New Jersey residents to monitor the storm as closely as possible.  We also suggest that they take the following tips for their safety.

Learn what disasters or emergencies may occur in your area. These events can range from those affecting only you and your family, like a home fire or medical emergency, to those affecting your entire community, like an earthquake or flood.

  • Identify how local authorities will notify you during a disaster and how you will get information, whether through local radio, TV or NOAA Weather Radio stations or channels.
  • Know the difference between different weather alerts such as watches and warnings and what actions to take in each.
  • Know what actions to take to protect yourself during disasters that may occur in areas where you travel or have moved recently. For example, if you travel to a place where earthquakes are common and you are not familiar with them, make sure you know what to do to protect yourself should one occur.
  • When a major disaster occurs, your community can change in an instant. Loved ones may be hurt and emergency response is likely to be delayed. Make sure that at least one member of your household is trained in first aid and CPR and knows how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). This training is useful in many emergency situations.
  • Share what you have learned with your family, household and neighbors and encourage them to be informed.

Emergency Contact Cards for All Household Members
Get your cards online at

  • Print one card for each family member.
  • Write the contact information for each household member, such as work, school and cell phone numbers.
  • Fold the card so it fits in your pocket, wallet or purse.
  • Carry the card with you so it is available in the event of a disaster or other emergency.

Residents are also advised to begin preparing emergency or disaster kits that consist of the following:

 1Water – at least 1 gallon daily per person for 3 to 7 days

1Food – at least enough for 3 to 7 days
— non-perishable packaged or canned food / juices
— foods for infants or the elderly
— snack foods
— non-electric can opener
— cooking tools / fuel
— paper plates / plastic utensils 1Blankets / Pillows, etc.

1Clothing – seasonal / rain gear/ sturdy shoes

1First Aid Kit / Medicines / Prescription Drugs1Special Items – for babies and the elderly1Toiletries / Hygiene items / Moisture wipes1Flashlight / Batteries

1Radio – Battery operated and NOAA weather radio1Telephones – Fully charged cell phone with extra battery and a traditional (not cordless) telephone set

1Cash (with some small bills) and Credit Cards – Banks and ATMs may not be available for extended periods


1Important documents – in a waterproof container or watertight resealable plastic bag
— insurance, medical records, bank account numbers, Social Security card, etc.

1Tools – keep a set with you during the storm1Vehicle fuel tanks filled

1Toys, Books and Games

1Pet care items
— proper identification / immunization records / medications
— ample supply of food and water
— a carrier or cage
— muzzle and leash

For more information click on the image link below:
NJ Office Of Emergency Management




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New Jersey Hurricane Irene and Preparedness Update

Bookmark and Share   While the exact projected track of a hurricane can never be predicted, the general track can and at this point in time, expert consensus projects Hurricane Irene to be on a track that takes it right up the East Coast.  In the forecast model below, the eye of the hurricane directly passes over Monmouth and Ocean counties around 9:00 pm Sunday evening.  It also projects that maximum sustained winds around the eye may be as high as 93 or 94 mph.

Cick here to play a frame by frame animation of the storms projected track

Before and after the eye storm passes over, Hurricane Irene will be wreaking havoc. 

While tropical systems of this sort often pick up speed and move through our area relatively quickly, right now Hurricane Irene is expected to be a slow mover.  This means that devastating winds and bands and pockets of torrential rains will be hammering the area for hours before and after the eye passes over  or near New Jersey ort portions of the state such as Monmouth and Ocean counties. 

Compunding the problem will be the heavy rains that the area has already experienced in the days before Irene.  Those hevy rains have already soaked the area and will only make it harder for the ground to better absorb the heavy rains of Irene.

But the most damaging affects of Hurricane Irene will be its tidal surge.  Bays such as Raritan will be seeing a steady flow of wind driven waves fill their basins with abnormally heavy volumes of water.  As a result, extremely high tides will bring water further inland and create dangerous flood conditions.   Adding to the problem will be extra high tides that will be in place becuase of this weekends full moon.

The state Office of Emergency Management says if Hurricane Irene maintains both its projected track and strength,  evacuations of communities along the Jersey shore due to tidal and storm surge flooding, will be be likely.

Shore residents should make sure emergency supply kits for their home and cars are fully stocked.  New Jersey residents should also  have a plan in place in case of an evacuation order and should stay informed about the threat from the storm.

When local, county or State officials order you to evacuate , they will provide specific information about the roads you should take. Police and first responders will be posted in your community to direct traffic and block roads that are unsafe.

In the meantime, you can a view a county-by-county  run down on the evacuation routes nearest you.  It is important to remember this though.  Do not wait to evacuate at the last minute.  New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the nation.  That means that with such a heavy concentration of people in such a relatively small space we are prone to traffic jams and you do not want to be fleeing for safety in a ten mile back up on the Garden State Parkway or any of the established evacuation routes.

The Maps:

New Jersey Coastal Evacuation Maps
New Jersey Storm Surge Maps

Hurricane Irene is not something to be taken likely and while some may be feeling that all this discussion about it, is simply increasing anxiety.  None of this is meant to inspire fear or to exaggerate the effects of the storm.  It is simply meant as a means for you to prepare for the worst, if it should become possible.  Currently the worst effects of this storm are very possible and those in its possible path need to be aware of the dangers and do their best to stay informed about its developments and be prepared to take the measures that will help you avoid the worst.

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Congressman Scott Garrett Asks New Jersey Residents to Prepare for Hurrican Irene

Irene was a Category 1 storm   Bookmark and Share    With the potential for Hurricane Irene to affect the  Tri-State area in one form or another, POLITICS 24/7 asks all New Jersey residents, especially those who live along  the state’s coast, to heed the advice of Congressman Garrett whose message to his constituents is shown below this post.

  The latest models have Hurricane Irene beginning to effect our region late Saturday, but on Sunday, they expect us to be experiencing the worst of it, which weather experts are describing as “some of the worst weather many in our area have ever seen.”  Of course it is possible for the storm to change course and lose some of its strength, but that is not how it looks now.  No matter what , some effects will be felt and it is best to hope for the best but expect and prepare for the worst.  This precaution should be especially heeded by those living along the Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut Coasts.  Those who live along these areas will be  particularly vulnerable to what is responsible for most hurricane related deaths………the tidal surge that is swept inland by the hurricane’s winds. 

The larger the winds, the higher the surge and Irene can be anywhere from a Category 1 to Category 3 hurricane as it approaches us.  This means you must at the very least take the precautions that Congressman Garrett suggests in the letter you will find below the following tracking map. 

This map is the most recent projected path of Irene as of  11:00 pm, Wednesday.  The cone of possibility that is shown in the track of the storm demonstrates that there exists a chance for Irene to wobble further East or West of the center path.  The further East it moves, the less effects we will see.   The further West it wobbles means that we are in for the worst that the storm has to offer.  Right now, indications are that we could experience winds anywhere between 70 to 90 mph or more. 

Congressman Scott Garrett, Proudly Serving the 5th District of New Jersey

Preparing for Hurricane Irene

With Hurricane Irene tracking towards New Jersey this weekend, I wanted to make sure residents of the 5th District were prepared for the storm.

 If you haven’t already, I encourage you to visit the American Red Cross’s website to review the precautionary steps you should be taking ahead of the storm. While we may not face the brunt of the storm, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare for the worst.

After all, preparation is the best protection against the dangers of a hurricane as powerful as Irene, which may bring flooding, tornadoes and high winds to North Jersey.

I encourage all 5th District residents to take three quick steps to prepare for Irene:

  1.  Build a kit;
  2.  Make a plan
  3.  Be informed

In addition, please review the Red Cross’s Hurricane Safety Checklist.

If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to contact one of my district offices for assistance.




Scott Garrett



Contact Info
Washington, DC
2244 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-4465
Fax: (202) 225-9048
Eastern District Office
266 Harristown Rd, Suite 104
Glen Rock, NJ 07452
Phone: (201) 444-5454
Fax: (201) 444-5488
Western District Office
83 Spring Street, Suite 302A
Newton, NJ 07860
Phone: (973) 300-2000
Fax: (973) 300-1051
Facebook YouTube Website RSS Feed

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See Marco Rubio’s Speech at the Reagan Library Live

See Marco Rubio’s live streaming webcast from the Reagan Library.

The topic of  of discussion is the role that should pay in our lives.

Clickthe image below to see it live :

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East Coast Earthquake Prompts President to Propose a New Stimulus Package

In response to today’s East Coast earthquake that was felt from  as far South as Georgia and as far North as Canada, President Obama has proposed a new economic stimulus package.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced that the President has cancelled his Thursday morning golf game in Martha’s Vineyard to present to the people a new stimulus package that will create jobs and prevent future quakes from occurring along the Eastern seaboard.

The $938 billion package will finance a major excavation project designed to replace the old and worn tectonic plates which were responsible for causing Tuesday’s shifting of the earth.  According to Carney;

“The President has been consistently fighting for much needed and long overdue infrastructure maintenance and construction.  In the wake of the widely felt East Coast earthquake, it is clear to everyone that the President is correct.  Our U.S. tectonic plates have not undergone any major repairs at anytime in history.  It is long overdue”

Carney made it clear that the President will take his case to the people and  demonstrate that not only will this new spending create hundreds of thousands of much-needed new jobs, but is also an investment that saves lives.  The White House believes that if any President can stabilize the earth it is President Obama. 

The President’s proposal calls for Vice President Joe Biden to head up the new project whic is being called Operaton Solid Ground.  The White House is also reaching out to former Congressman Anthony Weiner and requesting that he head up a special project division which will be responsible for monitoring the project and providing progress reports to Congress with the help of photographic evidence.  

Another member of the Operation Solid Ground oversight committee will be former Vice President Al Gore.  Gore will be in charge of the projects Geothermal Restructuring division.  This division will attempt to combat global warming by lining the tectonic plates with a complex maze of cooling systems that will regulate the earth’s core temperature.

Jay Carney pointed out that the President was of the opinion that while we’re down there, we mine as well take advantage of the opportunity to combat global warming too .

When made aware of the new Obama initiative, Speaker of the House John Boehner became unavailable for comment as his jaw dropped and he became speechless. 

In her own response, Democratic National Committee Chair, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz announced that she is proud of the President’s bold leadership which kills two birds with one stone by not only pumping more money into our economy and creating  jobs, but by also finally fixing the earth. According to Wasserman-Schultz;

“Not since Moses split the Red Sea has a leader undertaken such a massive and lofty initiative.  Thanks to him, our nation and the world will be a much better place for the effort”

In a related story, upon hearing the news of the new stimulus initiative, the credit rating agencies Moody’s and Fitch joined with Standards & Poors’ in their recent decision to downgrade the U.S. credit rating.  All three of the major credit rating services downgraded the U.S. to an NH-.  This is a newly created rating that stands for “No Hope”.  Treasury Secretary Gietner responded to the move optimistically  and said that he believes we will be upgraded to an NH+ in no time at all.

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Marco Rubio Discusses the Proper Role of Government, Live from the Reagan Library


Contact Us Visit Our Website Donate Now The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation

Senator Marco Rubio is probably one of the most promising future national leaders.  He is certainly a rising star in the Republican Party and conservative movement.  Adored by the TEA movement, trusted by fellow Floridians, and admired by Republicans throughout    the nation, freshman United States Senator Rubio has even been talked about as potential presidential nominee in 2012.  But having put that idea to rest, Rubio is settling in a for the long haul and preparing to do the heavylifting that will be required to get our national debt under control, curb spending, reform entitlements, reduce the tax burden and the size and scope of government, and to  make sure that our nation is always constantly defending our people and our liberty.

 Try to take advantage of this opportunity by particpating in the Reagan Library’s live webcast of this event which you can see here.

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Hey Maxine Waters….Hell is empty and all the devils are here!

Bookmark and Share   So earlier today, I called the office of Congresswoman Maxine Waters. A very polite woman answered the phone and I said;

“Hi my name is Anthony Del Pellegrino and I just wanted to tell Congresswoman Waters that she can go straight to hell and as she said, I intend to help her get there.”

The Waters aide then said to me Alright, thank you” to which I replied “No, thank you”.

I would have much rather spared the woman who took the call, the unpleasantness of a such a call, but since I am unable to speak to Maxine Waters directly, that was the best I could do.

I am not exactly sure how one goes about helping one “to get to hell”, but apparently Rep. Waters does. After all she is the responsible legislator who vowed to help the TEA Party to go to hell. So I guess she will understand my message to her better than anyone else.

In my opinion, hell for Maxine Waters would be treating her with the same respect that she respects those who disagree with her. Hell for Maxine Waters would be holding her accountable for her actions and her words. Hell for Maxine Waters would be forcing her to live under the restraints of the policies of dependency that her legislative record and ideological conviction institutes on others. For Maxine Waters, hell would be having to live in the same atmosphere of hatred, ugly discourse, dramatic distortions, and sheer intolerance that she is responsible for bringing to the national debate.

If Mrs. Waters wants to participate in that much touted “compromise” that Democrats pleaded for during the debt ceiling debate, she is doing little to let  those who represent the cause of the Americans who she is damning to hell, that she intends to promote compromise. In fact her language and her official position force those who disagree with her to dig in even harder.

Hopefully the leader of our nation and the leader of Mrs Water’s Party, President Barack Obama, will denounce Mrs. Waters and her remarks. But somehow I doubt the President will denounce the hatred his Party spews. For some reason I doubt the President will hold those who share his ideological beliefs to the same standard he holds those who disagree with him.

Maxine Waters is a loser. She has proven that time and time and again. Let us hope that our President does not act like a loser too and ignore the hate filled remarks of his liberal colleague.

In the meantime, it is incumbent on all those who do stand against the type of politics Mrs. Waters represents and join me in calling her office to let her know that she too “can go straight to hell”, and as she said, you “intend to help her get there.”

Call or write Mrs. Waters at either her L.A. district office or her Washington, D.C. office:

Los Angeles
Congresswoman Maxine Waters
10124 S. Broadway, Suite 1
Los Angeles, CA 90003
Phone: (323) 757-8900
Fax: (323) 757-9506

Washington, DC
Congresswoman Maxine Waters
2344 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-2201
Fax: (202) 225-7854

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