8 responses to “The Stupidity of the Wisconsin Union Protests

  1. Oh look at me! I have a black friend! See?!?! That means I’m not racist!

    Such a typical conservative.

    (We can go back and forth like this literally forever, this is starting to sound like a back and forth between me and my best friend)

    And the way you make it seem like it’s a matter of whether or not union members should contribute to their own benefits. I thought it was a matter of the state’s deficit… At least that’s what it is according to Walker.

    The “fact” is that conservatives like you, who I assume are NOT racists, ignore the racism in the tea party. It’s there, and if you choose to ignore it that’s fine, but don’t act like just because I don’t think it’s worth trying to prove to you that it’s not there.

    The other fact is that you and me are just people who care about our country a lot, more than the average person, but have different philosophies on how it is to be best served. I personally think that allowing our public workers to live comfortably and with some dignity is best, and conservatives seem to think that if they instead give billions of dollars to people who already have billions of dollars, it will somehow magically “trickle down” to the lower class. Which never happens.

    Now, allow me to apologize for implying that ALL tea partiers are racists. Because that’s obviously not the case.

    And since we’re on the topic of avoidance, why do conservatives always avoid questions about tax breaks for millionaires? Why are republicans always fighting for the powerful and against the weak? Is there really a reason other than the fact that republicans get lots of campaign contributions from millionaires?

  2. You know, that …… I’m rubber your glue. Everything you say bounces off of me and sticks to you-juvenile mentality really does not help make your point. Could it be that all I have stated about liberals is right on the mark? Could it be that in the face of the TEA Party’s suppport of many African-Americans, and the many African-Americans involved in the TEA movement you can’t find a way to legimiately play the last resort of the left…..the race card.

    Or maybe you also can’t counter any legitimate reason why union members should not contribute to their own benefits? Why is that you avoid the facts? Could it be because they are not on your side?

    Facts are a funny thing, they always allow the truth to surface and force those who lie about the facts to drown in a pool of their ignorancew and hypocrisy.

  3. Hahahahahahahaq…..Thank you. Thank you so much for proving me sooooo right about the liberal ideology and its propagandists. True to form, when the left has no facts to support their propaganda, they pull out the race card. Do you know wsho Herma Cain is? Look at his skin and color and then try to tell me how why caucuasians in the TEA movement, follow, embrace and praise him.

    And as far as who I represent, I represent no one other than myself but the view I represent happens to be shared by more than a hundred million Americans who have come to see that big unions have taken this nation and its taxpayers hostage . I reprsent a view that unites many in agreement on the fact that union members shoulld have to contribute something to their own packages instead of forcing taxpayers to provide them with exorbitant lifetime benefits that break the budgets of municiplaities and cities throughout our nation.

    I represent a view that is shared by others who understand that collective bargaining is a broken procedure that has gotten out of hand and needs fixing.

    Now if you trul.y believe that those are racist views, your IQ is obviously no higher than the tempertaure in Wisconsin during midwinter snowstorm. But I do appreciate your continued dialogue. Everytime a liberall opens their mouth or sits in front of a computer keyboard, they prove me right and lie up to every steretovype there is.

  4. Well, I can tell there’s no arguing with you. Because typical of the elitist conservatives and corporations (like the Koch bro’s) “you” represent, you take notice of what you want, and ignore what you want, until it shapes the view of the world that makes “you” correct.

    Well, the Teabaggers were mad because there’s a black man in office and they don’t like it. The union protesters are mad because some elitist republican is giving their benefits to billionairs. There’s a little bit of a difference there. But once again, you ignore the facts so there’s no way you could ever see that.

  5. James……..who is “us” Who are the people that are not represented by the majority of protesters who are storming the capitol and screaming? Who are the people that are not represented by those making death threats and holding those assinine sign? I am certainly among those you identify as “us”. I am not lying about Scott Walker’s initiatives or trying to caim that he posted troublemakers in the crowd or made those stupid signs belittiling him. Perhaps I woul be tolerant of the antics taking place here among “your” ilk, if they did not try to accuse the TEA Party of the same thing “you” are now accused of. Perhaps I would be less incined to call these out of stop union protesters and liberal Democrat Party activists in Wisconsin “astroturfers”, if your people did not try to paint the TEA movement as an “astroturf” movement.

    The bopttom lione James is, that your protestations here are meaningless. In fact they are more than that. They are hypocritical, a chacteristic that is typical of the left leaning lunatics that “you” represent.

  6. The only thing stupider than the signs those people were holding is your implication that the most extreme liberals represent the rest of us. Oh yeah, and Walker considering putting “trouble makers” in the crowd was pretty stupid too. How do you know the picture of Walker with the cross hairs on his face wasn’t put there by Walker himself? I mean, we know he wouldn’t oppose doing that on MORAL grounds.

    And I could find some much nastier pictures of teabaggers with worse signs than this if I didn’t have a life.

  7. Istand with any one is for G

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