The State of the Republican Party in 20111

Bookmark and Share    The new year has begun and all across the nation, new leaders are being sworn in to office. The 2010 midterm elections were extra kind to Republicans and so most of those being sworn in to office in 2011 are Republicans. Unlike the recent past, electoral trends benefited the G.O.P. but Republicans would be sadly mistaken if they sat on their laurels and did not take advantage of the luck that shined on them. In 2010 Republicans were the beneficiaries of an angry backlash against Democrats, not for any particular appreciation of Republicans.   After too many year’s of out of control spending and government growth, voters were disgusted by the disproportionate pace that Democrats were taking us down that same road. The result was a resounding rejection of them on every level from municipal and county government to state and federal government.

Republicans gained ground in the state legislatures of every state and took control of many new state houses and legislative chambers. They increased their numbers in the U.S. Senate and took one of the largest majorities ever in the House. But to expect to remain in power simply because we are not Democrats is naïve and to simply maintain a majority to be in control without allowing that control to make a positive difference would be a despicable waste of leadership opportunities.

With the new found power that Republicans gained, simply because of the failures of others, they must steer policy in the very direction that voters instructed them to…………cut spending, cut the size of government, and get government back to its constitutional intentions and responsibilities. People want the proliferation of the nanny state and the expenses that come with it, to come to an end. People want legislators who abide by the law and play by the rules not live above the law and skirt the rules. Americans from New Jersey to Nevada want our government to get out of our way and our pockets and they want government to operate within its means not beyond.

With this mandate Republicans have an extraordinary opportunity. They have the opportunity to demonstrate that we got their message and that we understand it. Republicans now have the opportunity to prove that conservatism applied correctly is government done right.

To do this, Republicans must first and foremost uphold their promises and commitments. Their Pledge to America must not be excused away or simply ignored. And while Republicans must demonstrate a willingness to work with all, they must also show an unwillingness to compromise on states rights, spending, budgets and government growth. Republicans must now once again show themselves to be the Party of ideas, good ideas, ideas that can allow the free market to flourish and create jobs. Ideas that can make healthcare more accessible and affordable without placing one sixth of the American economy in the hands of federal bureaucrats. Ideas that allow more competition into our public schools and create greater education opportunities  for our children.

If the G.O.P. can stay focused on the message that Americans sent in 2010, 2011 will be a year of sustanaible rebuilding growth for our Party and our nation. If Republican elected official keep to their promises, no matter how ugly the rhetoric and propaganda from the left gets, voters will stand behind them .

And if our elected Republican legislators do their jobs, the Party leadership and grass root conservative activists can and must do their jobs.

State Parties must quickly become internet savvy. They must begin to help county organizations coordinate municipalities and synchronize our message on the issues, our Party building efforts, voter registration drives, coordination and development of volunteer lists and election training that can help insure effective ballot access and honest elections.

The key to the future of the Republican Party’s future rests upon two main pillars…….the following through of our promises by our elected officials, and our willingness to build upon the success of 2010 by insuring that our message makes it to every block of every town in every county of all 50 states.

The state of the Republican is promising. Two years ago pundits claimed the G.O.P. was going the way of the Whigs. Two years later and it is the Party of the left that is limping and hemorrhaging confidence and support. If we act with smugness and arrogance and if we take the responsibility and opportunity that we have surprisingly been handed, lightly, the tables will again quickly turn and we will again be the ones hemorrhaging support and undergoiing a crisis of confidence.

During the course of the next 20 months, Republicans have a lot of work to do. In addition to the election of more Governors and the very real possibility of capturing control of the U.S. Senate, the opportunity to elect a President will be upon us. That election will require that we begin the type of hard work that it takes to develop strong organizational roots in all four corners of the nation and to begin doing so now.

The state of the Republican Party is indeed promising but the promise of our future relies upon our ability to get our act together today.

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