A Solution To The Ground Zero Mosque Issue

Bookmark and Share    A candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor of New York named Charles Palladino is having a real tough time trying to make headway against former Congressman Rick Lazio, the man brave enough to take on Hillary Clinton in her first race for the U.S. Senate.

Lazio is the establishment candidate and for all the right reasons. He is a solid Conservative and someone who has had the courage to take on the tough fights. And whoever wins the Republican nomination for Governor will be in for a fight. They will be opposing the State’s Attorney General and son of Former legendary Governor Mario Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo is likely top win the governor’s mansion but it is not locked up. But before we can get to that fight, Lazio and Palladino must fight for the right to be the Republican that goes head to head against Andy Cuomo.

As a virtual unknown who is not backed by the establishment of the Party, Paladino is not likely to win.

Until now.

As the planned construction of a Mosque in New York City in the area of Ground Zero, grabs national headlines and inspires the ire of millions of Americans, Charles Paladino has just grabbed an issue with the right hook and could ride to victory……..maybe even winning the Governor’s mansion.

While people debate how wise it is to allow a mosque to be built in the former shadow of what once was the World Trade Center and as those who oppose it can’t seem to make a difference, Paladino has become the King Solomon in New York’s gubernatorial contest. He has come up with a solution that split’s the baby in half by using Eminent Domain to take the property in question and construct a memorial in its place.

I am an opponent of eminent domain policies. I have tried to gain attention to the issue and have proposed legislation that would make it nearly impossible for the federal government , states and local governments to use.

But that is not getting anywhere. Still governments all over the nation take peoples constitutional right to property away from them.

However in the case of the Ground Zero Mosque I support using Eminent Domain to stop its construction.

That may seem hypocritical but given the reality we face it is for me a necessary evil.

Although there is not yet any legal grounds to prevent the construction of a Ground Zero Mosque, I oppose it in principle. I oppose it because I believe that it sends the message that Islam can in fact be spread by the sword. To allow a Mosque to rise from the ashes, rubble and death of 9/11 sends a signal that the Islamic extremists won and that as a result of their terror , Islam gained some ground. Literally.

Yet zoning laws do not prohibit the mosque from being built and the law so far has no legitimate reason to prevent this project from coming to fruition.

But eminent domain solves this problem.

And the added benefit is the attention eminent domain will get by using it to solve this mosque issue.

Supporters of this mosque project will rise in protest of eminent domain. Others will finally realize how at risk they themselves are with the existence of loosely applied eminent domain laws.

This will in turn help to finally create momentum to adopt the type of measures that will the use of eminent domain.

It is a solution that kills two birds with one stone. It is also one that could generate just enough support from the people of New York to make Paladino at least the next Republican nominee for Governor of New York.

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