“Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone”

Bookmark and Share  Decades ago a generation of teenagers grew up listening to the anthem of defiance that was Pink ImageFloyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall”. It became a classic and as such, still winds up on the play lists and in the ipods of today’s youth.

But in a far off land Another Brick in the Wall has taken on a new meaning. It still rings true to the same defiant attitude that it had when released decades ago, but to the citizens of this far off land, it is not a generational defiance. With some words carefully changed, a new version has the old song singing a new cry for defiance of the authoritarian regime of Iran.

Written by two Iranian brothers who escaped the oppression of the religious fascist of their homeland via Canada, “Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone” tells the tale of a struggle to break free from the violence and oppression of the mullahs controlling and stifling the lives of a new generation of young Iranians yearning to be free.

Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone has become an underground anthem in Iran and it represents the views of hundreds of thousand of men and women who wish to freely practice their religion, in peace and how they see fit. People who want the opportunity to expand their horizons, develop their own individual identities and express themselves freely.

The two brothers who are now an established Canadian rock band called Blurred Vision, have decided to keep their real names unknown. They refuse to take credit under their real names because many members of their family still remain behind the prison that is Iran. The brothers fear that that families would be punished and slaughtered for the work of their relatives in Canada. But as the brothers remain anonymous, Hey Ayatollah is slowly going viral, especially in Iran where it has become an underground sensation that expresses the sentiments which they themselves are not allowed to express.

The “Blurred Vision” brothers are giving all procedds from Hey Ayotollah to Amnesty International.

The youtube video that accompanies the tune is a dramatic offering of a younhster running from the authorities during last year’s revolutionary uprising. In it are some chilling scenes from that event and it acts as a reminder to us that it is not the Iranian people whom we take issue with. It is their ruling regime of theocratic extremists who wish for not only all of Iranian society to conform to their fatwas, but the entire world as well.

Hopefully this new anthem for the struggling people of Iran is enough to sustain their hopes and dreams but a song alone will not defeat the powers that wish to suppress them and threaten all those around them.

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