Iranian President Ahmadineajad Survives Assasination Attempt

Bookmark and Share   Reports claim that Iranian President Mahmoud Abbadabbado Ahmadineajad was the victim of an assassination attempt.

Iranian officials have denied the reports but details have it that a hand grenade was thrown at a convoy that was taking the psycho religious fascist to a rally.

It will be hard to confirm just how valid this attempt or the reports about it are.

The brutal Iranian regime could have easily orchestrated these events for use as an excuse to embark upon a crackdown on Iranian society which has been recently convulsing from grass root uprising that expressed the desire for a more free society in Iran.

If reports of this assassination attempt are true and whether it was staged by the radical religious leaders of Iran or an actual citizen based assassination attempt, you can expect for the iron fist of the Iranian regime to tighten in the coming days.

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