Desecrating the US Flag During the National Anthem

Bookmark and Share    The illegal immigration issue is one which the political leaders of both major political Parties have demonstrated nothing but cowardice and the desire to kowtow to special interests and maintain their hold on to power.

It is an issue which is beginning to light a fuse of ideological revolution and set off unwanted widespread civil disobedience.

The illegal immigration issue which has been intensified by Arizona’s efforts to combat it and the federal government’s refusal to combat it is one that unravels layers upon layers of frustration. Frustration with politicians, with our legal system, our rights as a sovereign nation and the unwillingness to uphold the rule of law.

Both sides of the issue are simmering to a boil and our leaders on the federal level still remain tied up in red tape and frozen in fear. They are scared to move decisively on the issue. Democrats are afraid to seem too timid in the defense of illegal immigrants and let down their Hispanic base. Some Republicans are afraid that a strong stand against illegal immigration will decimate any potential inroads in to the Hispanic vote which is one of the fastest growing ethnic segments of society in America.

Both sides are guilty of pandering and posturing.

But while they play politics, a poisonous atmosphere permeates the land and its toxicity is getting more and more dangerous each day. Without decisive leadership on the issue, scenes like the one in the video below will continue to elevate the amount of anger and divisiveness that currently exists and turn it into uncontrollable rage.

I say this because I myself know that I can no longer sit idly by and allow the symbolic desecration of my nation to expand into any further real desecration of my nation. I can no longer sit and wait for a President or Congress of courage to step forward and say immigration is not a problem but illegal immigration is and say that laws exist to maintain order in society, not to create disorder in society.

The fact that illegal immigrants are annoyed with the fact that many Americans want immigrants to enter America legally is of no consequence to me. I couldn’t care less about what rights an illegal immigrant thinks they should have. But I do care about a loyal band of disrespectful, and disingenuous dissidents who want the rights and privileges of being a part of our American society without any of the responsibilities.

As I watched the video below and saw the public desecration of the flag and the placement of a toilet seat in the field of blue that contained the stars which represent each free American state, I could not help but wonder how truly disgraceful and utterly dumb,—— almost retarded, those who support illegal immigration have actually become.

These are people who want to share in the American dream, yet they want to start off by breaking America’s laws by illegally penetrating our borders. These are people who want to win over the hearts and minds of America to their cause, yet they portray the American flag as something to defecate on.

Such demonstrations only help to entrench my refusal to accept and tolerate such disturbingly distasteful and disobedient dredges of society, regardless of which side of the border they originate from.

So what I can do about it?

Join in acts of civil disobedience?

If I admitted that in writing, after refusing to deport a few illegal immigrants who serve their time for lesser offenses, the feds would probably have me placed under arrest.

Should I burn Mexican flags in the streets or lay them on the street and write Go Home Greasers”.

I am tempted to burn a few Mexican flags but I refuse to promote or participate in racism. But either way, none of those acts will create change. It will simply add to the combustibility of an already increasingly explosive situation.

What I will do is remember scenes such as the one in the video I offer you. I will allow such scenes to keep me inspired and focus as I make illegal immigration my top priority when voting. I will remember scenes like that when I talk to neighbors and friends. I will remember those scenes when I go door to door campaigning against pro-illegal immigrant candidates and when I write scripts for phone bank operations designed to get out the vote for anti-illegal immigration candidates.

The irony here is that while I appreciate the fact that in America you are free to express your opinions by almost any means, including by desecrating our flag, I find it appalling that those who want to share that freedom with me are actually trying to convince me that they deserve that right by disrespecting and desecrating the very flag which symbolizes that right. But I expect nothing less from a group of people who don’t even have respect for the laws of the land that they want to call home.  But I do have such respect and I will n ot dishonor it.  I will maintain it.

So in the end, I will work to advance my cause and allow those cretins who seek to win us over by offending us, to continue to hurt their despicable cause.

Viva the U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!!!

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One response to “Desecrating the US Flag During the National Anthem

  1. tiliyeah

    i suppose its ok for foreignors to do what ever they want..and jab the ..american people with .. desecration of our flag.. what would happen to an american were to do that in another country with thier flag?

    I ll tell you what would happen in mexico if gringos were to try and distroy a mexican flag…in publick..the crowd would have you as a foot ball…and you would be black and blue for months to come…

    but mexicans may have more cajones that our ..american rulers those in high places.. which have tied the hands of our police, and governors from protectiong us.l with thier politically correct ..bullshit. just for the . illigal vote.. you are all corrupt and THE HAND OF GOD WILL DEAL WITH YOU SOONER OR LATER.. YOU WILL ALL END UP LIKE THE ..BIG SHOT TED KENNIDY…

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