Anthony Weiner Needs An Oscar Nomination For His Role As Judas

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Bookmark and Share New York liberal Anthony Weiner is the essence of hypocrisy. That is nothing out of the ordinary. Hypocrisy has long been proven to be the cornerstone of the contemporary liberal-Democrat Party. But now the left wing Congressman from New York City has actually kicked his hypocrisy up a few notches and added to it an extraordinarily shameful dose of theatrics and outlandishly reckless lies.

In consideration of a bill that would have provided over $7 billion to aid the in healthcare needs of 9/11 emergency services responders, Democrats as usual, have exploited the noble consideration by packing it with an array of other measures. To be fair, that is a part of the process which both Parties have taken part in. Especially when in total control of Congress. However, under the Obama/Pelosi/Reid regime, this practice has been taken to new heights. It has been responsible for creating legislation that is packed with more extra decorations than the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

It has helped to take simple legislation and turn it into voluminous bills of hundreds and even thousands of pages that contain a litany of hidden favors and expenses that it is hoped, will go unread and unchallenged.

But in the case of this 9/11 first responders bill, Democrats created legislation that would have provided funding to first responders who courageously answered the call to duty on 9/11, loaded it up with hidden additions and then decided that they would prohibit Republicans from offering any amendments to improve or alter the legislation. The move required that the Democrat majority pass the bill in its existing form by a two thirds majority rather than a simple majority. Had Democrats not played games with the rules and had they not tried to shut others out from having any input in the bill, it would have passed.

But that was not the case.

Because Democrats were afraid that Republicans were going to amend the bill and prohibit any of this federal money from going to illegal aliens, they changed the rules and essentially defeated the measure that would have assisted ailing 9/11 heroes.

Manipulation of the rules and process has become a hallmark of the Obama regime. They tirelessly toiled to find ways of passing socialized medicine in the United States without even voting on it. They have added countless numbers of non-germane earmarks and stipulations to tons of different legislation such as hate crimes laws to defense appropriation bills, and President Obama himself has arranged for federal departments to initiate and implement their own regulations and created a herd of unelected, unaccountable czars that would all help to avoid the need for creating legislation through the democratic process and bypass Congress and the people.

After playing this game again and getting burnt, Congressman Anthony Weiner got up on the floor of the House and issued an outrageous and angry verbal assault on Republicans that accused them of playing games and turning their backs on the emergency services employees effected by 9/11.

With veins popping in his neck and shiny forehead, arms flailing about, and his bony little fingers pointing, Whiner, I mean Weiner, refused to let anyone respond to his wild charges and accused Republicans of lacking any sincerity as he claimed they were hiding behind process to avoid results.

Through his tantrum, Weiner never acknowledged the insincerity and level of deception that he and his Party were engaging in as they continue to manipulate the process so that amendments and suggestions could not be offer. He refused to admit that he was intentionally trying to once again shut out any views that differed from his and that of his Party’s leaders.

And instead of acknowledging the fact that he and his liberal cabal were trying to get away with offering yet more federal funding to illegal immigrants Weiner tries to have you believe that the G.O.P. lacks any principles because they reject the process that Democrats are manipulating and subverting.

Weiner can cry, scream, yell, stomp his feet, and punch the wall all he wants but the fact remains that he  will still, be a lying, hypocritical, drama queen, trying to cover up his and his Party’s own sins by pretending the loyal opposition to his games are the bigger sinners. In the meanwhile Weiner is playing the role of Judas and deceiving everyone as he throws stones from inside his own glass house and politically swindles the people in a game that has him exploiting the emotional issue of 9/11to advance the political agenda of illegal immigrants and their desire for federal assistance from the very government whose law they are breaking.

Anthony Weiner is a twisted little tool of deception and hypocrisy in the grand tradition of other liberal New York City political giants like Charlie Rangel, and is a pathetic fraud who is performing on the stage of public of service while writing a script that does the public a great disservice.

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