Federal Reserve Claims Our Economy Is About To Die

Bookmark and Share This warning is just one of the many latest warnings to come from many different sectors.

At the beginning of the week, it was released that America’s consumer confidence had again dipped and is at one of its lowest points ever. On top of that, unemployment rates have remained stable….. stably high, hovering around 10%.

This new warning is just another indication of just how ruinous the Obama/Pelosi/Reid economic policy of spending our way to prosperity actually is.

After a record spending bill in the amount of over $700 billion, that was meant to create jobs and reinvigorate the American economy, all we have to show for it are higher unemployment rates  than existed before the stimulus package, record levels of alarming debt and deficit spending, a volatile stock market, hundreds of failing banks  and a nation whose people are not optimistic about the direction we are headed in.

It is time for us to realize that one of two things have to happen.  Either President Obama has to start leading and adopt a path of fiscal responsibility that cuts spending, lowers taxes and allow the free markets to again be the real engine of  our economy, or the American people will have to disarm President Obama by throwing his liberal Congress out of office this November and replacing it with fiscally responsible leaders who will stand up to the President and for the American people.

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