Rangel Tries To Wrangle A Deal

Bookmark and Share As pressure mounts on Democrats and New York Congressman Charlie Rangel, word is that the embattled Congressman is now trying to cut a deal to avoid an embarrassing House ethics trial.

For almost two years, House Democrats have stalled on there investigation of the scandal prone Chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. But as pressure mounted and cursory investigations indicated that Rangel had indeed taken part in multiple breaches of conduct, Rangel stepped down from that post. Since then the ongoing investigation continued to produce evidence of wrongdoing that continued to tighten the noose around Rangel’s neck.

Through it all, Congressman Rangel has been extremely obnoxious to reporters who have asked him any questions regarding the matter. But since the House has determined that a trial is in order, Rangel has made it clear that he looks forward to the trial and sees it as an opportunity to clear him of any wrongdoing. Yet despite the denials and false bravado of Rangel, most people are not buying his claims of innocence.

Several Democrat House members have even recently called up Rangel to simply resign.

Doing so will help Democrats to avoid a drawn out public trial of one of their own that and avoid solidifying the souring public image that voters have this Congress as they enter the midterm elections.

But if Democrat House leaders do choose to cut a deal with Rangel, they will still risk making this a campaign issue that will used against them. In the currently fed up atmosphere of the electorate, giving Charlie Rangel a simple slap on the wrist will be a slap in the face of many voters who are tired of the political class getting away with murder and protecting their own and exempting them from living by the rules that they apply to everyone else.

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