The NAACP Pot Calls The TEA Kettle Black

Bookmark and Share The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has today proven itself to have turned its back on its cause and those who their cause was once for.

In considering and passing a resolution that in essence condemned the national TEA movement by declaring it to be comprised of racist components that must be denounced, the NAACP has done nothing less then create a fan in which the ever present embers of racism can be inflamed and used to fuel African-American participation in the upcoming, critical midterm elections.

By declaring the limited government, constitution promoting, less spending, low tax,  movement  as a movement with dangerously divisive racist affiliations, the NAACP has completely removed themselves from the category of respectable civil rights organization and flung themselves into the category of illegitimate Democrat political front group.

While the NAACP is all about race, the Taxed Enough Already movement has nothing to do with race. And while the TEA movement believes in a Constitution that represents all  people and stands for our being free from the oppression of an overreaching federal government, the NAACP exploits race to promote race based economic and social policies that induce more government and more taxes. But are these differences enough to play the race card?

And is it not hypocritical of the NAACP to demand that a political movement which they oppose, denounce a false charge of of racial hatred when the NAACP themselves promote racism and neglects to condemn racist elements that thrive within their own ranks?

If the NAACP is truly sincere in their mission , I believe that they themselves would denounce racism in all its form, including the forms of reverse racism being practiced by the Obama justice department or the intimidation tactics of militant racist elements like the Black Panthers who are loosely connected to the NAACP.

Short of making their own official denunciation of such race based improprieties, the NAACP has no ground from which to launch their own attacks and make their own demands from others to do the same regarding unproven and unfounded accusations that they make of a movement which opposes the NAACP’s political agenda.

The truth is that is that the difference in political agenda’s is what lies at the heart of the NAACP resolution regarding the TEA movement. As the midterm elections approach, the predominantly liberal membership’s NAACP  agenda relies upon a strong Democrat majority remaining in Congress .  Yet as President Obama and Democrats continue to plummet in the polls and the people lose confidence in their leadership, as a front group for the DNC, it behooves the NAACP to do all that is possible to incite the African-American electorate and motivate them to vote through the powerful emotion of anger.

By painting the members of the TEA movement as racist the NAACP is also  suggesting that its ideology ideology  is racist, and in doing so, the NAACP is helping to insure a certain amount of anger from the community that they need to show up in big numbers in November.

In 2008, African-Americans turned out in higher percentages then ever before and Democrats took the White House and both branches of Congress. The dramatic increase in African-American turnout was compounded by the nearly unanimous 94% of their vote which went to Democrats. The vast number of black voters and their nearly universal support for Democrats was in large part prompted by the candidacy of the first partially African-American, major Party, presidential candidate in history.

But now that the novelty of the perception has worn off and support for the policies behind the color and rhetoric of the candidate Obama has dwindled, African-Americans are not showing up at the polls in the same record numbers that produced record victories for Democrats in 2008.    This fact was made evident when attempts to use President Obama in the statewide elections of New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts, failed to bring out the large number of African-American voters that they had hoped for and in all three cases, the Democrat candidates involved in those races, failed miserably.

The need to do anything possible to turn that trend back around is what lies at the heart of this racially divisive resolution which has forced the NAACP pot to call the TEA kettle black.

Leaders in the TEA movement do condemn racism and they shun it in all it quarters and the TEA movement includes all races and religions. Unlike the NAACP, the TEA Party is a political movement for fiscal responsibility for all, not for a single race of people. Unlike the NAACP, the TEA movement is not using race to advance its cause. In the TEA movement, people are looked at not for the color color of their skin, but listened to for the content of their views.  Unlike the way it is in the NAACP, in  the TEA movement, black conservatives are commended for their beliefs, not placed at the back of the bus and mocked as Uncle Tom’s because of their political opinions.

Over a hundred years ago, the NAACP was founded for a sincere purpose, out of a sincere need and with motives of pure intentions. A hundred years later and it is clear that the organization’s sincerity of purpose has been lost and that it has come to represent the same type of racism that it was originally meant to combat.   And in truly hypocritical fashion, they have become a shill for the Democrat Party that exploits race, promotes reverse discrimination and ironically, promotes policies that enslave their fellow African-Americans to a federal government and bureaucracy that does its best to institute an permanent culture of dependency on a liberal led federal government.

In the mean time, like the new Black Panther’s, the new NAACP is doing little to advance colored people and much to advance racial divisiveness and Democrat Party politics.

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