Exploiting Our Troops To Bailout Teachers Unions. Way to Go Democrat’s!!

Bookmark and Share Recently, Democrats found it necessary to fund our military through a supplemental bill that had hidden in it, a little section that also provided a $10 billion bailout for teachers unions.

This outrage epitomizes everything that is wrong with the current regime in Washington, D.C.

It demonstrates a profoundly illogical, unethical, and unacceptable process that creates bills which include legislation that has nothing to do with the purpose of the original goal of the initial proposal.

Once again, Democrats played politics with our troops and spent valuable time holding up the steady flow of critical assets to them in Afghanistan and Iraq all so that they could conspire a way to throw $10 billion at states which refuse to make budget cuts regarding unsustainable education funding during these tough economic times.

This essentially amounted to the drafting of a partisan, political clause that bailed out teachers union and insure their ability to continue those unions contributions to Democrat political operations.

90% of all union dues go to political activity, the bulk of which is in support of big government, big spending liberals who have no fiscal responsibility at all for the taxpayer’s money that they freely and liberally spend. Last year, teacher unions spent a total of 300 million hours protesting conservative legislators. One example exists in New Jersey where this year, after less than six month’s in office, the New Jersey Education Association spent over $7 million to attack the new Republican governor of the state because he is realigning the state’s budget with its treasury and because he demanded that teacher’s pay into their own state pension plans.

The fact that economically strapped states have to cut fat, offends Democrats because such fat cutting denies the flow of dues money to these unions which have essentially become individual campaign accounts for liberal office holders.

This despicably cynical tactic to fund Democrat political operations by making a clause in a supplemental defense funding bill meant to support our fighting men and women on the frontlines is just another example of how corrupt the Democrat regime of Obama, Pelosi and Reid has become. Their Party’s agenda is so distasteful that they must use every underhanded tactic in the book to pass their own agenda, even though they have some of the largest majorities in both houses of Congress that any Party has ever had in recent years Yet they still can’t pass their own legislation in a straightforward, above board manner.

Instead, as with the passage of their government run healthcare tax scheme, liberals seek to pass questionable measures without leaving any fingerprints that would allow voters to trace it back to them before Election Day. That is why they tried pass socialized medicine without even voting on it. At one point in time they considered just “deeming” the bill passed. Instead they just hammered the bill out, behind closed doors and spent hundreds of millions of dollars in pork barrel bribes that were meant to keep their partisan majority behind their scheme.

And just as they did with this year’s supplemental appropriation for our troops, last year Democrats also abused our military effort in Afghanistan and Iraq when they held the issue hostage to a hidden clause in the defense appropriations bill, which created new hate crimes legislation.

Clearly the two have nothing to do with each other, but what does logic have to do with anything.?

Now, they once again exploited our troops by making continued funding of them contingent upon financing the liberal political action wing of teachers unions that provide a steady stream of money and volunteers to the Democratic National Committee and their candidates.

But on top of that tactic being morally disgraceful, in a time of record deficits and unemployment, in a time of economic instability and financial volatility, during a day and age where it is already hard to find millions for essentials in a federally treasury that is operating in the red, where do Democrats get the nerve to spend billions on a non-essential, discretionary measure?

When will the Obama, Pelosi, Reid regime understand that we cannot spend our way to prosperity by pumping money that we literally don’t have, into unsustainable programs and policies?

This latest affront to fiscal responsibility and legislative decency simply highlights the need to put an end to the corrupt and morally bankrupt, liberal political gangsters who have hijacked the legislative process and the federal treasury.

I have long since maintained that in general, politicians, be they Republican or Democrats, can’t be trusted when left to their own devices. At the moment it is Democrats in charge and they are the ones responsible for the abuses. But even when it is the Republicans turn to take charge, something must be done to stop the insane abuses of the legislative process.

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That is why I believe the time has come for Congress to be forced to enact a reform that helps prohibit abuse of the legislative process.

On a site that I am active on, U4prez.com, I have authored what I call the  Legislative Topical Compliance Review bill.

The Legislative Topical Compliance Review law would eliminate the use of riders and addition of hidden clauses for the deceptive purposes of slipping non-germane regulations or spending measures into legislation that is meant for different purposes.

Click Here To See The Bill

LTCR forces spending, the creation of regulations, new laws, and new policies to be scrutinized and voted on based on their respective merits and prevents the improper passage of unnecessary spending, inappropriate laws and constitutional abuses by the Congress as a whole. You can review the bill for yourself by going to http://tinyurl.com/Legislative-Sanity or by clicking here.

Until such a measure is passed, the political class will continue to take advantage of us and the legislative process.

This latest case of Democrats using a supplemental spending measure meant to support out troops, to devote $10 billion to bailout teachers unions, is simply the smoke that indicates a fire. If we continue to ignore the smoke , eventually the fire responsible for that smoke will consume us.

This November tens of millions of Americans are ready to throw a bucket of water on the existing blaze of illegitimate legislative practices by voting out of office the people who are spreading the fire, the legislators who are spending with reckless abandonment and participating in conspiracies of legislative deception.

I am all for that. I am all for throwing THOSE bums out. But once the old bums are thrown out, the opportunities that our system of government offers will eventually allow for new bums to take similar advantage of the process that their predecessors have.   That is why I believe the time has come for Congress to be forced to enact a reform that helps prohibit abuse of the legislative process.

Until such a time as the process is reformed with LTCTR or a measure similar to it, Democrats will continue to hope that you miss their latest sleight of hand. But now you know so it is just a matter of what you are willing to do about it. November 2, 2010 will tell.

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