What Do President Obama and RuPaul Have In Common?

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Like RuPaul, President Obama is not what he initially seemed to be.  While RuPaul isn’t actually a woman, President Obama apparently isn’t the the cool, confident man with all the answers or the transformative leader that  he and many voters thought he was.

You don’t believe me? Than I must be the only one who noticed  something very different about  President Obama during his news conference with Russian President Medvedev early this afternoon ?

Now I know the use of makeup on politicians before the cameras is not something unusual but the amount that President Obama used this afternoon was to say the least, exaggerated.  Apparently the anointed one is pretty worried these days and not getting much sleep because I noticed that he had more make up on him to cover up his stress than the entire cast of RuPaul’s Drag Races.

Now I’m not saying that Barry doesn’t have a lot to be worrying about.  He does. I am just surprised to see that he is actually so visibly stressed that his face has become a regular stimulus package for Maybeline.

But I find it hard to believe that our President is all that worried about the issues confronting us today.

On issues like the Gulf oil disaster, if the President was so concerned, he would have suspended the Jones Act and made it possible for us to use some of the most helpful sea going oil cleanup vessels in the world to the clean up the mess he helped get us in. If he was so concerned with safe oil drilling, he wouldn’t have given the Deep Sea Horizon oil rig a safety award weeks before it blew up, killed eleven men, and destroyed the Gulf of Mexico……….economically and environmentally.

If the President was worried about our nation’s deepening deficit and national debt, he would be slashing the size and scope of government rather than increasing it and trying to spend us into prosperity by funding the government and trying to create jobs with money we don ‘t have.

If the President was concerned with s like the war in Afghanistan, he wouldn’t be setting premature, political, deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan until our goals were secured.

No, I don’t think that our President is worried about all that. If he was, he would have listened to the majority of Americans who asked him not to socialize medicine and have a federal government that can’t even manage the office of Mining and Mineral Services which ultimately created a perfect environment for the ecological disaster that we are now experiencing in the Gulf of Mexico.

If he was worried about the issues, I think, we would be in a much better position than we are today .

So I don’t think President Obama is losing sleep over the issues. After all, he knows better than all of us. That is why he wants us to trust him and pass Cap-and-Trade even though most people don’t want him to. That is why he passed a government takeover of healthcare over the objections of most of us. That is why he is refusing to allow Arizona to enforce immigration laws and why he wants us to give amnesty to illegal aliens even though most of us don’t want that either.

No, President Obama is not losing sleep over any of those things.

The reason why he needed a ton of makeup to cover up the worry lines and bags under his eyes is because he is distraught over the fact that most Americans have not come to just trust him to do what he knows is best for us. He is upset that we are not loving everything he is doing for us…..or to us.

What is keeping the President up at night is his fear of losing his messianic image, losing his image as the anointed one, the one who could do no wrong because he knows better than everyone else. What is causing the President to turn gray and toss and turn at night is the fear that his “transformative” presidency is transforming into a failed regime that is headed for historic and embarrassing losses at the polls in in just 5 short months from now.

The makeup that was covering up the President’s face and fears this afternoon was symbolic. It was symbolic of the cosmetic figures the President uses to cover up our continued high unemployment by masking the figures with temporary federal jobs for the national census, or covering up his tax increases by claiming they are fees.

Just like the failures of this Administration, President Obama is using makeup to cover up his fear of the American people seeing right through him and realizing that the emperor has no clothes and that almost half way through his presidency, Americans are no better off than they were two years ago.

So I am glad to see that President Obama can cover up his fears and face with cosmetics but I am afraid that we cannot simply keep covering up this nation’s problems with the same ease. We will not be able to mask the black sands of the Gulf or its oil slicked sea surface. We will not be able to cover up the jobless figures, rising debt and unsustainable government that President Obama is perpetuating.

While President Obama’s answer to his worries were some experts slapping on a ton of makeup on his face, the answers to our nation’s problems will not come so easily. Hopefully this November, we can find a few people who can help us to properly address those problems  and get those elected to office. In the meantime, President Obama will apparently continue to  look for the makeup artists who can keep on helping him  put the right face on his leadership and policies.

But in the end, like RuPaul its all an illusion but unlike RuPaul, President Obama is not quite as good at it.

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