ID Cards For Illegal Immigrants?

Bookmark and Share This past weekend the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund took to the streets of Princeton, New Jersey to issue what they call community identification cards, to residents. The only requirement for obtaining the card is either a passport from any country, any other type of identification or documents such as utility bills that prove the person is a Princeton resident.

The purpose behind the new identification card is to make it easier for illegal immigrants to cash checks and access social and medical services in the township.

Maria Juega, treasurer of the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund stated. “We think this card is useful to anybody, but specifically for those who are the most marginalized,”. She added “Our intent is to decrease that level of marginalization and make sure that everyone in our community has access to health care, police services and emergency medical services.”

The ID card is not an official form of government identification, so it is only good within Princeton Township, where businesses, the municipal government, and the police will accept these cards as proper ID.

The police department and Mercer County Sherriff endorse the concept because they claim it will help them to track criminals. But while they endorse this local authorization of services to illegal immigration through the issuance of unofficial identification cards, I do not.

As for the police department, I do not believe that illegal immigrants with a criminal history or with criminal intent will register for a municipal identification card that makes it easier for the police to track them with. So I find their reason for endorsing this municipal ID to be ridiculously ludicrous.

As for the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund group behind this card, not only do I oppose their effort, I find their actions to be counterproductive to the American judicial system and the American agenda of combating illegal immigration.

The Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund bases this whole ID card program on the premise of “making life easier” for illegal immigrants living in the community. Well I don’t want life to be easier for illegal immigrants. I don’t want to ignore the fact that they are breaking the law and taking advantage of the rights reserved for citizens who swear an allegiance to our nation. I don’t believe the way to solve the problem of illegal immigration is to accept it and “make it easier” to remain an illegal immigrant in America.

But the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund is not concerned with America or the rights of American citizens. They are only concerned with the rights of Latinos or more accurately, with special rights for Latinos.

This a group that feels Hispanics are above the law and in the case of their ID cards they are doing all that they can to make illegal immigration acceptable in society. The problem is that acceptable immigration is designated by its legal recording. Illegal immigration is unacceptable and is designated as such by the defining word of “illegal”. This should really not require any explanation. But in the face of groups like the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund and its refusal to accept right from wrong, the difference between illegal and legal must unfortunately be reiterated.

They even play a game that attempts to redefine illegal immigration. In one television interview, I heard an official of the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund tell a reporter that they were offended by the reporters use of the phrase “illegal immigrant”. In quite defiant tones, this official said the people we are talking about are “unauthorized citizens”. They went on to explain that they are here and that they are living and functioning in our society as citizens but they are simply undocumented and we must accept this.

“Unauthorized citizens”. That is like saying Nancy Pelosi is the “unofficial President of the United States”. It makes no sense. She is either President or she is not. And the same applies here. Either they are citizens or they are not. But the pro-illegal immigration lobby and anti-American groups such as the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund, have no desire to make sense. They have no desire to respect the rule of law or the nation making those laws. They simply want to claim that illegal entry and the underground life of illegal immigrants in this country is perfectly naturally and something that we just have to accept.

So while America struggles with a way to combat illegal immigration and promote legal immigration, leftists are trying to find ways to make illegal immigration easier and even have the nerve to take offense to the term “illegal immigrant”.

Well I am offended by illegal immigration. I am offended by any group or individual’s attempts to make it easier to maintain illegal status and promote subverting the law.

The issuing of identification cards to illegal immigrants is an utterly absurd notion that seeks to make illegal immigration an acceptable way of life. It is a step toward the creation of more sanctuary cities and it is something that all law abiding “citizens”, those native to this nation as well as those who have emigrated to this nation, should be offended by.

There is absolutely no need for these new ID cards. We already have ID cards, they are called driver licenses, social security cards, visas, passports, and green cards and if you are not at odds with the law, they can be yours. Unless of course you have something to hide.

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