Happy “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day”

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It is an unofficial holiday, kind of like Cinco de Mayo but unlike that unofficial holiday, “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” has a specific purpose for America, a land that allows you to celebrate whatever nation‘s holiday or religion‘s holiday that you wish to celebrate. It’s a part of freedom of speech and that is what “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” is really a celebration of. It was the creation of Molly Norris, a cartoonist who wanted all of us to take this day to make a statement against the censorship that radical Islam has tried to impose on the world.

As one of the first internet inspired holidays that I am aware of “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” has its roots on Facebook where the concept was originally launched. Today, with over forty thousand members of the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” Facebook Fan Page, the holiday is catching on slowly but surely.

Accept for in the Muslim world, where nation’s like Pakistan have now banned Facebook because their lack of faith in humanity seems to threaten their own religious faith. This holds true for many radical Muslims. Not long ago a Danish cartoonist had his life threatened by the Muslim world because of a depiction of their prophet which they did not like.

Most recently, the Comedy Central cartoon “South Park” was censored by the comedy network because it had a part where Mohammed was dressed like a bear. There were reports of death threats in response to that too and the brouhaha inspired Comedy Central’s head honchos to censor the South Park episode.

Very little is sacred on Comedy Central. On that network, everything and everyone is fair game. The material used on that station by its entertainers and artists ranges from your mother to the Pope, the President to our Maker and everything and everyone in between. It is called humor and on Comedy Central they often stretch the boundaries, ever pushing the envelop to the furthest reaches of creativity, originality and entertainment. That process can sometimes be ugly and can also cross the line. Some it can offend, others it can strike a funny bone so hard that tears of laughter begin to flow as they double up on their sofa and roll with laughter. It is all a matter of individual opinion.

In America, when it comes to things like Comedy Central, it is here where free market morals kick in. You see in America, when something or someone that is trying to make a profit, goes too far and offends too many, we the people, turn our backs on those who offend and cross the lines. We stop buying their product, or in this case stop watching their channel. This ultimately ends up killing the chance that those who crossed the line have to make a profit.

That’s how it works in America.

Oh, we have standards. That is why the network which aired Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” got fined quite heavily after her boob flashed the world during the Super Bowl. But in America we also have places where Janet’s bosom is welcome to be on full display. They are special “adult” channels.

Comedy Central is the “adult” channel for comedy. And the best part about it is, if you don’t like it, you don’t watch it. And if enough people don’t like it, it will quickly become another new home improvement network, religious broadcasting channel or station for gay interests.

That’s America. It is a free market based culture that is rooted in free speech, not the censorship of Islam.

And so today, I proudly participate in this celebration of freedom of speech and present my own depiction of Mohammed for “”Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”.

It is a bit avant-garde. But look at it as my dream-like thoughts of Mohammed, the images of him that are conjured up in my subconscious by the recent history of the radical interpretations of his teachings. Teachings that involve the disrespect of the bottoms of ones feet, and the sins of pork. Teachings that have some interpreting his word into something that instructs one to fly planes into towers that are among the most symbolic structures of the freedom that America is founded on.

My depiction of my thoughts of the prophet Mohammed is my contribution to this, the first “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”.

Let’s see yours!

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5 responses to “Happy “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day”

  1. thanks for posting, I really enjoy it, I can learn a lot from this.

  2. hi, the great site. thank you

  3. Hitlor said ” I have killed many jews but i’m lefting some jews to show the world why i killed jews” ha ha h a ha

  4. Thank you Don. I t is always nice to know that someone appreciates your efforts. Again, thank you.

  5. Don

    Great post and excellent illustration and oh so appropriately placed.

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