For Democrats, Puerto Rican Statehood Is All About Their Hold On Power

Bookmark and Share   Democrats are convinced that the key to their hold on to power is increasing the entitlement mentality and deepening the culture of dependency on the federal government that their policies create.So ever since taking complete control of the federal government, they have been expeditiously securing passage of their agenda as swiftly as possible and by any means possible.

This strategy includes voting on bills that they have not read, purchasing votes with pork barrel spending, closed door negotiations that shut out the opposition, and the use of sleazy procedural measures that would allow them to “deem” bills passed without even voting on them.

But as the liberal Congress and Obama, Pelosi, Reid regime adopt these practices and as their legislative initiatives get more extreme, invasive and constitutionally questionable, their strategy for political dominance has backfired. Millions of Americans find themselves not just disagreeing with what Democrats are doing but they are offended and angry. Hence the advent of a reversal of fortune for Republicans and the advent of the Tea Party movement.

The extent of the backlash to the Obama, Pleosi, Reid regimes underhanded tactics has been so deep that it has inspired what many are calling a political revolution and it is leading some of the most knowledgeable political observers to anticipate anywhere from as few as 25 to as many as 70 Democrat seats in Congress to turn Republican.

But liberals in Congress are not as dumb as they look.

Take the deceptively named Puerto Rico Democracy Act that House liberals just passed.

By making Puerto Rico the 51st state, Democrats are assured anywhere from 7 to 8 new Democrats seats in the House and 2 new Democrat seats in the senate. They know that Puerto Rican statehood increases their numbers and more access to majority control of Congress and additional electoral votes for Democrat presidential candidates.

That is why in a bill that is hardly representative of sound democracy, Democrats have crafted a measure that creates a two stage vote which for the first time, allows for only two options on the ballot, Commonwealth status or any other status.

In the past, Commonwealth status has won a plurality of votes. But that was when it was among the options of statehood, independence or some hybridized version of any combination. Commonwealth status wins when the vote is split among 4 options. But in this first stage of the Puerto Rico Democracy Act, liberals in Congress have created a scenario where those in favor of statehood, those supporting independence, and those who want some other form of government status, all join together and vote against commonwealth status. That allows for the commonwealth option to be defeated for the first time.

In the scheme crafted by Congress, only after commonwealth status is taken off the table, would a second referendum take place in consideration of the other three statuses, statehood, independence or a hybridized recognition of Puerto Rico. This in itself is pretty slick but Democrats didn’t stop there.

After getting rid of the sate of commonwealth as an option, to help further increase the chances of statehood winning a referendum, the Puerto Rico Democracy Act lets natural-born Puerto Ricans vote even if they reside in one of the 50 states. That is like allowing people who move to North Dakota from Delaware to vote in Delaware’s gubernatorial election. The Puerto Rico Democracy Act actually allows non-citizens and non-residents of the island to choose if Puerto Rico should be a state!

Not only is this an extremely racist act, it is an incredibly blatant attempt to stack the deck for a vote that is designed to get statehood passed. There is absolutely no other reason for such a racist and illogical allowance of unaffiliated voters. But if that wasn’t bad enough,

If this referendum fails, the Democrat bill actually demands a new referendum every eight years, until Democrats get the outcome they want and statehood is approved.

There is absolutely no merit to the referendum process that this bill puts in place. Its construction is so absurd that it is obvious to any casual observer that this is nothing but Democrats rigging an election that would ultimately grant them 2 more senate seats and 8 more house seats. Statehood is an afterthought. It is an excuse to increase the number of Democrats in Congress and add a few more electoral votes to their presidential candidates electoral college count.

The referendum doesn’t even make it possible for the people of Puerto Rico to determine their fate on their own. It allows outsiders to decide it for them. In fact there are more Puerto Ricans in the 50 states than there are in Puerto Rico, and it is this majority that will be urged to vote in the statehood referendum.

Passage of this Puerto Rican statehood scheme reaches a new height of deception and beyond being deceptive, this liberal conspiracy actually dilutes the voice of Puerto Rico’s citizens and undermines their right to self determination. And all of this is for the purpose of consolidating power.

It is just another reason why Democrats will be hemorrhaging seats come November.

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One response to “For Democrats, Puerto Rican Statehood Is All About Their Hold On Power

  1. That’s an interesting point about the Democrats creating a sense of reliance on them. If this is true, then good, since the world cannot survive anymore Republicans. And Puerto Rioc really need to strand up and be counted on this one. Interesting article though.

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