President Obama; The Great Divider

Bookmark and Share   “It will be up to each of you to make sure that the young people, African Americans, Latinos and women, who powered our victory in 2008 stand together once again”

That is the message that the man who once promised to be a transformative political figure who will unite us instead of divide us, recently delivered.

President Obama once tried to convince us that America was not a mix of red states or blue states but that we were purple states, a combination of both political ideals and he tried to tell us that he opposed this notion of blue states and red states.

But ever since he came to office he has been anything but a transformative political figure who has helped to unite us on common ground.

Instead he has been the leftwing political director-in-chief.

The President has spearheaded an economic policy that is based on class warfare. He has done everything possible to shut Republicans out of the political process in Washington, D.C. and taken every opportunity to demonize them. He has spent more time trying to solidify and motivate the liberal base of his next reelection bid and the 2010 mid-term elections than trying to lead us with policies that unite both sides of the political fence.

Instead of trying to use the Constitution of the United States to unite Americans around a set of principles that create the rationale for proper American domestic policies, the President has been undermining the Constitution with initiatives designed to circumvent its intent. The appointment of czars and adoption of policies that have entities such as the EPA create and implement their own regulations without congressional approval are just a few examples of such deceit.

Now, in his own words, the President singles out certain parts of the electorate and asks them alone to be the backbone of Democrat victory in the future.

It is not unusual for a politician to campaign among a woman’s group or an ethnic based organization. It is not unusual for them to try to address their concerns. But what is unusual is for a President of the United States to single them out and publicly call upon them to be part of a partisan victory, while intentionally leaving out entire age groups, sexes, colors and cultures and insinuating that only certain segments of society should be a part of the election of a President who is suppose to be the President of all Americans.

Had a Republican taped an address that stated “It will be up to each of you to make sure that senior citizens, White Anglo-Saxon Protestants , Italians and men , who powered our victory in 2004 stand together once again,” would there not be a cry of racism and partisanship so loud that every newspaper, every media outlet and every minority group would be calling for a national apology or an immediate resignation?

As President Obama gears up for the midterm elections that he hopes will increase his political parties majorities in Congress, maybe he should tone down the partisanship. Maybe, as President, he should finally start to focus on the nation as a whole, not on the basis of a nation that he can divide into voting blocs that he pits against one another.

Maybe President Obama should try to be President and not just a Party leader. Maybe instead of concentrating on motivating one set of Americans more than another, he should start leading all Americans for the benefit of one nation not for the advantage of one Party, or his next round of elections. It is time for President Obama to start looking at how to inspire all Americans and unite all Americans, not just motivate certain Americans by dividing the classes, sexes and ethinic groups that make up America.

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