Obama Supporter Arrested For Threatening Republican Lawmaker….Oh No!

Norman LeBoon donated monery to President Obama's campaign and theatens to kill a Republican lawmaker

Bookmark and Share    So while the liberal-Democrat Party tries to paint Tea Party protestors as irrational terrorists and conservatives as extremists who disagree with them because they are brutal racists  and try to depict themselves as the victims of all those evil people, it would seem that it is time for them to come down off of the cross and step into reality.

33 year old loyal liberal, Norman Leboon of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, seems to have been plotting his own irrational, terrorist acts of bigotry and irrational rage.

Amid all of the “rightwing” fear that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow liberal minions try to claim they live in as a result of their “patriotic” passage of the government healthcare and economy takeover, it would seem that they are not the only ones that have reason to fear fellow Americans.

After a bullet was fired into the office of conservative Republican leader Eric Cantor, Norman LeBoon took it upon himself to post a YouTube video in which he states

“receive my bullets in your office, remember they will be placed in your heads. You and your children are Lucifer’s abominations.”

With the bullet in the office found and the claim for responsibility sent out virally, it didn’t take the most elite F.B.I. agents to put this one together and arrest LeBoon.

But what is interesting, is that while Nancy Pelosi pretends to portray herself and her party as if they were as fearful of those who oppose their policies as Ann Franke hiding in a wall from Nazi’s, LeBoon happens to pledge his allegiance to the liberal cause. He is such a fan of liberals that he has donated $550.00 to the campaign of liberal leader, President Barack Obama.   Since then though, LeBoo has come to feel that President Obama is not liberal enough for him and so he posted a video targeting President too.

But by liberal-Democrat standards, LeBoon’s liberal support  is enough to claim that the radical liberal extremists have unleashed a Fatwa to kill Jews and Republicans. After all Congressman Cantor is both Jewish and Republican and both were factors behind Democrat LeBoon’s death threat and shooting. Furthermore; is it enough to also condemn the “entire” Muslim community? The video seen in this post shows LeBoon threatening YouTube employees for taking down some of his vicious video threats. In it LeBoon refers to his Islamic faith.  In another video Norman LeBoon declares himself to be a Shia Muslim. 

Is that really enough to condemn the entire Muslim community so that we can marginalize their rightful place in society?

Or could it be that LeBoon is a la loon and out of his gourd?

The historical record shows that the very preliminary but incriminating evidence in the LeBoon case is more than enough for Democrats to reach such conclusions with those that disagree with them. It is the type of stuff they use to demonize the opposition to them as dangerous, radical nuts. But such attempts to marginalize the opposing opinions of Republicans is about as rational as threatening to kill a Congressman because he is Jewish and a Republican who opposes a government takeover of healthcare, the economy and the freedom of the American people.

If one wants to play that game, by their own standards, the entire Democrat Party and its top man, our President, can be blamed for inspiring Norman LeBoon to do what he did. After all, it was President Obama who in a campaign swing to Norman LeBoon’s hometown of Philly said;

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said in Philadelphia last night. “Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.”

Surely such descriptive, violent language only helped to incite LeBoon to carry out his acts of violence?

Maybe President Obama should be officially charged with “inciting violence”?

Or should he not be?

Look, we all know that there are dangerous extremists out there. We also know that most of them sit on the left side of the aisle in Congress. However; this game that liberal-Democrats play when it comes to physical violence must stop. It is illogical, uncalled for, and an unhealthy addition to already highly polarized political discourse.

So it is time for the liberal-Democrat Party and their leaders to step down from the cross they are using to convey their martyrdom. After taking us through the process that they used to pass their government healthcare scheme, and after all the clandestine and underhanded deals and arrangements they made, they are not martyrs. They are suspects. Suspects in a heist that stole a chunk of liberty away from the American people.

Such a theft is bound to produce widespread anger.

Admittedly, one should not accept living with threats of violence. Yet for public officials, threats are nothing new. In 2009, there were over 1,000 threats made to officers of the IRS alone. But collectively, elected officials see far more than that number annually.

Again, this is not acceptable but clearly, this is also not a new phenomenon and it is not partisan.

That is why Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and President Obama need to ratchet down their rhetoric and stop playing the victim card, along with the race card, and sexual orientation card, and anti-immigration card.

The Norman LeBoon case makes it clear that insanity is not a characteristic limited to any one Party. It is something that runs randomly through our society and through all races, religions, orientations, ethnicities and Parties. And it is serious. All risks of violence must be dealt with responsibly. That is why responsible political leaders need to stop exploiting intolerable behavior for the sake of politically expedient strategies that are designed to portray those that disagree with them as irrational people with irrational opinions. Tactics like that which are meant to sideline the opposition, have no place among legitimate leaders.

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