Today’s Demoncratic Party. Fascist Freaks or Liberal Lunatics?

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Parody of images from the actual Demoratic Natonal Committee web site

picture obtained from Obamite on 

As Democrats complete their filibuster of the American people and pass a government healthcare takeover scheme, their shameless display of arrogance and fascist party control continues to rear its ugly head and promises to be forged ahead with as the rest of their extremist liberal agenda is laid out and rammed through behind closed doors and along strictly partisan lines.

In the mean time, the Democrat National Committee now uses their partisan passage of a government healthcare takeover as a fundraising tool that charges liberals $25.00 for a navy blue T-shirt that reads “Healthcare Reform” followed by letters “ed” in simulated handwritten text, below the famous circle Obama campaign emblem.

They have also sought to raise money through attempts to turn a handful of sporadic but still uncalled for and unacceptable acts of vandalism that were perpetrated against members of Congress following passage of the liberal government healthcare takeover.

Party leaders have sent out letters and hit the airwaves in attempts to paint themselves as victims of those who oppose the government takeover of healthcare.

Of course they do not mention the most dangerous act of all which was carried out against Republican leader Eric Cantor whose office had a bullet fired into it.

This all helps to show that the leftist statists are probably the most artful group of individuals there is when it comes to accusations, distractions, disruption, divisiveness and demonizing those who oppose them.

As President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel once put it, they never miss the opportunity to take advantage of a crisis. And there are no people better at inventing crisis-like atmospheres to take advantage of than today’s liberal-Democrat Party.

With the election of a President who is half African-American and half Caucasian, liberals regularly play the race card and claim that all opposition to their Obama led policies are based on racism. They produce wedge issue legislation designed at creating special rights for gays and when such special rights are opposed by Republicans, the liberal-Democrat Party claims all who do not support special rights….special rights, not equal rights but special rights, to gay people are homophobic.

Meanwhile it is the left that is waging class warfare and trying to pit the lower and middle classes against the upper class. They are pitting rich against poor, white against black, straight against gay and the those that govern against the governed.

All of these distinctions are dangerous and are what lead to the tense atmosphere and harsh environment of national politics but it is the last distinction which lies at the heart of the Democrat Party’s true sinister intentions——Control.

This is evident in the process just completed to pass healthcare reform. It was done in a way that, in the coming months, will see the process become more the issue than what the process achieved.

Under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama, clandestine negotiations and deals pieced together one of the least transparent legislative operations we have ever seen. They then proceeded to make it the law of the land by promising to use technical procedures that would allow them to avoid debate and adopt measures that were only meant for use regarding the federal budget. At one point they even agreed to use an obscure procedure that would have allowed the House to not actually vote on the bill but “deem” it to be technically passed.

In the end the liberal-Democrat Party acted like fascists and turned our bicameral legislative branch of government and our system of checks and balances into a unicameral government that filibustered the American people and vetoed them to pass the most massive and transformative piece of legislation we have ever seen. For this law does not simply deal with healthcare, it has mandates that effect the states, private businesses, individual taxpayers, banks, education, entire industries, jobs, salaries, an extraordinary portion of the free market, puts the government in direct control of how healthcare is carried out, and more than one sixth of our economy.

The liberal-Democrat Party’s bill is a direct assault on freedom which restricts free will and threatens independent thinkers with fines and imprisonment if they do not buy in to the government healthcare monopoly.

Their almost 3,000 pages of mandates effects and transforms far more than healthcare and its impact goes beyond health insurance coverage. It will cost jobs, hold down salaries, increases taxes on individuals and the private sector, and raise the cost of all products and services.

And the liberal-Democrats believe this will help Americans.

They actually believe that healthcare is a right and that freedom is afforded to all by taking it away from some. But at the same time, they refuse to accept the fact that rights are not something that people are mandated to purchase from government and that freedom is not determined by the amount of government services afforded to people.

Freedom and the people come before government. It is the free people who created our government, not the other way around. Our government was born out of freedom and it was created to protect it, not legislate it away.

I agree with our Constitution. I agree that we have unalienable rights and that it is our creator which grants us these rights and our freedom. Today’s liberal-Democrat Party disagrees with the United Stats Constitution.

The way they passed healthcare reform and all that they passed in the healthcare takeover law demonstrates that, to them, freedom comes by way of government services and that they and they alone can spread freedom and wealth by taking it away from some and giving it to others through government services.

The problem is that our founding fathers and the Constitution they created, made it clear that the federal government was not a service industry, and it was never intended to be. They left that to the free market.

The founding fathers also made it clear that it is the states where the bulk of the power should lie and that the people are in control government and not, as Representative John Dingle recently articulated when he stated that it will take time for the reform bill to “control the people .

For these reasons and more I find today’s liberal-Democrat Party to be dangerous and a threat to our Constitution and our freedoms.

That sentiment is the result of extremism. Extremism inspires a sense of threat. It is a sentiment that the left has felt when the right has been accused of extremism. But there is a very big difference between liberal and conservative extremism.

Radical liberal policies, specifically those involving the economy and that which effects taxes, always seek to part more earnings from its earners. This diminishes the people’s power…….economic power, buying power, the power of financial security. All of this is diminished as liberal-Democrat policies take more money from the people in attempt to finance social engineering programs that seek to control people in the form of a nanny state that does everything from fund and purchase drugs to cure erectile dysfunction for convicted sex offenders to forcing citizens to buy into government programs.

Conversely, conservative fiscal and tax policies usually allows the earner to keep more of the earnings. This empowers people and it helps to prevent the growth of government and the ability for the government to invent new methods of social engineering and unsustainable, taxpayer funded government programs and services.

Today’s liberal-Democrat Party does not understand the Constitution, its intent, and what it means to be an American. They do not realize that by making the federal government a service industry and taking on the responsibilities and decisions that are suppose to be left to the people, government will soon collapse under the weight of all the responsibility that is was never meant to carry.

This healthcare bill establishes over a hundred thousand new tax payer funded, unsustainable federal jobs, and it will lead to a critical shortage of healthcare services and providers who do not want to enter the public sector that Democrats have now turned healthcare into. These people want to enter the private sector where wealth is created. Whereas; the public sector does not create wealth, it spends it.

None of this has any impact on today’s liberal-Democrat Party and its leaders. They are not concerned with the survival of the wealth creating free markets or even the freedom of the people. They are more concerned with establishing themselves as a permanent ruling political class that takes more and more control away from the people and expands the entitlement mentality in our society which increases the culture of dependency that is their source to reelection. The more people who believe that government is a deity that miraculously funds itself and provides free services, the better off today’s fascist liberals are.

If they can continue to make people believe in things that sound too good to be true, they will successfully continue to portray themselves as little leprechauns that will lead us to a pot of gold at the end of their happy little utopian rainbow.

Problem is, that at the end of their make believe rainbow is actually a pot full of debt and economic ruin. At the end of the Democrat’s rainbow you will not find their promised unicorns, lollipops and licorice lined roads. You will find a Pandora’s box of inflation, high prices, less earnings, more unemployment, bureaucratic health services and care and an America where the people do not control the government but where the government controls its people.

Is this really the “change” you wanted? 

From FDR to BHO, the liberal-Democrat Party has been nothing but an enemy to the Constitution and to states rights. They have not ever taught people how to catch fish to feed themselves. Instead, they have decided to do the fishing and throw the scraps to the people who, after several generations, have developed an entitlement mentality that has created the culture of dependency. That culture of dependency is now the key to power for Democrats. Their drive to make Americans reliant on government services and assistance has become their main source of votes and electoral victories.

Without realizing it, by falling into this liberal trap, many Americans have given away more and more of their rights and freedoms as their crack-like addiction to unsustainable government services gives the federal government more and more control over them.

It is a vicious cycle that has just become even more vicious with the reorganization of our government and transformation of the free market that is a result of liberal healthcare reform.

But hope springs eternal and contrary to any opinions otherwise, it is never too late for anything in America . We will someday soon again understand the values of personal responsibility, independence, the U.S. Constitution and of freedom.

When that time does come the phrase “repeal and replace” will lead us to restoration and revival………the restoration of our Constitutional influence over Congress and the revival of the American people, their personal respect, their entrepreneurial spirit and of our American economy.

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