Passage of Government Healthcare Makes The Battle Lines Very Clear

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 On Sunday, Democrats successfully enacted the government healthcare takeover that promises to place the government in control of a sixth of the national economy, a great chunk of our personal economies and orders the compulsory purchase of government controlled health insurance and to pay for the federal government to determine how healthcare treatment is doled out.

Despite the lies of the left, this bill places all healthcare insurance plans, including private ones, under government control.

Despite their lies, this bills creates over 130,000 new federal employees, invents dozens of new boards, bureaus, agencies, panels and bureaucracies, gives the federal government real time access to your bank accounts, threatens to fine and imprison those who refuse to make the purchases that the government forces them to, forces all Americans to subsidize the health insurance of unions and community organizations such as ACORN, rations treatment and care, and dares to put a price on individual’s lives.

While healthcare reform is needed, I for one know that the reforms that a party line vote caused this nation to adopt as the law of the land, are not simply healthcare reforms, they are reforms to the bill of rights and to the free market as well as the free will of American citizens.

But furthermore; in order to actually pass the government takeover of the personal economies of the American people and the control of their healthcare services, Democrats went well beyond establishing the written commitments that their “reform” bill states. In order to reach the slim majority of votes that they needed to pass it, handshakes committed them to deals that range from an even larger takeover of the free market and our national and personal economies through the Cap and Trade measures that will amount to the greatest transfer of wealth ever known to man, to amnesty for illegal immigrants and the birth of a pro-illegal immigration policy that will encourage the trafficking of people, drugs and jobs and to a further erosion of individual rights, as Democrats sacrifice the will of the people for the control of and over them through government.

None of this has been lost on hundreds of millions of Americans.  That is why many of them have been fighting against the passage of government healthcare legislation.  People like my own mother, who like most people, have much of life’s problems to deal with on their own plates, have struggled to be a part of the democratic process and prevent our rights from being stripped away.  Having joined my mother and spending the last few days participating in the events that protested the passage of the government takeover of healthcare, I must admit that I feel more than beaten. My voice is a raspy whisper of what it once was, and my legs and feet throb from days of running a relay of messages to groups of protestors on one side of the Capitol to the other.

My body is weak from the constant shuttling from one House office building to another and one side of the Capitol to the other while marching in protest in between.

My skin is burnt from the bright Spring sun that consistently beet down upon the Capitol lawns that we gathered and marched on, and my lips are chapped, sandpaper like remnants of what they once were.

Yet the physical wear and tear is nothing compared to the mental wear and tear that this legislative roller coaster placed all of us. Despite a sense of the inevitability that I saw in the passage of the healthcare takeover bill, my heart was filled with the hope that the liberty which pulses through the veins of most Americans would pump some logic to the heads of liberal legislators who would realize that the bill they were being asked to support, was actually a federal power grab of much more power and control over the states and the people than the federal government was ever intended to have.

I held out hope that the house of cards built by the behind closed doors deal making that liberals enjoyed amongst themselves in order to get enough votes to pass their partisan bill, would have collapsed and forced the liberal regime of Obama, Pelosi and Reid to drop their designs against the people and start sitting down and working with the people.

But none of this was in our control.

We were all left to do all that we could in the closing hours of debate. I joined with others in confronting lawmakers and the chants of  “kill the bill” aimed at the glimmering white dome of the Capitol and the balconies lined with legislators cheering us on.

Although all of us protesting were not enduring hard labor we were thirsty, hungry, hot and tired, in the unkind environment of Washington D.C., which provides a catch 22 of discomforts. There is little convenient access to comfort or nourishment in the Capitol. Not even convenient access to water fountains is available. And the restrictive security which has one removing articles of clothing each time they walk through the metal detectors that allow them entry into any building and the prohibitions that do not allow you to enter many venues with any food or beverages, makes it inconvenient to carry such things with you in the Capitol. So for the most part, we simply did without any relief from the stresses of the day. Adrenaline was the only source for all of us protestors to draw any strength from.

That and the inherent can do spirit that comes with being an American, are what kept all of us going. As an American, the ability to overcome any obstacle is instinctual and during the days of debate leading up to the pivotal House vote on bureaucratic healthcare, that instinct kicked in.

After having had the opportunity to step up to the podium and offer my own words of encouragement to the crowd gathered outside of the Capitol, like them, I was determined to fight to the end. The cheering on of thousands who are on your side, helps to fuel that determination and when I stepped up before the large assembly of grassroots protestors and saw the sea of faces that were determined to deliver our message, I felt empowered. Empowered not by our government but by the people who determine the makeup of our government.

And such encouragement was greatly appreciated.

The process which Democrats applied to passage of government healthcare was an underhanded and manipulative one that was quite discouraging to see unfold and actually left us, the people, helpless. Democrats closed the process, and ignored opposing opinions. They shunned all those who were not part of their elite regime and for one of the first times in my life, legislated liberty away.

Such a process does not allow one to draw strength from their government. It merely plants the seeds of discontent that help grow into the peaceful overthrow of their government at the ballot box.

So when the vote was final and when it was clear that the people of America truly did lose control of their government, although it was expected, I could not help but try to absorb an emotional blow that left me feeling dejected and defeated.

All of us felt this sense of overwhelming defeat but all of us felt something else too. We sensed the resolve to continue the fight and force those who undermined democracy and freedom to feel the wrath of the American people who gave birth to the freedom that they legislated away with their government takeover.

For many of us, this was the straw that broke the back of the Democrat donkey and placed the Republican elephant at a crucial juncture in its history. For it is clear to many Americans that today’s Democrat Party is not a Party of the people orr representing the people. It is a Liberal Party that is not committed to the Constitution of the United States but instead committed to the unraveling of the Constitution and to the principles of socialism and even Marxism.

The anger which the Liberal Party stirred in leading us to these conclusions has led them to no longer be a viable political alternative. However; the anger and distrust in government that led to this conclusion also forces many of us to question the Republican Party before we put any faith in them either.

The American people are ready to strike back. A battle over government run healthcare has been won by those who wish to wage class warfare but there remains 8 months left till the war is over. Come November, some of the final shots will be fired at the ballot box and the beneficiaries may well be the G.O.P.. But our patience has been worn thin and if the Republican Party does not take strong action to undo the damage done by Democrats, and represent the Constitution and the liberty for which it stands, then they too will find themselves again lacking the favor of the American people and prompting the creation of third parties that will have the hope and strong support of many who wish to finally see control of our government put back in the hands of the people.

Republicans must rise to the occasion and show that they are willing to play and live by the rules, put policy and the people above politics, act with fiscal responsibility and strengthen the rights of the states and the people instead of diluting them.

If they can prove themselves to be up to that job, they will indeed be given the chance to do it, but under the current political atmosphere that Democrats have created, if Republicans fail, they will be doomed to pay the same high price that Democrats will pay in the next few months.

As for me, I may be emotionally drained from my efforts against passage of government healthcare but the time and energy I invested has not been for naught. It has merely set the stage for the effort to undo the injustices that Democrats have perpetrated against the people and lay the groundwork for their defeat.

That pledge comes not out of any sense of revenge. As it has been said in the past “revenge has no more quenching effect on emotions than salt water has on thirst“. So I will forge ahead not seeking revenge. I will not promote undoing the damage done by Democrats by using the same tactics that they used to do their damage. I intend to see that the high road is taken and that in the end, the American democratic process works to successfully dole out the electoral justice that liberals deserve and liberty warrants.

This fight is not over. It has merely been fueled by the audacity and socialist intents of the left who we will meet in November and who I will see in hell.

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