The Peaceful Insurrection for Freedom Is Upon Us. Thanks To Democrats!

Bookmark and Share  As the liberal regime controlling Washington, D.C. continues twisting arms and intimidating Representatives, they are moving closer to a manipulation of the process that will use a procedural maneuver to pass one of the most significant and inappropriate pieces of legislation that America has ever seen.

Desperation has forced Democrats to turn Congress into a unicameral body that consists of Democrats versus Democrats while it shuts down any objective opposition to their desires.

It is under these circumstances that Democrats are laying the ground for a future, long term consolidation of power that is rooted in creating a culture of total dependency …..dependency on government through its control over everything from free markets and economic status to healthcare.

Despite any offense taken by the left when their policies are compared to socialism and communism, such comparisons are becoming increasingly accurate with each and every attempt they make to manipulate the legislative process and undermine our American democracy.

As these comparisons become more evident, it is worth looking at how oppressed societies have dealt with oppressive regimes throughout history.

Representative Steve King of Iowa recently drew upon one such comparison when he invoked the name of the historic Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia and called upon Americans to organize and conduct their own peaceful, Velvet Revolution, to deal with the underhanded, unethical attempts to pass healthcare reform being carried out by the Obama, Pelosi, Reid regime.

The Czechoslovakian ‘Velvet Revolution’ sprouted on November 16th 1989, day’s after the manmade divide between European freedom and communism, East and West Germany, became no more. From their it quickly blossomed as Czechoslovakian students began to peacefully protest against the Communist Czech government. As each day passed, more citizens began break into spontaneous protests until one day, over half a million citizens stood together in Prague, protesting Communism. Then, on November 27th all the citizens of Czechoslovakia took part in a 2 hour long general strike. The following day, the Communist government of Czechoslovakia announced that it would relinquish their power to the people and dismantle the existing government apparatus.

In the comforts of today’s American society, after several generations of Americans have come to take our freedom for granted and been eased into an entitlement mentality, it is hard to imagine the type of dramatic, yet peaceful revolt that took place in Czechoslovakia, taking place here. Yet as hard as it is to imagine, the seeds have been planted.

The extremism of liberals in government caused a flurry of fury to rear its ugly head during the course of the past year. In record numbers, angry voters showed up at town hall meetings throughout the nation and at protests in cities, towns and Washington, D.C.. A collective total of millions have been making it clear that enough is enough. People who have absolutely no desire to disrupt their lives with political activism and protests, have found themselves so angered by the conduct of the ruling Party, that they have traveled far and wide to make their objections known.

Yet what has it gotten them?

It has gotten them a slap in the face.

For the powers that be, not only ignored them, they have gone behind their backs to undermine their voices by looking at loopholes that would allow them to supersede the will of the people and circumvent the ethical and even legal conduct of the legislative process.

As Democrats near completion of their great American deception, what were once the seeds of discontent have grown and now as the legislative storm clouds darken with the seemingly inevitable, equivalent of passage of a government healthcare takeover through bribes and procedural treachery, the sprouts from those seeds of discontents are finally blossoming.

As such I will be joining the unknown number of angry masses that will be gathering in Washington, D.C. this weekend. I will be joining men and women from New Jersey and New Mexico, from Montana to Maine and everywhere in between, as we take our lead from the liberal leadership of Congress and try to accomplish our goal of stopping of this government health care scheme in the same fashion that Democrats are trying to pass it……By Any Means Possible, short of violence.

Some of you may make light of this. You may write it off and say it is not worth it. That is your right as an American. However, it is our rights as Americans which is prompting me and many other Americans to take this stand. It is the legislative stripping away of rights that is exactly what is prompting this demonstration of peaceful protest.

America is the nation that gave birth to the principles of democracy that empower civilized societies with the ability to protect our freedom. It is that type of desire for freedom that forced millions of Czechoslovakians to once join together and protest for democracy and against the communist hand that held them in its grip. How ironic would it be to learn that Czechoslovakians who once wanted the dream of an American democracy, prove to be able to fight for it better then the American people who invented it but are now slowly watching it slip away?

And this is no exaggeration.

We are watching the process be abused in order to take control away from the people along with their economic and personal freedoms.

President Obama campaigned for the presidency by promising to be a transformative leader. That is one promise he has tried to keep. He has been trying to consistently transform America from a society that controls its government, into a society that is controlled by its government. This is exactly what gave birth to the anti-Communist Velvet Revolution in Europe and it is exactly why American citizens should stand together and lead their own gentle but impenetrably forceful , peaceful revolution.

For those reasons I shall do my part in fulfilling the words of Congressman King who said, “Fill this city up, fill this city, jam this place full so that they can’t get in, they can’t get out and they will have to capitulate to the will of the American people”.

My life has been devoted to public service in various forms. Much of it has been spent involved in the legislative process. Be it New York or New Jersey, never have I or those I have been committed to, participated in underhanded legislative shenanigans that sought to pass a law that would transform a major aspect of life for those I represented. So it is with a clear conscience and clean hands that I enjoin this cause against the shenanigans that our government is trying to use in order to pass it a healthcare takeover scheme . The guilt is theirs not mine. The only thing I may eventually be found guilty of is trying ……….trying to fight fire with fire.

Will all of this make a difference?

If there are enough people willing to stand against the federal government’s taking over of our liberty, it might. But even if this last ditch citizens effort doesn’t stop the liberal regime from unethically making their, partisan, liberty denying measure, the law of the land, the fight will wage on for 8 more months as I do my part in helping to elect enough people to Congress to insure that it is swiftly repealed.

It has been said that the greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure and I believe that to be true. That is why I am committed to this last minute attempt to make a difference. I do not fear it failing. But I do fear losing the right to try to succeed in America. So I will be doing my part and if you too are so inclined, feel free to contact me at . There is a national citizens network that is helping to coordinate travel with neighboring activists who will also be doing their part.

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