Harry Reid Claims 36,000 Jobs Lost To Be “Really Good”

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“Today is a big day in America. Only, only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good”.

Those were the words spoken today by Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and they were about as inappropriate as asking the question…….So everything else aside Mrs. Lincoln, how’d ya like the play?

These were not off the cuff remarks, these were the words softly but proudly spoken by the Democrat leading the U.S. Senate and they were carefully stated on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

In other words, Harry Reid really meant it when he called the loss of only 36,000 jobs a really big day for America. And he meant it in a positive way.

This is why Democrats are seen as out of touch.

Only to them can a loss of 36,000 jobs be reason to celebrate. Democrats are on the verge of being kicked in the teeth by the American electorate because of the type of logic that they use and because of the arrogance which allows them to believe that the American people will buy it.

What possible logic can lead to the celebration of continued loss.? Did Harry Reid use this same type of logic when only one a two soldiers were killed in the line of battle at the height of hostilities in Afghanistan and Iraq? Would Harry Reid ever come out and say, hey today is a big day in America because we only saw the loss of two American who were defending our cause? If he did, men dressed in white and carrying nets, would have had to take him away.

Did Harry Reid ever come and say today is a big day in America, only 112,000 families lost their homes last month?

What loss is ever good unless it is the loss something that is harmful or hurtful?

Harry Reid’s statement to the nation from the senate floor claiming that only losing 36,000 jobs was a good thing is the epitome of liberal spin and attempts to try and seem like their big government, spend our way to prosperity philosophy is making a difference for the better. And it is an offensive attempt at that. In fact, it is not just offensive, it is an outright lie.

Of the “only” 36,000 jobs that Democrats admit to having been lost, how many of those people and their families are celebrating this “big day in America”?

And of those 36,000 people who no longer have a job, how many of them are encouraged by the truth behind liberal lies. The truth which actually shows the national unemployment rate to be more around 16.5% than the 9.7% that they claim we actually have and that they also claim is a very good number? Because when you add in those without jobs that the government is no longer counting and those who have given up looking for jobs altogether, 16.5% is the realistic number.

Harry Reid’s declaring that today is a big day in America, because we lost only 36,000 jobs, is like a crime victim saying that he feels like partying because his assailants only got away with his life savings and one arm instead of two.

Statements like that which Harry Reid made today, on the floor of the U.S. Senate, are a blatant demonstration of how out of touch, unrealistic and desperate Democrats have become. It is also why Harry Reid will be rejected by voters even in his home state, where right now, he slated to see a double digit loss in his reelection bid.

It is also why the American people are absolutely convinced that nothing the current liberal regime or its Democrat Party says, can be believed or trusted. For if only losing 36,000 jobs is hat Democrats call good news for America, I don’t dare want to know how bad things must get before they admit to a bad day for America.

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