Glenn Beck’s CPAC Keynote Address; An Oratorical Political Tour de Force

Bookmark and Share   The annual Conservative Political Action Conference saw one of its most energetic, optimistic, and well attended events in its history. It was the result of a turning tide that is washing over the sands of false hope that President Barack Obama began promising just two short years ago.

With a turbulent wind of national anger, America has come to understand that the fundamental change that President Obama and the Democrat Party vowed to bring to DC, is not the fundamental change that many now realize they meant. While many Americans wished for fundamental change in the way that politicians operate government, Barack Obama actually meant fundamentally changing the founding principles that gave birth to and are suppose to guide our great invention known as the American democracy.

Many Americans have come to realize that with unbridled and unchecked control of government in the House, the Senate and the White House, Democrats have become so fundamentally radicalized that their policies border, and in some cases strike socialism. This sudden lurch to the left of the political spectrum, in a nation that is predominantly conservative, gave the American electorate whiplash and it is now resulting in a backlash against those who caused it.

For this reason, with many indications of a total reversal of fortunes, Democrats are in danger of quickly becoming the minority party in Congress once again. The most shocking part of that possibility is the speed in which they have brought about this reversal of fortunes. It took Republicans 40 years to gain control of the House of Representatives in 1994. Forty years. And it took Democrats another twelve years to gain back control. These numbers are indicative of the long, and incremental process that is normally required to switch ones hold on to power in Washington. Yet despite the historical evidence, Democrats have managed to make it possible to lose their power in just two years time.

The situation is remarkable but what is even more remarkable is the fact that all of this is no ones fault but their own.

Democrats and Democrats alone are responsible for their seemingly rapid retreat into minority status. Republicans can take no credit for the possible hemorrhaging of Democrat seats in the U.S. Senate and House of representatives in 2010. Republicans essentially have done nothing to warrant any credit for anything over these past few years. They simply may be the beneficiaries of the Democrats own failures and extremism.

This is a point that I noted in what I called a State of the Party Address. In it I point out that any Republican rise to power that is based only on the failures of others, is no victory. I also point out that any majority hold on any branch of government that is achieved in such a way, will only prove to be a very short-lived hold on to majority status.

In the State of The Party Address, I assert that we must have our own ideas, and prove that we have learned from our mistakes and demonstrate a sincere commitment to the core values that made us great such as our commitment to states rights, smaller government, less spending, and a responsible national defense.

This is the same message that the keynote speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference gave this weekend.

Glenn Beck has risen to stardom with great acclaim from Americans who are moderate in their politics and Americans who are conservative in their politics. Many see his message as something that is more commonsense than ideology and it is this commonsense message that Glen Beck wowed the record audience at CPAC with.

Although I offered a somewhat technical assessment of the Republican Party in my State of the Party Address, Glenn Beck offered an unmatched display of inspirational oratory skill that helped drive home the points and message that Republicans need to hear. And he did so far better than I or many others could ever hope to.

Beck’s almost hour long keynote address was both eloquent and hard-hitting. It was packed with intelligent humor, powerful prose as well as inspirational poetry. From beginning to end, the speech was brutally honest and profoundly accurate.

I have not found myself to be a big fan of Glenn Beck. I have often felt that his entertainment value exceeded his political value. But at CPAC, Glenn Beck won me over.

Between his denunciation of Republicans for not realizing and admitting that they lost their way and are addicted to spending, to his reprimand of the GOP for relying on winning at the polls merely “because they don’t suck as much as Democrats”, Glenn Beck hit a home run so hard, fast and far that no catcher on earth will ever be able to get their hands on the ball that his verbal bat beat out of the ballpark.

Beck touched just about every fundamental aspect of life in America that we have twisted and turned into  a politically correct, dysfunctional society that attempts to put a cap on success and deem competition a sin. He drew a clear picture of a nation that is being steered by a government of nearsighted drivers who are more concerned with the sights and sounds along the side of the road than they are with what is right in front of them.

But don’t take it from me. See it for yourself. I urge you to find the time to watch and listen to Glenn Beck’s oratorical political tour de force. Below, you will find several clips that together present Beck’s spectacular address in its entirety. It will make conservatives feel empowered once more, make Republicans who are not already conservative, conservative, and force liberals to reevaluate their beliefs. I am sure they will never admit it but I am also sure that they will at the very least begin to doubt the direction our nation is headed in and question their confidence in the Democrat majority that currently has much to be blamed for and nothing to be credited with.

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