Say Bye-Bye To Democrat Evan Bayh. Another One Bites The Dust!

Bookmark and Share   After one year in total control of government, the radical regime of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid has done more to destroy the Democrat Party than either the Reagan Revolution and the creation of Reagan Democrats or Newt Gingrich and the 1994 Contract With America.

The latest casualty of the Democrat Party’s far reaching lurches toward socialism and the left is Indiana Senator Evan Bayh.

Once considered one of the safest Democrats up for reelection in the nation, Evan Bayh has been seeing his poll numbers slip and the potential candidacies of Republicans like Dan Coats, gain much traction.

Similar events took place recently in Rhode Island when, Senator Ted Kennedy’s son, long serving Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy, awoke one morning to find a poll that showed him in the race of his life. A few weeks later, Kennedy decided to not seek reelection.

The same fate has now befallen Evan Bayh.

As one of the few and most moderate voices in today’s Democrat Party, Bayh has had great difficulty explaining his support for a Party and its policies that are fundamentally changing America with everything from a tax on the air that we breathe to a socialized form of government run healthcare and insurance.

In the mean time, Evan Bayh’s support for President Obama’s economic policies have been producing little if any benefits for the people of Indiana. Places like Elkhart are still experiencing a nation leading economic downturn that continues to suppress economic opportunities and exacerbate an already unbearable unemployment rate. The result is an electorate that is less than enthusiastic about reelecting Evan Bayh to the Senate.

This has obviously become clear to Bayh and so today he announces his early retirement.

The decision is indicative of the existing bleak outlook for Democrats nationwide. As one looks at the numbers and all the indications of which way the Obama, Pelosi, Reid regime is going in, more and more Democrats are finding the obstacles to their reelections to be insurmountable and so they are trying to save face by avoiding embarrassing defeats at the polls.

In recent reports, POLITICS 24/7 had placed Indiana in the “Undecided” column, (see the projected Senate map here) but now with Bayh out, it moves to the “Likely Republican” and gets colored ‘brown’…as in Scott Brown.

What is most remarkable is the speed in which the Republican Party is bouncing back from defeat. Never before has a political Party rebounded as quickly as Republicans  have during the first year of the Obama Administration. So much for those on the left who claimed that the GOP was dead and going the way of the Whigs.

Meanwhile, Bayh left Democrats in a lurch.  He decided not to seek reelection only four days before deadline for candidates to file their canidacies for the Senate.  That means they have four days to find the Democrat they hope to replace him with. 

In his announcement, Bayh is expected to claim that his sudden decision is based upon a feeling that he can do more good in the private sector.  He will claim that a lack of appreciation for independence and bipartisanship  in Washington has made him want to help in areas where such qualities are practiced. 

This will sound good but is it really true?  Will liberals buy his excuse for not facing reelection?  Based upon their unwillingness to believe that Sarah Palin resigned from office for the good of people amid an endles array of unfair ditractions provided by legal harrasment from the left, they shouldn’t be so willing to buy Bayh’s excuse.  But I am sure they will.  However if they do, they will then have to admit that the atomsphere in Washington has gotten worse ever since Democrats took control of government. 

Either way, Democrats will be left speechless by Evan Bayh’s sudden decision.  They will also be ripping their hair out trying to get a decent candidate on the ballot to oppose former Republican Senator Dan Coats.

As for Bayh, he is probably cutting his losses and seting himself up for a future run for the Democrat nomination for President.  Who knows, maybe even against Barack Obama in 2012.

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