J.D. Hayworth Takes On John McCain & Turns The One Time Maverick Into Part of the Problem Establishment

Bookmark and Share   Former Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. He will be running against a most unique candidate. John McCain.There are not many people who willingly oppose long serving senators who have also been the standard bearer of their Party and its nominee for President. But Hayworth is a rare breed. He is a conservative who believes in remaining a conservative even after being elected as one.

In his announcement J.D. Hayworth based his candidacy on the need to provide “strong, reliable conservative leadership based upon on constitutional principles and stand up to the Democrat’s leftist agenda and offer the conservative solutions we need to get our country moving again”.

The premise of J.D. Hayworth’s campaign is a solid one. His opponent for the Republican nomination has been far  removed from the conservative wing of the Republican Party. In fact he has often gone out of his way to show his liberal side and it was that liberal side that left much of the Republican electorate unenthused by John McCain’s place at the top of the Republican ticket.

For some, like myself, this is hard to admit. John McCain is a relentless fighter. He has served this country with distinction long before he entered politics. After fighting for this country in the skies of Vietnam he endured multiple years and multiple broken bones and brutal beatings as he was tortured in a Vietnamese prison camp. His undying committment and faith kept him going and his integrity forced him to not permit his early release from his captures until other American prisoners were released before him.

John McCain is a true hero.

But politically, this one time Republican maverick, has waffled on and squandered away the conservative principles that lie at the heart of the Republican Party that he represents. After 24 years in the Senate, John McCain is an insider who can no longer be considered a maverick who is standing up to the forces of regressive political policies but is rather seen as an incumbent who is a part of the problem that produces regressive policies.

For many of us, in the 2008 presidential election, John McCain was the lesser of two evils in a final presidential field that had no other acceptable alternatives. Many of us settled. Many did not. McCain could not count on as many normally Republican votes as usual and so the Republican Party lost the White House.

This year though, the people of Arizona don’t have to settle for John McCain. They don’t have to vote for the lesser of two evils in the general election. This year, they can elect J.D. Hayworth and begin to change the face of the G.O.P. by shaking the foundations of the establishment, retiring the old guard and bringing in the new guard, the next generation of leaders who can properly tackle the contemporary problems that confront us.

J.D. Hayworth has a mighty big battle ahead of him. Regardless of the fact that John McCain peaked with his run for President and now passed his political prime, twenty four years of incumbency in the Senate allows one to build up quite a lot of chits to prop themselves up with. But in the end, if J.D. Hayworth can make this a campaign about ideas and not personalities, he has a shot at becoming the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate from Arizona. People are not happy with the way things are going in Washington and they are not happy with incumbents, and in the end that is what John McCain will be most known for in this race……his incumbency.

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One response to “J.D. Hayworth Takes On John McCain & Turns The One Time Maverick Into Part of the Problem Establishment

  1. Christian

    “if J.D. Hayworth can make this a campaign about ideas…” That’s all they are. He’s already proven that he is not only ineffective in the political realm, but proven that he is corrupt. AZ will re-elect McCain. He has earned so much respect this yr fighting against big gov.

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