Since When Did Victory in Iraq Become Obama’s Greatest Accomplishment?

Bookmark and Share   The Obama Administration has eked through its first year by relying on one simple phrase, “Blame it on Bush “. It has been the phrase used to answer every question to every situation. On the economy, its Bush’s fault. On taxes, its Bush’s fault. The housing crunch, North Korea, Iran, global warming hysteria, stormy weather, energy prices, its all Bush’s fault. Nothing is President Obama’s fault.

President Obama is immune from all accountability because, according to the Administration, everything is Bush’s fault.

As the President enters into the second year of his term in office, this excuse for everything is beginning to wear thin and it is no longer a satisfactory response to the effects of President Obama’s attempts to “fundamentally change” America. But now, in a stunning reversal of political strategy, the Obama regime has started to take credit for things.

In what could only be considered the most arrogantly obnoxious political sleight of hand ever, Vice President Joe Biden and the White House Press Secretary have not only taken credit for stabilizing Iraq and bringing the troops home but they went a step further to claim that Iraq will be this regime’s “greatest accomplishment”.

Their greatest accomplish! Are they kidding us?

This is a regime that is comprised of nothing but officials who first supported Operation Iraqi Freedom and then after the first year of the Iraqi war, they opposed it. They claimed “Bush lied, people died”. They said we never should have removed Saddam Hussein from office. They even tried to cut funding for the troops in Iraq.

To his credit, President Obama was consistent, at least until now. Senator Obama opposed the Iraq war from day one. He felt that Saddam Hussein should never have been overthrown and that the entire war was a mistake.

Now, all of sudden, not only is the Obama Administration taking credit for Iraq, they are calling it their greatest accomplishment.

What I would like to know is how and what exactly they are taking credit for. Is it their steadfast commitment to enforce the U.N. resolutions that called for Saddam Hussein to comply with weapons inspections? Is it their commitment to the removal of Saddam Hussein form office? Are they taking credit for their support of the troops ? This Administration is of the same Party, that in 2004, nominated for President a candidate who claimed he voted for the funding of our troops in Iraq before he voted against it. On January 19thof 2007, President Obama himself, called Iraq a “tried-and-failed policy”.

So tell me, what exactly are they taking credit for?

It certainly can’t be the new found democratic right of self-determination that Iraqis now have. And it can’t be the agreements that were signed and set a firm date for troop withdrawals or for the defeat of insurgents who have been fighting against freedom and killing innocent people. These things were down and happened before President Obama took office.

In fact, since Barry took office, he has done nothing but maintain the Bush policy in Iraq and follow through on all that the Bush Administration set in motion. So again…..what exactly is this current regime’s greatest accomplishment and what is it that they are taking for?

The fact that the White House would, through its Press Secretary, reaffirm Vice President Biden’s misplaced claim of credit is not just ludicrous, it is one of the most despicable acts of political hypocrisy on record. This new found appreciation for what the Bush Administration accomplished and refusal to admit that that they opposed the same effort that they now take credit for, is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Politics has always been prone to producing exaggerations of fact. We almost expect it. But anyone with half a brain can see that this newest exaggeration is beyond the pale and nothing but a blatant lie. It is a lie so blatant that it will forever more tarnish the credibility of the Obama regime.

The fact that this President and his underlings would suddenly reverse themselves on one of the main focuses of their campaign and embrace the policies of the man who they demonized and it call it their own is sign of a lack of integrity and principles that is so deep, that we should hang our heads in shame for ever allowing such sleazy, and disingenuous people to occupy the White House and lead the halls of power in America.

It is another example of just how hollow the words of the President are. This is a man who promised to close Guantanamo Bay but failed to figure out how to do that by the date promised. This is the Administration that decided to try the mastermind and co-conspirators behind the 9/11 attacks in civilian courts only to realize that they may have to hold the trial in the prescribed military tribunal that was originally called for.

Back in 2002, Barrack Obama said of the war in Iraq;

“I don’t oppose all wars. What I am opposed to is a dumb war.”

Now in 2010, as President, while maintaining the policies that he criticized and were set in stone by the predecessor who he assailed incessantly, the President’s Administration is taking credit for the very same war that he called dumb and is now defining it as their greatest accomplishment.

This has got to be one of the most deceptive attempts at changing history that we have ever seen. Hopefully, the voters will start holding this regime accountable for that. If they do, the liberal base which agreed with President Obama’s original opposition to the Bush policies, may end up helping to make Barrack Obama one of the few sitting presidents in history to lose their Party’s nomination.

In  the mean time, if this Administration  wants to credit for Iraq, qill they also accept all the crticism that they themselves offered to those who carried out the startegy to get us to this point?  Will they themselves say “Obama lied, people died”?  I doubt it.  The Obama presidency is one of no accountability and totally devoid of any accurate admission of facts or truth.  

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