Garden State Gays Are Tired of Democrats Blowing Smoke Up Their Skirts

`Bookmark and Share    Gays in New Jersey are finally waking up.

After Democrats in the assembly, state senate and governor’s office promised to pass gay marriage legislation for more than four years, their failure to do so has finally made gays realize something. It finally dawned upon them that they are being taken for a ride by Democrats.

Year after year, former Governor Jon Corzine told gay activists that same sex marriage was a top priority for him. So did the Senate President, Dick Codey. And Speakers of the Assembly did as well.

For many people their promises offered reason to be happy. Democrats have controlled New Jersey for over eight years. They have held the majority in both state houses and the governor’s mansion under three different Democrats, Jon Corzine, Acting Governor Dick Codey and Jim McGreevey, who oddly enough announced that he himself was gay and then resigned. Talk about your profiles in courage.

So with all these Democrats holding all this power and promising to do what the gay community wanted, you’d think Democrats would deliver. And they almost did. Almost.

After Governor Corzine promised to make same sex marriage a top priority during his first, second and third year in office, he reiterated that in his fourth year in office, he would do it. But as Jon Corzine found himself in a tough reelection year, that promise, well, it fell to the back burner.

The same thing with the Assembly Speaker and Senate President. Although they spoke of their desire to see marriage equality legislation, they just couldn’t seem to find a way to bring it up for a full legislative vote.

In the mean time, Republicans have been urging that the issue of same sex marriage be put on the ballot for the people to decide on.

But Democrats failed to allow that too.

It wasn’t until Governor Corzine lost his reelection bid and became a lame duck, that outgoing Senate President Dick Codey brought it up for a vote in the State Senate. Governor Corzine stated that if the Senate and Assembly passed same sex marriage, he would sign it into law.

How brave of him.

Since he now had nothing to lose after already losing the election, now he was willing telling the legislature that if they pass it, he will sign it.

Meanwhile, the only reason Dick Codey brought the bill up, was to put the incoming Senate President in a tough position.

Like Corzine, Codey had nothing to lose either. He was defeated by State Senator Steve Sweeney for his leadership position as Senate President. So the outgoing Codey put the incoming Sweeney in a tough position that would have either the majority of voters angry at Sweeney for voting for same sex marriage, or have gay activists angry at him for not voting for it.

So Codey’s revenge took place. He called a vote on same sex marriage.

The measure failed.

This despite the fact that Democrats hold the majority of votes. And as for Sweeney, the incoming Senate President, ………he abstained.

Now wasn’t that an act of courage.

As for Garden State gays, they were mortified and infuriated.

As is the case with most gay men and women, New Jersey gays do nothing but swoon over everyone and anything associated with the Democrat Party. If their was a Democrat to donate time or money to, they were there. If there was a rally a Democrat needed bodies for, gays were there. The gay community also went to the polls and voted for any candidate who was a Democrat in near unanimity. They view voting for Democrats in an election as more of a tradition, than a decision. They just pull the lever for the column that says Democrat. No matter what, they vote Democrat. They have some sort of blind faith in them, believing that they are on their side and have their backs.

Well now they have finally woken up.

Steven Goldstein, President of Garden State Equality, the largest gay political organization in New Jersey, has come out and told its more than 65,000 members to stop donating to the Democrat Party.

According to Goldstein, Democrats waited to act on gay marriage until after the election when they should have instead acted on the issue long before the election. And so now Goldstein understands the game that was played and that he was just one pf the unwitting players. He now also understands that Democrats have taken support for them from the gay community for granted.

But no more says Goldstein. He declares that the “gay ATM machine is closed” and he wants the gay community to stop blindly supporting Democrats.

Well its about time!

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