Keith Olbermann Counting Down To His Last Show!!!!!!!

Bookmark and Share    According to a report by National Public Radio, Olberman’s last place rated 8:00 p.m. show among the three major cable news networks is slated to be cancelled.

Olbermann denies this but he also claims that his show is the number one rated show in that time slot. Olbermann’s detachment from reality is nothing new and I would be too embarrassed to admit that Nancy Grace and CNN were beating me too, but Countdown with Keith Olbermann is an undeniable failure that MSNBC can’t afford to waste their time on.

That is good, especially since most American’s have long ago realized that Keith Olbermann and MessBC are not worth their  time……hence the low ratings.

Sadly Olbermann’s career won’t be over after his show is put out of our misery. A four year contract that the network has with him, forces them to utilize Olbermann in one way or another…………….got any openings in the janitorial slots set aside for cleaning the executive bathrooms?

All I can say is, its about time.  Olbermann’s show has been counting down to no ratings for far longer than anyone expected.  But you know what is really sad.  This makes Rachel Madcow the senior goofball on MessBC.  I wonder how long she has left?

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