Democrats Raise Debt Limit to $14.5 Trillion, All By Themselves

Bookmark and Share    By a vote of 60 to 40, the U.S. Senate just raised the debt limit of the United States by another $1.9 trillion, from $12.6 trillion to $14.5 trillion.

This purely partisan passage permitting the federal government to spend even more than the amount it is already spending but doesn’t have, probably accounts for why Massachusetts Senator-elect Scott Brown is still the Senator-elect. Perhaps his swearing in is being delayed until some other slights of hand can be performed by a filibuster proof majority that can go unchecked and pass anything it wants.

For the record when President Bush assumed office 2001, our debt stood at $5.6 trillion . In 2006 when leadership of the House fell to Democrats, the debt limit was raised to $9 trillion. In 2007 another $850 billion was added to the debt limit bringing it to $9.85 trillion. In 2008 Congress raised the debt limit by another $800 billion to a limit totaling 10.6 trillion.

Why not just raise it to $2 quadrillion this way we don’t have to bother raising the amount of debt we can create for another 2 or 3 years. Hell, why don’t we all just go to our banks and say;

“Hey look, I saved your ass with a bailout so now I want you to issue me a credit card with a million dollar credit limit. Next week I’ll be back for another 1.3 million limit”

Boy it must be great to be a member of Congress. You get to change the rules and create ways to legitimize anything, including selling off our future to the Chinese.

I am glad to see that all 40 Republicans in the Senate stood firm and opposed the Democrat’s raising of the spending limit. I just hope that when they do take back control of the Senate, they will stand as united against such a limit increase the next time it comes up for consideration.

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