Democrats Are Still Considering The Nuclear Option For Helathcare Reform

Bookmark and Share  Is bipartisanship really what the president and his liberal Party something that they are really looking for? Or was President Obama talking out of both sides of his mouth as I previously pointed out?

According to sources on the Hill, liberals are in fact considering going nuclear on their widely rejected government takeover of healthcare.

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl, Mr. asked the following:

There is some talk that the Democrats are going to try reconciliation, a jam down of their bitterly divisive, and almost certainly wrong-headed health care plan. What can you tell us about this?

 Senator Kyl gave the following response:

“This is kind of breaking news. As you say, we’re just hearing it.

We haven’t been formally advised, but we have it on relatively good authority. And this would be what they call the nuclear option. This would be we can’t do it with 60 votes, because now we have a new Senator from Massachusetts, so we’ll do it with 51. Now it’s called the nuclear option, because it really upsets all of the tradition and precedent within the Senate which on a really big bill on the magnitude of health care, would always have strong bipartisan support, and therefore the 60 vote requirement really doesn’t matter.

But here, using an arcane part of the budget that ordinarily relates to tax cuts or tax increases, it doesn’t relate to comprehensive bills with a lot of substantive provisions in them, but just changes in the tax code, usually. They’re going to try to rewrite this bill to, where it would only need 51 votes, and still accomplish most of what the bill will accomplish.

Now what this will do is let the Blanche Lincolns and Ben Nelsons and Evan Bayhs and other to say oh, I can’t go along with this now. And of course, that’s exactly what their constituents want to hear. But it doesn’t matter, because their votes in effect at this point don’t count. They don’t matter. All it takes is 51 Democrats to vote for it, and it becomes law. It remains to be seen how long the process will take, and whether, and how much of the provisions of the comprehensive health care reform that we’ve been looking at can be scooped up into this legislation. But it now appears the Democrats are going to try that.”

If this is true, this November Democrats will be annihilated and they will become an almost extinct breed.

Alright, that’s an exaggeration. Kind of like after the 2008 elections when Democrats claimed that the G.O.P. was going the way of the Whig Party. But what is not an exaggeration is to say that if liberals do go nuclear and succeed, the fallout will emaciate their majorities.

Personally, I do not believe that Democrats are stupid enough to try to ram through a government takeover that the people have rejected. But then again they were stupid enough to elect liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to be their leaders, so it is possible. What would be especially astonishing though is if President Obama, on the heels of his passionate plea for the type of bipartisanship that he rejected up to now, does not put a stop to any attempt to by his Party to go nuclear.

I do not believe Democrats are really considering this stunt, but strangers things have happened.

How this plays out will be interesting.

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