Republicans To Offer Strong Response To The President’s Rhetoric

Bookmark and Share     As suggested in Politics 24/7’s State of the G.O.P. Address, the Republican Party must….
  • Put new blood forward and present new ideas. Let voters know that old guard Republicans are on their way out.
  •  A step in that direction is coming tonight, when Republicans put freshman Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell center stage as he delivers the Republican response to the Prsident’s State of the Union Address.Unlike Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal who lastg year received sour reviews for his response to the President, Governor McDonnell is articulate, energetic, and convincing.  He is a perfect model for the new generation of Republicans.

    In his Republican retort to the President, the Governor will highlight the fact that it is about time President Obama focus on  the economy and jobs but what he still doesn’t get is that voters do not want government expanded in an attempt to grow the economy and create jobs.  That is  an unsustainable growth that will only make matters worse.

    Bob McDonnell’s address promises to be a statement that will effectively counter what will undoubtedly be a strong speech by President Obama.  McDonnell will successfully create doubt about the President’s committment to fiscal conservatism and his too little, too late “limited” domestic spending freeze.

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