Democrats Offer Illegal Immigrants Reduced Tuition Costs For College Educations

Bookmark and Share    Eight days from now, Republican Chris Christie will be officially sworn in as the 55th Governor of New Jersey (legislation signed on January 10, 2006, allowed people who served as an acting governor for at least 180 days, to drop the “acting” from their title and be officially documented as a “Governor”. The law was retroactive to January 1, 2001). With such little time left, Democrats, who will continue to hold majority control of the state assembly and senate, are trying to pass any all things liberal.

This past Thursday, they feigned an attempt to change the definition of marriage and after dawn breaks on this day, they will try to pass a bill that will offer in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.

In-state tuition offers residents of New Jersey discounted rates to students who wish to attend any of New Jersey’s exemplary institutions of higher learning. Significant cost reductions are one of the few benefits that a resident of New Jersey receives for living and paying taxes in the Garden State. Students and their families who have not suffered from and shared in Jersey’s tax burden do not get that break.

Until now……at least if Democrats have their way.

In a last ditch effort to pass some of the most contentious parts of their agenda, Democrats are proposing to allow illegal immigrants who reside in New Jersey with in-state-tuition rates.

In other words, New Jersey liberals want illegal immigrants, who are hiding in the state, to be given the benefit of a reduced cost for their college degrees. If you live in New York and your son or daughter dreams of walking the New Brunswick campus of Rutgers University, they will have to account for the full, annual, out-of-state tuition fee of $17,709. With room and board that annual fee is about $30,000. But in-state tuition is $8,541 annually and with room and board it is about $20,000 or ten thousand less than the cost to out-of-state students.

The legislation begs many questions in my mind.

First; if the immigrant in question is illegal, how can their addresses be accurately verified and how can they be positively identified as a New Jersey resident.?

Second; if the student in question is an illegal immigrant, why would their illegal presence in the United States be rewarded with a discount for college and not instead be reported to the authorities?

Third; If you are going to charge American citizens or legal immigrants who are from another state more money than those who live in New Jersey, how could Democrats dare suggest that someone from another nation who is here illegally be charged less?  Why should an illegal immigrant who pays no state, or for that matter federal taxes, be rewarded with any  benefit.

Fourth; What does the word illegal mean?

A college degree should not be required to understand that the word “illegal” means “not permitted”. It connotes an act that is unlawful and against the rules. In simpler terms, it is “wrong”. To do or be anything that is classified as “illegal” means it is wrong or that you are in the wrong.

So why is it so difficult for Democrats to understand that wrong, bad, or in this case, “illegal” activity is not to be rewarded or extended benefits? Why can they not see the wrongness of charging illegal immigrants less for an education in New Jersey than we would other American citizens or students who are here legally? I am even brought to question how and why Democrats feel that they must make it compulsory for the state to educate illegal immigrants and mandate discounts for their higher educations?

It is legislation like this, legislation that lacks any common sense and tests the bounds of logic, which accounts for the reason why, in political lexicon, the word “liberal” is often viewed as ridiculously reckless and backwards. It is legislative initiatives like this which Democrats sponsor and promote which has made many Americans come to feel that Democrats have become a party of liberal extremists who lack the ability to tell right from wrong.

If somehow, a few Democrats are not so fearful of the whooping that they may eventually get from voters if they support this measure and the bill passes both houses of the legislature, outgoing Governor-deject Jonnie “Obama” Corzine, promises to sign it into law.

If that happens, unless Republicans can take control of both houses in the 2011 elections, this bill is unlikely to be brought up for another vote to repeal it and illegal immigrants will be able to count on New Jersey for many years to come.  

The arrangement  between Democrats and illegal immigrants is actually a very convenient one.   Evidence of that was ironically just yesterday, the day before the liberal agenda extends benefits to illegal immigrants. 

In Jersey City, one of the Garden State’s largest cities, Democrat mayor Jeremiah Healy made a much publicized announcement.  It was an appeal to illegal immigrants that urged them to be sure to fill out a census form.  Healy told illegal immigrants that if they don’t fill out the form , they wont count.  He went on to insure illegals that they can not be reported to any authorities or be arrested or deported.  The Mayor added that the same even applies to illegal immigrants who have outstanding warrants against them.

You might ask why the Mayor of a city would go out of his way to try to make sure that illegal immigrants, including ones that have arrest warrants out on them,   essentially be granted amnesty so that they can be counted in a census?

The answer is simple.  Most cities are Democrat strongholds and if Democrats can boost their population figures, they can also increase the representation that they receive in legislative bodies, including Congress.  With more representation comes more power.  So for Democrats, illegal immigrants are a valuable commodity that they can use to gerrymander legislative districts with.  To them, illegal immigrants can remain illegal, undocumented citizens for ever more, so long as they can be used to increase the number of Democrats that can represent strongholds, like New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit or other urban centers.

So really, is it any wonder why Democrats want to offer illegal immigrants benefits and reduced costs?

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4 responses to “Democrats Offer Illegal Immigrants Reduced Tuition Costs For College Educations

  1. Ralph Baker

    Face it – the Feds, both Democrat and Republican – want as much of the Illegal Immigrant vote as they can get, and if that means selling the rest of us down the river – SO BE IT!

    Anything for a vote, right?

    Ralph in New England.

  2. I had hoped the left was better than the empty rhetoric attack noe pevading the media. But I guess it’s just too much to ask that they pass on such excellent sounds bites as, “Breathing while brown” and “When brown means illegal.” Illegal immigration is a problem with serious negative effects: Maybe at some point we can get past the incendiary rhetoric and have a real discussion on the matter.”

  3. William

    Love those student discount and free student stuff. Can’t imagine how much a year I save on everything with them 😛

  4. It would be easier to get the in-state tuition as an illegal alien than as a U.S. citizen. Would an illegal resident have to prove he or she lives in New Jersey?

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