Senate Grinches Hit America With A Healthcare Snow Job

Bookmark and Share    With an apparent deal in the works, the United States Senate is about to offer America a Christmas snow job that will initiate a blizzard of bureaucracies, mandates, taxes, fees, Medicare cuts and state budget busting regulations that will turn American healthcare it into a Soviet style government health management process.

With over a hundred new panels, boards, agencies, commissions, divisions and government entities, the Senate version of Obamacare assures the hiring of a hundred thousand new government employees, all of who will be managing your health————or at least how and when you can get health care.

All of this promises to increase the national debt, degrade the quality of care, create a shortage medical professionals and caregivers, increase premiums, tax businesses, grow the size of the federal deficit, cut Medicare to senior citizens, initiate unfunded mandates that will prove to budget busters for states, and place government bureaucrats between doctors and their patients. And let us not forget another small thing———– it’s also not constitutional.

Contrary to President Obama’s promise for transparency and a process that will hammer together a healthcare reform bill that we will see take place on C-Span, both the House and Senate reform bills were pieced together behind closed doors and with the use of more deal making and arm twisting than you saw take place in an entire season of The Sopranos. Democrat lawmakers were bribed with taxpayer dollars as some had entire sections of the of the over 2,000 page bill written strictly for the purpose of providing certain liberal lawmakers with hundreds of millions of dollars in return for their vote.

Now, without any transparency and without posting the final bill online for the promised 72 hours of public scrutiny, Harry “The Pimp” Reid wants to rush a vote on heathscare reform before Santa shimmies down his first chimney.

This Christmas , Democrats are simply leaving a lump of coal in your stocking and calling it gold. 

Well it’s time to pull the wool off your eyes America——————Senate shysters are about to steal more than your Christmas. They’re getting ready to bum rush Santa, shoot his reindeer, and hijack his sleigh. Then, they plan on going home for the holidays.

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