The Funny Side Of Politics, As Shown By Zolitics

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Yup. Zolitics. You read that right. Zolitics not politics.

It is a new network. The world’s first political entertainment network. For more details about it, check out this previous POLITICS 24/7 post  about it. But to see the fist three episodes of Zolitics premier sit-com “Moving Numbers”, just scroll down and enjoy.

Moving Numbers is an original series that deals with a fictional U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania. Anyone who has ever been on the inside of campaign can, in one way or another, relate to the events depicted in the series. Those who haven’t been on the inside do get a glimpse at the less technical and often farcical side of campaigns.

Moving Numbers is not rocket science but it is also not meant to be, but for what its worth, it’s an amusing break from the often intensely contentious side of politics that we engage in or are witness to.

Personally, I like both the concept of and their product and I wish them much success. Hopefully you too will find Zolitics and Moving Numbers an entertaining break from the usual.


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3 responses to “The Funny Side Of Politics, As Shown By Zolitics

  1. Really interesting blog! All your articles are very interesting! I deal with Political Consultancy myself and have my own blog. Please check it out!

  2. Dave Lambert

    Have you been on Youtube? These smaller productions are capable of getting more than 2,000 views. Indie projects across the board are managing to pull off hundreds of thousands of views. Look at Moving Numbers new episode…500 views. So after all the press and after several episodes.,only 500 people in the entire WORLD care enough to keep watching. If Moving Numbers was any good, people would have spread it all over the net, told friends, posted it from facebook to twitter to myspace, and the view count would be much higher. Sorry, folks, but this product is not worth anyone’s time.

  3. Mark Novak

    That is terrible.

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