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The 2010 Republican of the Year

Bookmark and Share    Believe it or not, there are some Republicans who need not lose an election to learn a lesson. There are some members of the G.O.P. who understand that true Republicans do not legislate like liberals or finance the federal government with Bernie Madoff-like budgeting schemes.

To be honest, while there are practically no such Democrats these days, there are but a handful of such Republicans who hold elected office. But many incumbents continue to play a blame game of pointing fingers at Democrats who are in the majority and doing many of the same things that Republicans did when they were in the majority. That said, there do exist some incumbents who are true to the Republican ideology and practice what they preach. There are people such as Arizona Congressman John Shadegg, a conservative who is trying to get government under control with legislation he calls The Enumerated Powers Act. It would force legislators to reference the specific clause or clauses of the U.S. Constitution that grant them the power to enact any laws or take any other congressional actions.

There are other outstanding House members like Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia, Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota, Paul ryan of Wisconsin, Mike Pence of Indiana and Scott Garrett of New Jersey.

In the US Senate you have leaders like South Dakota’s John Thune, Tennessee’s Bob Corker and Jim DeMint of South Carolina.

When it comes to Governors, standouts include Mississippi’s Haley Barbour, Indiana’s Mitch Daniels, Louisiana’s Bobby Jindahl and Minnesota’s Tim Pawlenty. All of them continue to streamline government and budgets, while still operating an efficient and effective state government.

Yet regardless of how great some incumbent Republicans may be or even how well some behind the scene Republicans have advanced the cause, none of them have yet been able to again convincingly persuade, to their side, the vast number of Americans that are needed to change the balance of power, nor have they convinced a majority of Americans to once again have faith in the Republican Party as an entity that truly represents the principles which once made our party great. None of them have been able to round up and organize the incredible mass of Americans who can muster the strength to stop the bandwagon of spending and socialist programming that the current liberal regime of Pelosi, Reid and President Obama have spearheaded. On that measure all have failed.

But if we look beyond incumbent office holders, the promise of those with the skills to turn things around does exist among a number of very promising candidates that we will see emerge in the coming year and beyond.

It is here where we find the Republican of the Year.

Former Governor Sarah Palin, to the chagrin of many leftists, still captures the essential spirit of the conservative-libertarian heart of the GOP. Despite having sacrificed the last year and a half of her term as Governor in order for her successor to carry on the good work she started, unhindered by lawsuits and malicious malcontents, Palin still has potential and she inspires as many, if not more, than she turns off.

Sarah Palin embodies the anti-establishmentarian, fiscal and social conservative values that are the traditional core of the party. However, while the promise and potential are there, this year, Sarah has not promoted policies or the cause as much as she has her successful book, Going Rogue.

So she is not Republican of the Year.

Another person with potential comes from Ohio.

During his eight terms in Congress, John Kasich proved himself to be an exemplary Republican force. He has been on the forefront of reform and conservatism. He has always been above reproach and he has lived by the rules and refused to go along to get a long. He retired from Congress in 2001 but now, 9 years later, John Kasich is seeking to become Governor of Ohio.

His candidacy will be inspirational. It is one based on core conservative beliefs, especially our fiscally conservative roots. He also values life.

Kasich will not spew mere platitudes. Instead he will put forth detailed policies that will define the course he will put Ohio on. Both Kasich’s campaign, and after winning, his tenure as Governor, will ultimately set a new high standard as his leadership becomes a model for others to follow. He will also be an eventual contender for President.

But that is yet to be and unlike the Nobel Prize, the title of Republican of the Year is not based on potential but rather on achievement and the point to which they have presently come.

Based upon that criteria, and with all else considered, the 2010 title of Republican of the Year goes to Marco Rubio.

Who is Marco Rubio?

Well if you have not already heard of him, in due time, you will.

Marco Rubio is a 38 year old Floridian from West Miami who was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2000 and eventually became the state’s youngest Speaker of the House, before term limits retired him from office.

Born of Cuban immigrant parents, Marco was brought up on values rooted in honesty and hard work. He grew up understanding that the potential of America lay not in government control but in personal and entrepreneurial freedom.

As a state legislator Marco gained prominence on several political fronts.

He was the state’s leading champion of lower tax rates and helped craft a state government that was leaner and more efficient when he left office than when he first came to office. Another Rubio achievement was his landmark property rights legislation which became a national model that helped to curtail the horrors of eminent domain abuses.

Rubio’s work was not limited to the Florida Statehouse or his Miami legislative district. During his last year in office, Marco traveled all of Florida in what he called an “Idearaisesr.” These events helped him compile some of the best suggestions for the improvement of life in Florida.

Rubio put those ideas all together in a book called “100 Innovative Ideas For Florida’s Future”.

To date, 57 of those 100 ideas have become legislation.

His impeccable record is enough to make Marco Rubio standout but that is not all that accounts for his being named Republican of the Year.

Two of the main reasons for his getting that title are based upon his ability to inspire those around him, articulate the conservative cause in a way that wins people over, and his willingness to buck the establishment.

With a Reaganesque quality that can give Barack Obama a run for his money, Rubio’s oratory and people skills are incredibly powerful. He conveys a Jack Kemp-like message of personal and economic empowerment along with a heartfelt spin that appeals to not just your better senses, but your emotionally being as well. This is something that the current generation of Republican politicos lack. The GOP has no clear and powerful voice to deliver our message and Marco Rubio provides both the right voice and the right message.

The other reason Rubio is Republican of the Year is because of his demonstrated ability to buck the establishment.

At 38, Marco could easily sit on his laurels and wait for the Republican establishment to tap him for the next elected office they want him to pursue while in their pockets. But rather than wait in line for the establishment to tap him, Rubio is stepping up to bat and fighting for for the ight to lead us effectively.

Florida’s incumbent Republican Governor, Charlie Crist, is a popular figure. He is a favorite of the establishment and he is running for the US States Senate. With a well stocked war chest, Crist’s lucrative campaign fund along with his high name ID and the support of the national Republican leadership, is considered a favorite for not only the Republican nomination for Senate but for the actual Senate seat in question. Yet against all odds, Marco Rubio is challenging Crist.

Rubio is not impressed by the popular Florida Governor. He has seen the once conservative oriented leader turn into a waffling moderate politicians who sold out the Sunshine State by endorsing things such as the debt increasing federal stimulus packages that has promised more than it delivered.

In general, Charlie Crist has proven himself to be a sell out who values political expediency over sound policy and although he still offers leadership that is a step up from that delivered by those rooted in solidly liberal foundations, Rubio knows that Crist is not up to the standards that conservatives should expect.

That is why he has become the GOP’s David in a campaign against the Republican Goliath. Rubio knows his campaign for the US Senate nomination is an uphill battle. He also knows that his challenge to the frontrunner is not winning him any favor from the GOP establishment. But none of this stops Rubio from getting his message out.

In just a few short months, Marco Rubio has gone over the establishment’s head, straight to the voters, and his campaign has taken him from an underdog with poll numbers that once saw him going down to Charlie Crist by as much as 25 or more percent, to where today the race is a dead heat at 43% each. Even more telling is the fact that while Crist’s support has dropped below 50% and his favorability has seen a double digit drop to 19% since August, Marco Rubio’s is now viewed very favorably by 34% of likely primary voters. That is up from 18% in August and a total reversal in direction from Crist.

Underdog Marco Rubio is being outspent and out endorsed by the establishment but with a true adherence to conservative Republicanism, he is tapping into something more powerful than the old boy’s network. He has awakened the grassroots. The grassroots of the Republican Party and the general electorate as well.

While Crist is capturing the pockets of the establishment, Rubio is capturing the hearts and minds of voters. And he is not doing so with money. He is doing so with his message and proven record.

For all these reasons, Marco Rubio is Republican of the Year.

He represents all that our party should, possesses all the qualities and thinking that we are lacking, and he is one of the few Republicans around today who offers the Party the promise of a future based on the principles that are at the heart of our being.

Marco Rubio has taken the true Republican message to the disaffected majority of voters who feel abandoned and who have lost faith.  He has also taken it to fellow Republicans who feel disaffected by their Party and, slowly but surely, he is winning all of them them over. Rubio is reinvigorating many and inspiring many more. He is proving to be the type of Republican that conservatives and disaffected voters have been yearning for.   

in the 1980’s America was blessed with the right man for the right time, when Ronald Reagan became President and steer us toward prosperity and security.  In 2010 another uniquely qualified man is approaching the halls of leadership at the right time, just when we need him. 

Marco Rubi is that man.  He is the future of the GOP and for that reason, Marco Rubio is Republican of the Year.

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Senate Grinches Hit America With A Healthcare Snow Job

Bookmark and Share    With an apparent deal in the works, the United States Senate is about to offer America a Christmas snow job that will initiate a blizzard of bureaucracies, mandates, taxes, fees, Medicare cuts and state budget busting regulations that will turn American healthcare it into a Soviet style government health management process.

With over a hundred new panels, boards, agencies, commissions, divisions and government entities, the Senate version of Obamacare assures the hiring of a hundred thousand new government employees, all of who will be managing your health————or at least how and when you can get health care.

All of this promises to increase the national debt, degrade the quality of care, create a shortage medical professionals and caregivers, increase premiums, tax businesses, grow the size of the federal deficit, cut Medicare to senior citizens, initiate unfunded mandates that will prove to budget busters for states, and place government bureaucrats between doctors and their patients. And let us not forget another small thing———– it’s also not constitutional.

Contrary to President Obama’s promise for transparency and a process that will hammer together a healthcare reform bill that we will see take place on C-Span, both the House and Senate reform bills were pieced together behind closed doors and with the use of more deal making and arm twisting than you saw take place in an entire season of The Sopranos. Democrat lawmakers were bribed with taxpayer dollars as some had entire sections of the of the over 2,000 page bill written strictly for the purpose of providing certain liberal lawmakers with hundreds of millions of dollars in return for their vote.

Now, without any transparency and without posting the final bill online for the promised 72 hours of public scrutiny, Harry “The Pimp” Reid wants to rush a vote on heathscare reform before Santa shimmies down his first chimney.

This Christmas , Democrats are simply leaving a lump of coal in your stocking and calling it gold. 

Well it’s time to pull the wool off your eyes America——————Senate shysters are about to steal more than your Christmas. They’re getting ready to bum rush Santa, shoot his reindeer, and hijack his sleigh. Then, they plan on going home for the holidays.

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EPA Declares CO2 Hazardous & Democracy An Endangered Concept

Bookmark and Share    Today the Obama Administration makes it official. Our democracy is an endangered form of governance.

Today the Environmental Protection Agency officially declares greenhouse gas emissions to be hazardous to our health. The announcement is not exactly a disputed revelation. What is disputed is the degree to which greenhouse gasses may be unhealthy to us and our environment.

Recent disclosures have shown that political lobbyists have influenced the slanting of  scientific studies in an attempt to turn hypothetical extremes of global warming into mass hysteria. The attempts to exaggerate scientific results has set both science and the “sky is falling” radical left,  back by leaps and bounds and most importantly blemished the reputation of the scientific community. It has also made many skeptical of the real reason behind the radical agenda for such things as a cap-and-trade bill that would amount to a tax on the air that we breathe and the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. Many skeptics see the whole exaggeration and attempts at generating hysteria over manmade global warming effects, as simply a way of gaining more control over our finances and lives.

At the same time, skeptics are not rushing out to pump greenhouse gas emissions into their homes. They realize that sound environmental policies, which lead to logical scientific advances and practical applications, are desired. But they must be rational ones that do not abuse science and are not used as excuses for controlling us and taking rights away from us.

For those of us who understand this, the announcement by the EPA concerning greenhouse gas emissions is not a sincere attempt at sound environmental policy. It is a power grab that will take our rights and finances away. By officially declaring GHG emissions dangerous to our health and using the endangered species act to combat it, is a  technical measure that triggers the EPA’s ability to act without congressional approval. That means that the Environmental Protection Agency will now be able to freely enact policies and taxes as they wish.

This paves the way for the EPA to go ahead with suggestions they made early this year which would charge farmers  fees for each head of cattle or pigs on their farm all because their such farm animal seemingly produce gassy emissions (farts) that are said to produce lethal lethal doses of CO2 which trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere. 

But the free reign of the EPA does not stop there. The technical declaration that they establish will enable them to dictate and mandate costly regulations and procedures that can amount to taxes and fees  that will help to put businesses and industries out of business and force families into situations where they can be forced out of their homes or taxed into poverty.

It has been almost six months since the House approved the cap-and-trade initiative, by a paper thin margin. The Administration and EPA bureaucrats were quite pleased with this. However the Senate has failed to take up the measure and it looks like they may not do so anytime soon. Which is why the impatient EPA cleared the way to do as they please without any congressional action.

Just as is the case with President Obama’s great appreciation for creating czars, who are unelected officials that remain unaccountable for the federal policies they set, the President has now made it possible for an entire federal agency to  do the same.

The Administrations decision to move ahead with the use of the endangerment act in  regards to curbing  CO2 emikssions  in order to allow the EPA to independently set and enforce regulations, is seen as a sign as President Obama’s  willingness to reach international environmental agreements without  congressional consent. This decision to launch a new EPA dictatorship and the signal it sends, coincidentally comes just as 1,200 limos and 140 private jets gather in Copenhagen to discuss the environment while leaving a larger carbon footprint and release more GHG than most Americans families do in an entire year. Ironically, these fuel consuming environmental hypocrites believe they can save the world by urging the United States to sign on to radical environmental standards that we are not yet prepared to meet without crippling the American economy. In the meantime, nations like India and China, the world’s most egregious polluters, continue to forge ahead unabated and unaffected by environmental regulations. This allows them to continue growing their economies as they produce goods at a far lower rate than the United States which continues to see its economy shrink.

Perhaps the most important message that the Obama Administration and the one world union leaders in Copenhagen are really sending us today is that global warming is probably the least of our worries.  They are proving that our we should actually fear government the most.

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Political Winners and Losers of The Week

Politics 24/7 Winners and Losers

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Week of 11/30 – 12/06/09


Politics 24/7 Thumbs Down

 Senator Max Baucus PhotobucketPhotobucket

Democrat Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus admitted to sending a nomination for his girlfriend and former staffer, Melodee Hanes to President Obama for the job of US Attorney for Montana. The admission came only after a news outlet that that covers events involving the US Department of Justice, discovered the relationship between Baucus, Hanes, and her nomination. Were it not for the discovery by a third party, Senator Baucus would not have admitted to anything. Hanes was not ultimately selected for the job by President Obama and since Hanes did not get the position, it is not an issue. However, what is at issue is the integrity of another powerful Democrat. Any politician who is sincere and above reproach, would recuse themselves from making such a nomination, with the understanding that even if their girlfriend was the most qualified person for the job, the romantic involvement would not, given the circumstances, provide the greatest sense of confidence in the nomination. Patronage is nothing new and this incident is not necessarily a scandal, especially compared with the improprieties of other Democrat leaders like Charlie Rangel, but it does show that Max Baucus is just as much a part of the problem in Washington as the rest of them.

Mike HuckabeePhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

In a story that ended this past week and began the week before that, the former Republican Governor from Arkansas and GOP presidential hopeful who turned into a Fox News Channel T.V. show host, lost any chance of aspiring to the presidency of the United States anytime soon. As governor Huckabee pardoned and commuted the sentences of more criminals than all of his three predecessors put together, a  few of those whose sentences were expedited by him were found to have committed violent rapes after being freed early. The issue was a mark against him in his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. But now another criminal offered leniency by Huck, killed 4 police officers in Washington state after his early release from prison. No matter what, Mike Huckabee bears a burden of responsibility for the process that made this possible and no matter what reasoning or excuses that may be made, the early releases of prisoners by Huckabee have expedited the deaths of a combined total of at least five, if not more people, as well as several rapes. Huckabee’s leadership failed those people and their families and failed to protect all of us. At the very least, Huckabee should suffer a dashing of any hope of becoming President of the United States and to call him a loser of the week is an understatement.

The EconomyPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Nationally, Democrats are boasting the virtues of the fact that we only lost 110,000 jobs in October. The fact that October typically brings large numbers of seasonal holiday hiring’s and that we still lost more than  a hundred thousand jobs does not seem to matter to Democrats. They ignore the fact that jobs are still being lost and that the imploding economy held down seasonal hiring. They also ignore the continued hemorrhaging of jobs in areas associated with a sustainable rebound in activity, including trade, transportation, utilities, construction and manufacturing. And while the Administration celebrates there only being 110,000 jobs lost, they fail to embark upon any policies that will truly increase any longterm job growth and establish sustainable  economic growth. Instead they promote government spending which produces no return on the dollar and no long term promise. Adding to the liberal celebration over things “not being worse” is the Administration’s proven doctoring of the books, ala which recorded jobs in places that don’t exist, and  you have liberal slights of hand that do not include 100,000 jobs deleted from the rolls of those looking for a work because they gave up. In the end what you have is no reason to party or to be optimistic about current economic policies. No matter what, despite White House spawned celebrations that areextolled by a media hypnotized by the President, the economy was a loser this week and if things keep going this way, it will be losing for a long time to come.

RedWhiteBlue.gif picture by kempite


POLITICS 24/7 Thumbs Up

General Stanley McChrystalPhotobucketPhotobucket

After a long awaited decision, President Obama has agreed to send the man on the ground and in charge of the war effort in Afghanistan, the forces that he requested to get the job done. McChrystal was smart though. He didn’t just request the troops. Several weeks ago, frustrated by no signs of the President’s  commitment to the cause, McChrystal allowed his position on more troops  to “leak” out. Word quickly spread that the man who knew what he was doing and what needed to be done in Afghanistan was ready to resign if he didn’t get what he wanted. Such “leaks”  do not happen by chance in the covert world of military planning and operations………… least not unless of course they are intentionally orchestrated. The events helped put the issue of Afghanistan on the front burner and consequently put in motion the chain of events that spurred the President into action. Shortly after the “leak”, the President met with McChrystal and all of sudden convened meetings with his war council, among the first of his administration. McChrystal did not get the full compliment of forces that he officially requested but something tells me that the good General is a good poker player and that heexaggerated his numbers intentionally so that he would wound up with what he really needed. On this one, it’s McChrystal one, politicians zero.

The TalibanPhotobucket

Although President Obama finally moved on his commitment to the war in Afghanistan, which he calls a war of necessity, he provided the main enemy, in the war there, with some crucial information. President Obama told the enemy when they can expect the pressure to be taken off of them by letting them know that the US will begin to pull out of Afghanistan in 18 months. That type of itinerary is not exactly the one that should be shared with those who we are trying to keep in the dark on things. Perhaps that type of public timeline is a good way for a “community organizer” to let his volunteers knows how long they have to get their message out but it is not the way a President should organize a war effort. Of course this timeline could always be moved up. Problem is, in 18 months, if President Obama back pedals on this one, his liberal base, which wants us out as soon as yesterday, will be quite angered an not at a very good time. That will be only 18 months before his reelection effort. Not a good time to have your base of support pissed at you. President Obama would have been best served, and would have best served us, by not letting the Taliban know how long they have to hold on and how long they need to stay hidden under their rocks and in their caves.

Carly FiorinaPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

The former CEO of Hewlett Packard recently declared that she will be seeking the opportunity to run against California’s US Senator Barbara “Call Me Senator” Boxer and this past Saturday she made it clear that she is a force to be reckoned with. After winning her own battle against breast cancer, Republicans turned to Fiorina to give their response to the President’s weekly Saturday address. With the ongoing healthcare debate taking center stage, her response was one that resonated loudly, clearly and much more profoundly than anything President Obama has ever said on the issue. In her six and a half minute address, Fiorina highlighted a recent government medical panel’s conclusion to delay mammogram tests by a decade in an attempt to save costs. Quite eloquently and with a tone of calmness and dignity that Barbara Boxer could only find in others when it is pointed out to her,  Fiorina explained how the same Preventive Services Task Force that recommended women put of testing, is the same task force that the current healthcare reform bill empowers to influence the coverage and preventive care that government run healthcare will allow for or provide. She also pointed out that the bill specifically authorizes (sec. 4105) that the Secretary of Health and Human Services deny payment for preventive services that this same Preventive Service Task Force recommends against. She adds, “do we really want government bureaucrats dictating how we prevent and treat something like breast cancer”? She also points out that “there is a reason why American women with breast cancer have a higher survival rate than women in countries with government run health care.” All in all, Carly Fiorina delivered one of the most powerful speeches against government run healthcare that this most recent debate has yet seen. (See the video below for yourself) And at the same time, she just gained herself the confidence of a lot of people who are looking for the right person to fire that silver bullet into the career of the nasty, flippant, onoxious, and arrogant, liberal queen of mean, Barbara Boxer.

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The Funny Side Of Politics, As Shown By Zolitics

Bookmark and Share   Zolitics.

Yup. Zolitics. You read that right. Zolitics not politics.

It is a new network. The world’s first political entertainment network. For more details about it, check out this previous POLITICS 24/7 post  about it. But to see the fist three episodes of Zolitics premier sit-com “Moving Numbers”, just scroll down and enjoy.

Moving Numbers is an original series that deals with a fictional U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania. Anyone who has ever been on the inside of campaign can, in one way or another, relate to the events depicted in the series. Those who haven’t been on the inside do get a glimpse at the less technical and often farcical side of campaigns.

Moving Numbers is not rocket science but it is also not meant to be, but for what its worth, it’s an amusing break from the often intensely contentious side of politics that we engage in or are witness to.

Personally, I like both the concept of and their product and I wish them much success. Hopefully you too will find Zolitics and Moving Numbers an entertaining break from the usual.


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Ted Kennedy’s Dying Wish Becomes A Trend In New Jersey

Bookmark and Share  Who knew that one of Ted Kennedy’s greatest legacies would have been his dying wish to legalize partisan political power grabs? But such is the case.

As the liberal led majorities in New Jersey’s State Senate and Assembly brace themselves for operating under the leadership of a newly elected Republican Governor, they are desperately trying to insure that they do not lose anymore elected positions than they expect to in the coming years.

The bill, sponsored by Assemblyman John McKeon, an Essex County Democrat, requires the Governor to temporarily fill U.S. Senate vacancies with a members of the same party as the person whose seat they fill and get rid of the current call for a special election to fill out the full term of any such vacancy.

This type of manipulation of the democratic process is much like that which Ted Kennedy initiated in Massachusetts. While lying on his deathbed, he penned a letter asking the state legislature to change existing laws which called fall vacancies in the United States Senate to be filled by the winner of a special election. In its place, Kennedy wanted the Governor to be able to appoint someone to fill the vacancy. The funny thing is that this was how vacancies use to be filled. But several years back, Massachusetts had a Republican Governor——-Mitt Romney. Back then, in 2004, it was feared that if Massachusetts Senator John Kerrey was elected President, Governor Romney would have appointed his replacement to his senate seat and it probably would not have been with a Democrat. So Kennedy asked the legislature to make sure that such a thing could not happen. He asked that the law be changed so that the vacancy was filled by a special election.

Fast forward 5 years and as Kennedy lay dying, since the new Governor of Massachusetts was a Democrat, like him, he asked that Massachusetts change the law back to what he originally opposed. This enabled liberal Governor Deval Patrick to appoint Kennedy’s replacement rather than risk losing the seat in a special election.

The episode was an example of political insincerity and it hit all time heights of hypocrisy. It was also a despicably low way for Ted Kennedy to end his life and career. But like everything else Ted Kennedy did, it influenced unscrupulous liberals to continue his legacy and go out of their way to manipulate the democratic process.

New Jersey Assemblyman McKeon’s bill is a shameful attempt to do the same that Kennedy did. Such attempts to change the process in New Jersey were not attempted when Governor Jon Corzine appointed Democrat Bob Menendez to fill his own vacated seat in the United States Senate. However, now that a Republican has the opportunity to yield the same power that they once had, they want the rules changed. But beyond that is the absolutely ridiculous, and totally blatant nature of just how partisan Democrats are willing to go. McKeon actually stresses that the seat must be filled by someone of the same party as the person whom they replace. That is unheard of. To actually try to legislate away any hope of nonpartisan politics is a dreadfully obnoxious attempt to block any opportunity for decency to play a role in politics. The proposed legislation actually makes it clear that McKeon and his cohorts believe party is more important than ability.

The push for such an embarrassingly partisan power grab does raise questions though.

Next month, five term liberal Senator Frank Lautenberg will turn 86 years old.

The man is already brain dead. He has been, even before he retired in 2000 and was illegally thrown back on the ballot in 2002 when Democrats were losing Bob Torricelli’s senate seat to Republican Doug Forrester. But since then, Lautenberg has truly been a non-entity. All of his activity takes place on press releases issued by his very large senate staff. Other than that, when Frank was running for reelection last year, he needed to be reminded of who he was and after having the drool wiped from his chin, reminded where he was.

Currently I believe both he and West Virginia’s Robert Byrd are propped up by leaning them against one another in the Senate chambers for appearances. But other than that they are useless. They are simply 2 more numbers helping Harry Reid, the Democrat senate majority leader, to maintain majority status and control.

Now until someone places a mirror under Lautenberg’s nose and confirms my assessment, Lautenberg is suppose to be 91 year’s old when his fifth term expires in 2015. That is unless, of course, it is proven that Lautenberg has actually expired before his term.

Perhaps this is why New Jersey Democrats want to change the rules. Could they themselves be realizing that they might not be able to prop up the comatose Senator for much longer? And could it be they fear that when the gig is up, Republican Governor Chris Christie could replace Lautenberg with a Republican who is actually breathing? My guess is that the answer is yes. But add to that the fact that things are not looking good for Democrats as they begin to lose more than they win. In this past November’s elections, they lost far more than they won. They lost County Executives, Governors, state legislative seats, Attorney Generals and as host of other local county, and statewide elected offices and all indications are that the trend is growing.

So Democrats are scared. They should be. But that is no excuse to manipulate the process. Democrats need to understand that their power should lie in superior leadership and ideas. It should lie in policies that are helping, not hurting people.

Apparently they realize that they and their policies are not superior. In fact, as time progresses, more and more people are once again realizing that Democrats are not good leaders and that their ideas and policies are inferior, not superior. That is why they losing their hold on power.. That is why they are all trying to practice Ted Kennedy’s deathbed policy that puts politics ahead of policy and politicians above the people.

Do they not have any shame?

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President Obama Vows To Help Create A More Secure World

Bookmark and Share    In September of , 2001 President George W. Bush stated “This conflict was begun on the timing and terms of others. It will end in a way and at an hour of our choosing.” He spoke those words regarding Afghanistan and terrorists.

I found President Obama’s address to the nation regarding the future of our effort in Afghanistan to sound very Bush-like.

President Obama evoked the images of 9/11 to point out the need for our continued efforts in Afghanistan, although he tried to criticize the previous administration, he remained true to the withdrawal dates in Iraq that President Bush set, he spoke of the world’s duty to join us in our efforts and he reaffirmed the need to achieve our goals. All were that which were stressed by President George W. Bush.

What I found ironic was President Obama’s call for unity and the need to stand “behind a common purpose” as we pass through what he called a “time of great turbulence”. I also found great enjoyment in his closing statements that declared our being right as being our might and the need for our continued efforts to create “a world that is more secure”. Statements such as these, when made by former President Bush, received ridicule and were consider the excesses of bravado coming from a shoot ‘em first, ask questions later Texan. It will be interesting to see how the left responds to these type of remarks coming from President Obama.

I must admit that I do agree with President Obama’s assessment and his admission that the War in Afghanistan must be won and that we must have a clear mission and clear definition of what victory in Afghanistan is. I also agree with President Obama’s long awaited determination for a troop surge in Afghanistan to help achieve the needed victory that we must achieve. But what I am disturbed by is President Obama’s hypocrisy. Although the main topic of his recent address was regarding Afghanistan, he consistently denounced everything and opposed everything President Bush did in Iraq. He states that he always opposed that war and even called it a dumb one. Yet President Obama now talks about our need to make the world secure and is willing to throw American troops behind that drive for security. But what of that same need when it came to Iraq? In his own book, then Senator Obama made it clear that he believed Saddam Hussein sought nuclear weapons and had biological weapons.

For most people, it was understood that in the hands of Saddam Hussein, such weaponry posed too high a security risk. Many also understood that Saddam Hussein was in defiance of both United Nations resolutions and the longstanding ceasefire agreement between the US and Iraq after the first Gulf War. But Barrack Obama did not. Despite his admitted beliefs regarding Hussein’s intentions and capabilities, he contends that there was no need to insure security in the world in the case of Iraq and what’s more is, Barrack Obama certainly did not ask for the type of unity that he is seeking from all Americans now.

Yet despite the President’s opposition to the Iraq War, as both a Senator and now as President, he repeatedly admitted to a need for us to do all that we could to accomplish the mission in Iraq. What mission? The mission that he said is dumb?

President Obama spoke well in his national address on Afghanistan but he also spoke out of both sides of his mouth. While he opposed a troop surge in Iraq he wants a troop surge in Afghanistan. While he stated that he believed our effort in Iraq distracted from Afghanistan, President Obama remains committed to the timeline that President Bush laid out in Iraq

once we defeated the insurgent element that existed there.

Now in Afghanistan, President Obama is calling for the same things that President Bush often called for. He called for more troops. He called for unity and he called for our need to insure a world that is more secure.

Well, it’s about time.

President Obama made excuses for his taking much longer than necessary to finally approve the increased number of troops that he was asked for months ago. But all they are is excuses. He never should have hesitated. But the bottom line for me is that President Obama stepped up and moved towards achieving victory in Afghanistan. In doing so, he defied his base and it was for that reason that he addressed comparisons which some make between Afghanistan and Viet Nam. The President assured all that we face in Afghanistan is unlike Viet Nam and that our mission there is much more defined than it was in Viet Nam.

For sure, there will be those on the left who will not be happy with President Obama’s decision tonight. Two years ago, Barack Obama was standing in agreement with those people. However, now that he is President Barack Obama, he sees the national security needs and understands the threats that we face and from where they come from. That is why President Obama is calling for more troops in Afghanistan. It is why he admits to our need to provide security in the world. It is why he is calling for “unity” during turbulent times.

I will heed our President‘s call. I will unite behind his effort to provide a “a more secure world” which is something that he refused to do before he was President and bore that burden of.

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Huckabee May Hate The Sins But He Loved The Sinners Far Too Much

Bookmark and Share   I have never been a big fan of Mike Huckabee. He is a well spoken man who can appeal to ones logic and presents a homespun, commonsense message that makes you tend to agree with him. But a look at his ten years as Governor of Arkansas shows that the former preacher doesn’t always practice what he preaches when it comes to the practical application of government. A further looks leads me to conclude that this former Southern Baptist Minister cannot be trusted to effectively separate church from state.

I sense that in at least one aspect, the former Governor’s religious beliefs have been applied to governmental decisions in a way that may have allowed him to personally practice and adhere to his personal religious faith but to the detriment of government’s responsibility to public safety. This conclusion is not reached in haste. It is one that is not based solely on Mike Huckabee’s commutation of Maurice Clemmons, who recently killed 4 police officers in an ambush that took place in Washington state near Tacoma.

Huckabee has a long history of taking the Christian creed of hate the sin, love the sinner and applied too much forgiveness for the sinner when it comes to blind justice and government responsibility. Prior to today, the most prominent example of this existed in a case that came before the Governor about a decade ago.

Back in 1999, in a letter to then Governor Huckabee, a rape victim made clear her position regarding, Wayne Dumond, a man who was convicted of raping her.

She wrote;

“I feel that if he is released it is only a matter of time before he commits another crime and fear that he will not leave a witness to testify against him the next time.”

See several letters sent to the Governor:  Letter From Rape Victim, Sept. 1996, Letter From Rape Victim’s Daughter, Sept. 1996Letter From Rape Victim, Sept. 1999

Her prediction of events over the course of time came to fruition in Missouri, after Huckabee granted an early release from prison to Wayne Dumond. Thanks to Governor Huckabee’s compassionate concerns, 23-year-old Sara Andrasek of Platte County Missouri was raped and murdered. It was not until Dumond was arrested for the rape and murder by suffocation of another woman, 39 year old Carol Sue Shields, that it was discovered that he was also the rapist and murderer of Sara Andrasek. That was realized only one day before Dumond was arrested for the murder of Carol Shields…….one day too late for Sara Andrasek.

Mike Huckabee tried to explain away his decision which led to Dumond’s being freed. He claimed that he did not have any indication that would have led anyone to believe that Dumond was a continued threat to society. He even tried to deny that any letters from any of those who were raped but not killed by Dumond, were ever sent to the Governor’s office or the parole board.

 This was just one prominent case that existed prior to the November massacre of the four policemen that Maurice Clemmons carried out after Governor Huckabee commuted his sentence.

In the 10 years that Huckabee served as Governor, he issued 1,000 commutations and pardons. This was a total that exceeded the total number of pardons and commutations that all three of his predecessors granted. I do not believe that Mike Huckabee is soft on crime or that he means to be soft on crime, but he is personally torn between practicing his faith and carrying out the duties of government.

A Minister’s job may be saving souls but a Governor’s responsibility is to protect lives and help make our lives better. In the case of Huckabee’s commutations and paroles, he did neither and it takes a great deal of personal restraint for me to not state that the former Governor bears a certain amount of responsibility for the rapes and deaths of women and now the massacre of 4 policemen. To make such a claim may not be fair but life is not always fair. The fact is that had Mike Huckabee not been so quick to make clear that he hates the sins but loves the sinners, a few sinners may not have had the opportunity to kill and rape and continue in the life of crime that his inordinate number of commutations and parole recommendations afforded criminals.

To be sure, Huckabee did not set any of these men free. This is a point the he makes in his own defense. It is true but it is not the full story and Huckabee must be made to understand that he made it possible for these men to be considered for parole and he allowed them to be released earlier than original sentences for their original crimes called for. So although it is true Huckabee did not set violent criminals free, he did expedite their release.

For that, Mike Huckabee indirectly assisted in causing the pain, suffering, violation and deaths of way too many. The former Governor may try to make excuses and claim that he did not have proper background information on the decisions he made. He could try to claim that no one could have known what these men would have done. That may be so, but what we do know is that had Wayne Dumond and Maurice Clemmons been serving their full prison sentences, they would not have victimized more people and their victims would not be dead. What we do know is that had Mike Huckabee not intervened, lives would have been spared.

Mike Huckabee can make excuses but there comes a point in time when one must just admit they are wrong and that they failed us. For Mike Huckabee, now that there exists more victims of his decisions than excuses for those decisions, that time is now.  

He needs to admit to his mistakes and to try to live with himself knowing that as Governor of Arkansas, his decisions led to the deaths of many and the victimization of many more from coast to coast.

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