In New Jersey, Former Phila. Eagle To Run For Congress & Former CNN Anchor To Run For Senate

Bookmark and Share     John Adler is a freshman Democrat Congressman representing New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District. He came to office after winning a close election down ticket from the landslide, 15% plurality that Barack Obama polled on the same line.

New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District is not a safe district for Democrats and Adler’s 2008 victory undoubtedly had a lot to do with the popularity of then Senator Obama. Under normal circumstances it very well may not have happened. The 3rd C.D. was previously occupied by Republicans for more than two decades by James Saxton who decided to retire and not stand for reelection. The stars were aligned perfectly for Adler. It was an open seat, his Republican opponent ran a lousy campaign and the Republican nominee at the top of the Republican didn’t even excite Republicans. Whereas, Adler ran a well financed campaign that offered some crippling negative ads against his Republican opponent and was further aided by the trickle down of support on the Democrat ticket from the punishing popularity of Barack Obama.

But 2010 may not be as good.

President Obama is not on the ticket and even if he was, the shine has been taken off his image and Democrats are all suffering from a precipitous drop in popularity. To make matters worse, for Democrats, incumbents are totally out of favor with the electorate. Add to that the fact that the popular, newly elected Governor of New Jersey will be available to throw his support behind the Republican nominee for Congress in the 3rd and a slew of votes that Adler voted on the wrong side of and what you have is a lining up of stars against Adler’s favor this time around.

Adler’s recent votes for things such as the extreme Cap-and-Traded bill and other historic spending measures have not exactly pleased moderates and right of center 3rd district voters and could provide great fodder to attack Adler with. At the same time, in an attempt to not totally alienate himself with the moderate and right leaning voters of the 3rd, he was one of those Democrats who was let off the hook by Nancy Pelosi and allowed to vote against the government healthcare takeover bill. While that may have not infuriated some, it has turned Adler’s own liberal against him.

For them, as depicted in the ad seen here, Adler’s lack of support for socialist medicine on that one vote, is considered an “act of betrayal” to fellow Democrats and they intend to punish him. And they may just not be willing to sit at home and support him. They are preparing to run someone against him in a primary.

So Adler will be weak and vulnerable.

And now, here comes Jon Runyan.

Runyan is an offensive lineman in the NFL who is currently playing for the San Diego Chargers but spent more than 9 years as a popular player with the popular Philadelphia Eagles, a team that carries a lot of influence in the southern portions of the Jersey district which is filled to the rim with loyal Eagles fans.

The 35 year old Runyan has announced that this will be his last year in the NFL as he intends to retire from running in the football and start running for Congress….against John Adler. He made his candidacy known in communications with South Jersey Republican county leaders. In his remarks, he stated;

“I look forward to a successful end to my career on the field,” Runyan said, “and a spirited campaign against Congressman Adler in 2010.”

Where exactly Jon Runyan stands on the issues is not known. That small fact should be enough to contain any enthusiasm but I have a strong sense that a man who has been literally busting his bones for a living, probably has a conservative things and it sounds to me like he is fed up with the lurch to the left that the nation has taken. I also have a feeling that the slew of votes that his new representative in Congress has made, which helped to promote that leftward turn, doesn’t sit well with Runyan. In fact, I would say it has pissed off him enough to throw some muscle behind his opinions and jump from the gridiron and into the fire of the stadium of politics.

If that is true, has yet to be seen, so while I will not start jumping down in glee over Runyan, I do hold out hope and look forward to hearing what he to say.

Looking past next year’s midterm elections, another New Jerseyan is making his plans  clearer.

In an interview on Former Senator Fred Thompson’s radio show, Lou Dobbs, who recently ditched the low rated CNN, made it clear that he is considering a 2012 run for the US Senate against New Jersey liberal Bob Menendez.  Dobb also suggested  that it could be a stepping stone to the White House. 

That to me is a little arrogant of Dobbs and not exactly what voters who elect you to be their senator want to hear.   They want to know that if the elect you, they can count on you to do the job they elected you to.  And besides, try to win the senate seat before you go trying to to move into into the White House in 2016. 

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