“HOPE Is Fading Fast” Takes On New Meaning For President Obama

Bookmark and Share    I wish I could take credit for this little gem but it comes to POLITICS 24/7  from our great conservative compatriots at PatriotRoom.com.   

But more than that, I wish I were the creative individual that came up with the snappy play on words and use of imagery that makes the product that Patriot Room brought to our attention a must have for anyone concerned with the direction our country is being taken in.

 RedWhiteBlue.gif picture by kempite

From Patriot Room:

T-shirt of the day: Hope is Fading Fast

by: Bill Dupray   posted: 2009-11-24 11:13:00

For the record, we are not affiliated with the company selling the shirts. But we certainly wish we were, because they are gonna sell a pile of these.

RedWhiteBlue.gif picture by kempite

I think this is just great!

But I will tell you now, a look behind the maker and distributor of this shirt, “The Propagandist” and “Freshjive”, tells me that I won’t be parting with any of my money for their profit.

The two outfits seem to be a little out there in their perceptions.  For them “Hope Is Fading Fast” because they see President Obama as being just like President Bush, and for them, hope is fading fast” because the liberal messiah is not as liberal as they “hoped” for.  

So……. sorry, but my dough goes for that which is made in America (whatever is still made in America) and to those who are not trying to promote anarchy or socialism.

Los Angeles street artist Shepard Fairey poses in January for a picture with his "Hope" artwork used to promote the Obama campaign.But in this great capitalist, democracy of ours,  perhaps a knockoff is in the works? I am pretty sure that President Obama has not yet patented the word he used to describe himself and his ascendency to the presidency, “Hope”.  I am also sure that “Freshjive” and “The Propagandist” have not patented or gotten their own copywrite on the already, Associated Press copywritten  image that artist  Shepherd Fairey stole inorder to paint his iconic emblem of the presidential campaign, in the first place.     I see no reason why others can’t make similar, shirts, keyword “similar”.

 If I could only find all of my old silk screening accessories, I’d be on it like on white on rice. 

Now if Mike Steele could start worrying more about fundraising for the RNC than the credit he wants and the press he is seeking, he’d be having “similar” shirts made up and sold to bring in some additional profits for next year’s midterm elections  (see story here).

But since Mike Steele is  busy firing RNC staffers because he feels they haven’t done enough to get him the press that gives him all the credit for the recent Republican successes in the ’09 election cycle, I wont be counting on that.  So I am looking into my own version of “Hope Is Fading Fast”.  Perhaps one that has the POLITICS 24/7 logo on the back.   If I can work that one out, as a Republican, with whatever profit there is, I will donate half to the 2010 campaigns of the most deserving candidates and as a proud pro-capitalist American , keep the other half for myself.

Anyone want to make it a joint venture?  All conservative backers can contact  me, Kempite, at LiberalsRlosers@aol.com.  Let’s make a deal!

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