Lou Dobbs Running For Elected Office?

Bookmark and Share   Last week POLITICS 24/7 listed Lou Dobbs, the financial guru and now former CNN anchor, as a winner of the week.

We congratulated him for leaving a news outfit that was beneath him and discussed speculation about him possibly running for US Senate in his home state of New Jersey.

Well today, word comes that Lou is contemplating different plans. He is thinking about running for president in 2012.

I always thought that Lou Dobbs had a high opinion of himself. Don’t get me wrong, I think he is a fine man and talented. He knows his stuff. But I have never been able to get over what I perceived as a pretty sizable ego. But then again, all politicians have overinflated egos. I mean is there anyone who loves themselves more than the current President?

So I guess a Lou Dobb for president effort is not impossible. In fact, if done right, he could have a shot at it, but not as a third party candidate.

Dobbs has been enamored with himself because of his change from Republican to independent a few years back. He sees it as a badge of honor because he has made clear that he believes both parties are ineffective and wrong minded. I for one can understand that. That is why I oppose my Party every time they start acting like Democrats for political expediency and it is why I actively participate in Republican primaries and support the more conservative, anti-establishment candidate. You see, while Dobbs sees his independence voter registration status as a right-minded, courageous stand that makes him better than all those knuckleheads in a political party, I see his independent status as a show of weakness. To me, he gave up the fight to unsure that the principles which made him a Republican, are the principles that we fight to keep.

Dobbs gave that fight up.

And should he decide to run for president as an independent because he gave up on Republicans, no one will benefit accept for the Democrats and President Obama.

If Dobbs made a run for President as an independent, he would split the vote between him and the strong campaign that Republicans will surely run, most likely with Mitt Romney at the top of the ticket in 2012. Romney have some name ID of his own and can easily match Dobbs name ID. Romney also has a pretty good handle on finances and the economy and he ran one as a Governor. He also has his own established constituency. But even if Romney is not the G.O.P. nominee, Republicans will be running a strong candidate and waging a strong race. If Dobbs were to run a third party candidacy, he could probably do well. With money, he could do as well as Ross Perot did when in 1992, he polled a total percentage of the vote that was in the high teens.

He also cost George H. W. Bush the election and gave us Bill Clinton.

Dobbs could do that again.

Unless he tries to run as a Republican.

Personally, I’d rather see him start a little lower on his first time out. I would love to see him run for the Republican Senate nomination in New Jersey, against Bob Menendez. And I can tell you this, if he didn’t run for the Senate as a Republican and instead ran as an independent, if New Jersey Republicans nominated another pathetic, pseudo Republican like Tom Kean, Jr., Dobbs could even get my vote.

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